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monster girls

Version: 0.5.4

by Revilo

You're stuck in a virtual world where all the enemies are sexy monster girls and you become whatever defeats you, what could possibly go wrong?

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Review by Cadmea

Version reviewed: 0.5.4 on 12/26/2016

This is pretty awesome. The only things that's making me a bit sad is that I can't run around as one of the monster girls and it immediately skips to an ending when the protagonist transforms. Wish there were skills to transform into defeated mobs.

Review by luzy12000

Version reviewed: 0.5.1 on 12/19/2016

sam vor me all save datas in the new area don´t work

Review by Lioth

Version reviewed: 0.5.1 on 12/19/2016

Overall a great game, however there are an issue that I can't figure out how to fix. Sometimes when I try to load a save with data from the new area in 0.5.1 the game completely freezes. Here is the save file http://www.mediafire.com/file/1ctbj3ulrhb6sr1/Save05.rvdata2

Review by Blaziken

Version reviewed: 0.4.4 on 08/23/2016

i'm quite big fans of this game now~
saved all ending ss *cough*

wonder is it possible to add skill to transform into defeated mobs or not

btw will a road between desolate zone and coast opened in next update?

Review by Loreweaver

Version reviewed: 0.3.9 on 01/13/2016

The good:

The world is large.

No Random battles, and when you do have to fight it's not very hard, assuming you've gotten the starter equipment.

All deaths result in a short transformation story during which you turn into female humanoid of some kind, along with pictures!

There are a TON of great endings, which seem to get better the deeper you go into the game. There are more than 70 endings!

The expression on the main character's face makes me chuckle every time. I don't know if it's intentional, but to me the expression says, "I don't get it, but what the heck, why not?"


The bad:

Like most games on this site, this game is incomplete. As of version 0.3.9, the story ends with a "magical pot" blocking your path forward. Unless there's some hidden riddle that I misunderstood.

Many of the roads are diagonal, which is a direction RPGMaker games don't do very well. Traveling diagonally for a long distance is annoying.

There isn't much guidance on how to progress the story. For instance, I ended up grinding money back in the starter villiage to buy equipment before I discovered that I could simply complete the cow quest without fighting anything. A lot of time is spent just wandering around wondering what to do next, and when you do stumble across something, there usually isn't much story to it unless you are defeated.

Save often, you don't want to have to start over from the beginning. Press 'X' to bring up the menu. Also, it's the only reasonable way to see all the different endings. Remember F12 will instantly return you to the Start screen.



Despite a few minor problems, this is a good game. You can tell the creator put a lot of work into it. It takes dedication to implement more than 70 endings. My only disappointment was that all transformations result in an ending, rather than contributing to a larger storyline. I look forward to playing more of the story if it gets another update. It has been a long time since the last update.

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