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Succubus Hentai RPG Maker http://www.4shared.com/rar/wPiIIEojce/Final.html Male Rape Version 10 Version 9 Transformation

Version: Final Version Bug fix

Version: Final

Alone Amongst Demons

Thr protagonist, Juka, sets out for an adventure, hoping to discover more of the world. Little did he know that he'll discover more of the Underworld instead.

please note that almost none of the art was made by me and comes from japanese games.

Juka. a young boy who is wanting to follow in his fathers footsteps to become a great atvanturer.


Eveline a succubus used to be human long ago. addopted by Morganna who tought her healing skills. she is really kind and loves to tease. hobby's looking for medical plants. lesbian


Liona a pideful succubus likes to play with blades. and is good friends with Miria. hobby's playing with swords. Fucking high class guys whenever she can


Miria a cursing succubus. who sometimes gets to go down to earth to play with mortals. she likes to see poeple suffer. Hobby's eating humans unbirthing humans. sealing them in objects.

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Review by zarock

Version reviewed: Final Version Bug fix on 05/30/2017

Sometimes it is unclear where you need to go or what you need to do, so the walkthrough is very much needed. I'd also recommend keeping a couple saves up at any given time, to be on the safe side. However, despite those issues it is my favorite game on the site, I love some of the characters, particularly Eveline, and think the story is very well-written. The combat is generally well balanced, though there are a couple annoying fights. I'd love to see more games like this.

Review by novuso

Version reviewed: Final Version Bug fix on 04/01/2017

Review by boh56

Version reviewed: Final Version Bug fix on 03/02/2017

This game has some really annoying issues, there are parts where because I didn't do something the exact way the creator wants the game just couldn't progress, the first night when Evilina said I could go to sleep I went out to explore, came back, she's a few steps below her bed instead of in it, go to sleep, next morning she walks into a wall and the game crashes, you only have that one save? Well fuck you start over from the start, that one wasn't so bad, got back to there in an hour, first day of school same thing, I walked around before talking to her after the assembly, when I went to talk to her I was in the middle, so she couldn't move to talk to the one behind me and the game crashes, again not too annoying, the worst thing though is with the angel I freed from the statue, dunno her path, went straight to the cave, since I thought it was the escape point, I was wrong, no harm no foul right? WRONG. That boulder puzzle you needed to solve? Its only one way, no way back, I tried teleporting home, but now there are fucking guards preventing me from going back up, so I'm screwed, this is the DAY 5 QUEST by the way so all the time spent, is now useless, the creator just made no contingency for anything, he didn't make alternate walking paths for any character so if you happen to stan in an unexpected place the game will crash and you gotta start over, if you try to explore and come back to find the npc is not where its supposed to be, your game is gonna crash and you gotta start over, he didn't make any way to go back if you made a mistake, he just expects everyone to either use the walkthrough or get it right the first time, and if not, fuck you start over from the beginning.

The game is still really good despite the issues, so if you want to get it have fun, but those are just th issues I encountered, there might be more so prepare for frustration and the possibility of having to start over from the beginning if something happens

Review by kussms

Version reviewed: Final Version Bug fix on 01/06/2017

Thank you for making this game!

Overall I really enjoyed the game... even with all the bugs I encountered. Fortunately I always had a save game to go back. The story was great and you had some cool ideas (e.g. the fight in your head *G*). Most negative points were outlined by the previous reviews already, so I don't go over them again.

What I like to add:

  1. When I had to kill the orc boss I had to reload a save game, since I helped the last elve after killing the boss. So he got transformed into a cow and back in the school the characters tells the teacher he got transformed into a sexdoll!? Better safe than sorry... I repeated the mission and helped the elves first.
  2. The dragon... he caught me and being able to stunlock him with the maid I whipped him and whipped and whipped and whipped... not funny. It took a long time and wasn't enjoyable.
  3. When I should go to the 1st trial, I went to the school and accepted the quest from the succubus in the library... "hello full party, could you please leave me alone, so I can enter the dragon land, tia!?". Save games ftw :|
  4. I managed to beat the triple succubus team with my 3rd try - paralyze was my friend (and rng I guess). I went to the final boss and well... after several exhausting tries I gave up. So I searched for a walkthrough and found out, that you can get a lvl boost from the fire spirit... GG! After getting the boost it was basically a "piece of cake" .____.
  5. On the final day the enemies are super fast, but you can always escape them... unless you get boxed by 4. I don't see the point in introducing such a game mechanic. It's annoying to get into a fight just to select the escape option.
  6. I had like -55 corruption at the end. I wonder how the game changes when you get a high corruption, but I can’t be arsed to play the game a second time to find it out. The replay value is just too low :(

For anyone who needs a walkthrough, you can find it in the forum.


Review by JoeW

Version reviewed: Final Version Bug fix on 01/03/2017


 Syranium, there is a sequel.  Just click on the author's name.



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