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The Coleman Institute 3.9

What will happen to Marcus after his accident? Make the decisions for him to find out. Will he turn into the socially active Kim, or the equally socially active Marcy? What sort of college degree will you get? Can you land that "dream job" or one that barely pays the bills? Love or misery? You make the decisions.

There is no right or wrong, but there is always the chance of not being in control.

Marcus has a serious accident at an early age. As he grows older, he realized that he isn't the same as other boys his age. Worried, he goes to see a doctor about what is going on with his body. He learns that he can either explore the option of being turned into the female "Kim", or try to adapt to his situation by becoming the cross dressing "Marcy".

Either way you go, you will still have to find a way to have a social life, a good eduction for a nice paying job, experience the ups and downs of a family life, hope to find Mr.Right, or at least Mr. Right-now. Who knows, maybe find that perfect female to spend the evenings with. No matter what you decide to do, life will always be a series of options.

Chapter 1 is complete, but what will happen in the next 4 Chapters?

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Review by Ketchup

Version reviewed: 3.9 on 11/09/2017

Why the protagonist needs Clair? Not need to be pushed cuz he already wants to do things for his friend.

Anyway, I really enjoyed this game. Worth playing.

Review by tailmon

Version reviewed: 3.9 on 05/15/2017

It's got potential, I'll give it that. But I'd rather have a game that gives me control of the character's daily life, or at least every year, not jump around in the first chapter like this one. It's too damn confusing that way.

Review by skyline_pj

Version reviewed: 3.9 on 03/31/2017

I really enjoyed this game ... until Kim gave Ashley virginity.

Shiiiiiiiiiit.......holy fuck.

Can I really avoid this event? or Is this event forced?

If I can avoid it with the preceding selection, I will try again...

Review by Sara98

Version reviewed: 3.9 on 12/01/2016

Honestly, i didn't read at the 100% but the few a read, well... its ok for some kind of guys but for a girl dont have senses.Im trying to say is not a bad game, its a good one but just for some "special" guys.

Review by Anonymous329

Version reviewed: 3.9 on 04/09/2016

Maybe (well, propably) I am playing the game wrong. But it is funny to see if you play the game (with your older brother) how you would expect it to be done with "real world answers" (not just jumping your brother/trying to stay strong, keeping your dignity, ...) you still end up wearing makeup. What the hell? The way it is written in that case seems to pity the reader to not choose more wisely. Even as an M2F-TF-fan, this game path with the brother does not in the slightest encourage me to reduce my manliness. From that point the story got even more weird. The game never even thinks about the fact that the reader could be confused with cross dressing and those things which is disturbing.

So yes, this game just screams "GAAAYYYY! ADMIT IT!" at your face. I really tried to like the game, but the story parts are just too crazy/far off reality to be in the comfort zone for reading. If you need immersion that isn't heavily trying to destroy itself by having these repulsive sleazy "admit it, you want to go that way..." parts in the story (and some logic flaws... you would need to have a scar in the hypothalamus to have problems with hormones, and even then adding hormones from the outside is ALWAYS possible. Oh, and that damage to create that scar WOULD have killed you, no matter what.) just make it unpleasant to read it.

And I tried hard after seeing that this might have been a good game by judging the game site.

Dear Author, set this game in another universe. Give the game another root cause (magic, broken science, whatever) and other options (4th path? You just try to life your life hating everyone that is trying to sissify you?) that make it better readable for people that want to go a more logic way.

But for now, I don't recommend it to readers that are just male "bi" or "hetero with an interesting mindset".


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