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Version: 2.1.5

The Family - Futa Apocalypse Spinoff.

The game contains *very* graphic adult themes, including transgender, transformation (of course), corruption, rape, incest, demons, and to some extent, mind control. Vanilla sex will also be prevalent.

**Update** The new incarnation of the game has beeen largely reworked, to facilitate a more robust story and gameplay, now that it will be a stand alone work, rather than a chapter in a larger story. 
Notably, it will make use of stats and variables. The story and actions one are presented with will vary, based on Michael's level of corruption and dominance.

The game was initially desinged to be a free ranging romp from each of the characters viewpoints. This will remain, however the path Michael takes will have irrevocable impact on the game play going forward.

The player will receive notification, and a stat report whenever stats change. While using the back button to go back and view the other stories of the characters will work, it will *not* undo the changes to Michaels statistics, and thus is not a good option when playing Michael's character. If an unwanted stat is attained, you will have very limited options for lowering the stat going forward.

To that end, it is adviseable to play Michael's path last, of any available character, and progress through the story from his viewpoint as the final one, making you choices there. Failing to play michaels view point as the last option, could either set you on a single path course through the game, or, if the back option is used on his scenes, artificially inflate stats, dooming you to the other end of the pathing option. Either will work, but be aware of this in your game play. 

Shemale / ladyboy apocalypse / demon corruption

You play variously as surviving members of a family, consisting at it's base of Jane, the mother; Michael, her son; Donna, her daughter; and Rachel, her daughter. 

Additional playable characters will develop as they are brought into the family. 

The game is a streamlined dogfight for survival, with dozens of ends, all of them bad... Or maybe good, depending on your goals. 

It is designed to be played through multiple times taking multipls paths. 

How you accomplish this is entirely up to you.... If you want to play a new path through fully each time, you can... Alternately, a back button is built into game, to allow you to go back and re-think a decision. 

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Review by swickdick

Version reviewed: 2.1.5 on 02/01/2017

Really like where this is going. please keep it up :)

Review by Buffmuffin

Version reviewed: 2.1.5 on 12/30/2016

Thanks for the reviews. 

Links were down for a couple of hours this morning while i uploaded a new version, which is available now. 

The game was built on a Win 10 box, and i have been unable to replicate any failures due to capitalization. Nor have i heard any other reports of such issues. 
If you can PM me specific examples, I'd be happy to look into it. 

I went ahead and removed the 'play online' option, i had mistaken the 'self hosting link' field for a download shortcut and populated the download link there. 

Lastly, Ok people. I know i typoed the shemale tag. Tags can't be removed, so just find some way to cope / live / otherwise get on with your lives, that the tag has a typo in it. There's no way to remove it, God help me I've tried, going so far as to involve a mod. 

Were stuck with it, unless i delete the whole gamepage and rebuild it. 

*Edit. Please note that the instructions for disabling the music are provided in the IGDB, the game thread, and on the splash screen of the game, in 16 and 26 point text in schoolbus yellow, as well as a warning to check your volume levels prior to playing. 

The audio has been gain overidden down to 3/4ths of CD quailty, so unless you have mp3 files set to play at above normal level, the music should be @ same level as your primary volume level

Review by timepants

Version reviewed: 2.1.5 on 12/30/2016

Really great work. Surprisingly elaborate too. Any chance of future editions including more shemales taking it up the bum?

Review by Nova25

Version reviewed: 2.1.5 on 12/28/2016

Honestly, it wasn't that great.

Also... as a word of warning to anyone who might want to play this *HTML*(not ''Other'') game... DELETE the 'Media' folder that has the ''sounds/musics'' in it. They are obnoxiously bad and ear-shattering.

Review by zeid1980

Version reviewed: 2.1.2 on 12/26/2016

Download links are dead.

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