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Version: 1.0.0

Advent Land
by draci

I would like to thank Redface5x,Goopy,and Gyromite for inspiring me to make my own rpg game!!!

This is nowhere near finished and I am very excited to release this game to public view

and see how they critique it....

You are a once former sage who became a girl assigned by mother tyre, goddess of life

to seal the spirit god Vorhe since he escpaed from his seal.

Akihiko- Who you start out as, a male sage

Anna- Who you become, a female archery mage

Many more char's to be added to this list!

Who would need a walkthrough for this simple game... O_o

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Review by archknight12

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 05/19/2015

The game itself is interesting and being turned into a girl like this isnt normally done however there really isnt all that much content and ends when you get transformed which is sad the buildings inside seem waaay too big compared to what it looks like outside and the village you come across itself just feels very empty at the moment theres not much i can say due to not much content but as it is it's ok and i would recommend atleast giving at shot and seeing what you think (referring to people who check this out) my main problem however is how not only is there not a web page for the developer to keep people up to date but also that this just plainly has not been updated at all since its release which saddens me since it looked seemed intersting


so final verdict: although interesting but due to lack of updates (or none at all since it came out like 2 years ago) i would suggest you pass on this and try out something else or unless your bored and just want to complete something quickly then give this a shot.

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