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Version: 0.55b

Version: 0.55

Version: 0.50


mQse is a graphic adventure TF game based on the unity engine.

preview image:

0.55 patch
- I fixed a lot (WAY TOO MUCH) of bugs from 0.50, but I am confident in my skills to have made some new one :)
I didn't work on the save/load issue yet.
- You will no longer get more than 1 random fight when you enter a floor
- The first fight with arena is open to farm coin


-small patch who add a way out when you get the spell book

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Review by Erojusutsu

Version reviewed: 0.55b on 03/27/2017

Few bugs/typos i already have run past: First two typos first one is in the tv room said by heather:I putted it there(when talking about the dldo).Second typo made by guard/aria when teaching you how do give a handjob they say:Let me teach you to how to make a handjob. Now to the bugs in the game:Crashes(black screen white square) after some encounters with random mobs also they still spawn to often and if you buy something you can acess all the store items in your closet without paying for them. Love the game just pointing out some minor details and i wish there was a shemale only route.

Review by Wittyusername

Version reviewed: 0.50 on 03/18/2017

looks very promising but there are a number of bugs and it sometimes isnt obvious where you are supposed to click

Review by Fallenthe

Version reviewed: 0.42 on 02/15/2017

I reallyy like wehere this game is going. THe grafics look like they were made for the game, very nice and detailed.

Great work on the scenes so far, be warned, its like 5 mins of gameplay untill now (0.25) 

The transformation szenario is very interesting and holds SO much potential. I hope it will be continuied in this fashion.


Really looking forward to more!


Update 0.42

Really like the tho few, very very nice additions. The combat system is something that really could make a nice difference to most games, maybe including rape/sissification when you fail.

The scenes with "the machine" are really nice, ince the put you in that state were you can just watch your charakter being transformed.

The new floors seem exiting, cant wait to see them filled with life!

Please Keep the good work up!


Review by claradactyl

Version reviewed: 0.42 on 02/05/2017

Just wanted to encourage you to keep going, there is enough here to give you a great idea of the game structure you have envisoioned. Can't wait to see more of that vision! Love the the appoach to puzzles and the idea of the game, seriously keep going.

Review by SalaciousForm

Version reviewed: 0.42 on 02/02/2017

What's here seems pretty good, but there's barely any content to this game, the save/load system is seriously broken, to the point it seems to save your character's progress, but not where you are in the narrative, and the fighting system put in seems to be over-complicated guess-work at this point, with no easy ability to play around with it since saving/loading is so broken, and you only get one shot.

It's simply not worth playing at this point in time.

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