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Version: 0.6d

Version: 0.5.5

Version: 0.5

Ascenda's Descent

A prince on a quest to regain his lost throne runs afoul of an ancient curse, and gains a new and unwanted perspective as a result. Join hi- I mean her, on her journey to find a cure, and the power to remove the Usurper Vallios from the throne. But is it really going to be that simple?

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Review by Ver Greeneyes

Version reviewed: 0.6c on 01/03/2017

I like this game, but I agree with ObscureDragom that it doesn't really deserve its X rating. Given the subject matter I'd say it's more of an R rating than PG, but the most risque thing I came across was a bad ending involving a bit of BE. Don't play this game if all you're hoping to get out of it is a good fap (unless brief physical and mental TF scenes are enough to do it for you).

Review by ObscureDragom

Version reviewed: 0.6c on 01/03/2017

The X rating is a bold faced lie.  Maybe more of a PG?

Most interesting thing about this game is the counter spell mechanics.

Review by bobbymonster

Version reviewed: 0.6a on 01/01/2017

Another great update. Fun new game overs, and it's good to see that the game is still ongoing.

Review by pifpafpouf

Version reviewed: 0.6a on 01/01/2017

Hmmm, i got to say a download link called illegalpornography doesn't do much for you here

Review by Anonynn

Version reviewed: 0.5.5 on 01/28/2016

Spoilers. Updating my review. I didn't remember playing this game before, but it all came back to me really quickly, though the reason why isn't a good one. I remember getting extremely frustrated because of the game-over's that pretty much happen out of nowhere, and I can't remember too clearly on where I stopped playing, but I believe it was right before a boss bottle or something but I might be getting game's mixed up. Anyway, here are some examples, the bottle and the maid game over, the flower patch game-over, getting touched by a Dryad game-over, submitting game-over and all of those are within the first...what ten minutes?

Now game-over's aren't necessarily a bad thing, but...maybe give the player some kind of hint about them, or an initial warning. This can be done in a number of ways without breaking the immersion of the story. When walking into the Maid area you could do something like...."These people are acting very strange." or make the main character's have some kind of "sense" not like a special sense, but common sense. We, the player are new to the world you are introducing, but the main character's should be a lot more worldly and knowledgable about the game's world. Does that make sense? If something weird is happening in this town, maybe they can ellude to something they've heard about before --- super happy maids that ended up being under someone's spell caused by a bottle, and then give that information to the player. Hell, even letting the player fall into the trap and then giving them a chance to get out would also be something desirable. Maybe falling into the trap would do something to their appearance or whatever, etc.

Another example of what I'm talking about is with the flowers in the Dryad forest. As I said, we, the players are new to this world, but the main character's are NOT, therefore they should have more knowledge then we do. When wandering into the patch of flowers, maybe you could give some dialogue hinting that "we should get out of here...I'm starting to feel dizzy/sleepy/etc --- or let the player fall into the trap and then give them a chance to get away, or again, change the image of their character --- green hair maybe? I dunno. But anything is better than haphazardly wandering into an area and getting an instant game-over. That's extremely terrible conveyence of the world you're creating.

Other than that, I found the game to be well-written, you have a knack for dialogue. But be a little more forgiving with traps and obstacles otherwise it just creates a lot of frustration. A good example that you should check out is "The Last Demonhunter" either the original or the remastered version. Keep up the good work!


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