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Inform 7
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039 alpha
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Version: 039 alpha

Version: 038 beta

Gynoid Conversion

Gynoids(fembots) manufactured by the Fei Robotics corporation have decided the best way to help mankind through the next step of evolution... is to make them into Gynoids!

Contains gynoid and anthropomorphic (furry) TFs.  Furry TFs are optional, not part of the main story / game play.  NPC initiated sex and graphics are optional as well.

Gynoid Conversion is a post-human singularity simulation where the player can either defeat the forced evolution of mankind, join in to help, or somewhere in between.

Fei Robotics has been manufacturing and selling millions of fembot-like, smooth silicone skinned gynoids for a few years now.  Yesterday, you received a package containing a pressure injector, a conversion scanner, a pair of headphones and some cryptic instructions... what do you do next?

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Review by CIS123xyz

Version reviewed: 039 alpha on 12/06/2016

I love it!

I have a special place in my heart for text-based games, and would rate this game as having more potential than TrapQuest.

The way this game handles mind control (the player being directed by an actual AI) feels pretty unique.

Combat is a little clunky, but the inform7 engine is mostly at fault for that. The interface is fantastic; dynamic and easy to understand at a glance.

All in all, this game is one of my favorites! This reviewer recommends that you give it a shot if you enjoy TrapQuest, Flexible Survival, or interactive text games with MC elements.


Review by Nova25

Version reviewed: 038 alpha RC6 on 09/09/2015

The game is generally 'ok', though easily repetitive.


Also, there's one thing that's bugging me... For goodness sake, RENAME YOUR FILE if you're updating it !

Version is now ''blabla- RC6'' ? Well, name it ''blabla- RC6'' ! It's not hard, and it stops being dumbly confusing to know if an update really occured or not... And, it doesn't require 'THAT' much more effort, seriously. -_-

Review by ShadesOfCascades

Version reviewed: 038 alpha on 03/11/2015

My first game and it certianily did not disappoint! This game has SO much going on and gives you so much freedom. There's a lot of furry stuff but you can totally skip and ignore it if you want. It's the kind of game that once you beat it a few times, you'll beat it hundreds more times just to see how many different ways you can finish it. The art is really solid and is cool to check out in its own right. My only complaint is the fact that it's somewhat difficult to get your commands straight at first, figuring out which ones work, and which ones don't, but that's probably more of a "me" problem than anything else. 

Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: 038 alpha on 05/01/2014

A game that an evil org aiming to turn all human into fembots, thats including you. Personally I dont see that being erotic so... but some of you may. It is pretty much personal taste.

As for Inform 7, Gynoid Conversion is a room fighting game, just like most of the other Inform 7 games. It has a great mapping system, almost as good as the one as Trap Quest. The game itself is a little bit more complicated than BMB or Trap Quest, not sure if this is a good thing. You definitely need to put some brain into this game.

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