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Version: Alpha 16

Version: Alpha 15

Devious World
by Skooma

For most people, reality is a pretty firm concept. It's a solid thing shared by everyone else, and a room painted blue will always be blue no matter which doorway you enter it through or who else is in the room with you or who walked through first, it won't suddenly be red because you waited an hour before you went in.

And then for some people reality is a little different. Reality's more like a bunch of dominos made out of play-dough, being reshaped (largely unintentionally) every time it's touched, and changing all the events that come after, knocking over entirely different dominos in the process. Or... something. You know what, there's not really a good way to describe the way reality works for these poor suckers. Suffice to say, because you waited an hour, the room is not only no longer blue, the walls are covered in tentacles and now want to molest you. There, how's that?

Become one of these weirdos and watch as reality bends around you, the mundane becoming strange, the strange fantastic, and the fantastic becomes lewd. Okay, that's a lie, everything is lewd.


A growing CYOA game with no single cohesive plot, merely an endless world of options to be built on until the author's brain inevitably melts. Content ranges from vanilla sex to mildly fantastic mind control to the blatantly unrealistic and unexplained magical and scifi events.

Pick your own, there's plenty of them and they're growing more numerous all the time. So you're a runaway teenage boy, huh? Well, where are you going to go now that you've run away? Okay, great, but now where to from there? Oh, you're going to touch the glowing crystal, huh? Surprise! Now you're a crystalline alien shemale who reproduces via molesting girls!*


*Crystalline alien shemale who reproduces via molesting girls has not yet been implemented (and may not ever be), but would not be the weirdest thing in the game if it was

Numerous. Just a sampling:

Eric, a fifteen-year-old runaway boy. His current most expansive plotline is a visit to Worldland, a theme park with a very strange side laying just underneath the glitz and glamor.

Layla, a stereotypical mean highschool girl and alpha bitch. Her current main storyline involves switching schools... to a magical boarding school where she'll face either siding with the dark side to rebuild her previous control over other students, or reevaluating her life and siding with the protectors of the status quo.

Jace, a twenty-something monster hunter. Werewolves, vampires, and chupacabras, oh my.

Irene, a scientist in her early forties. What has science done? What hasn't science done?!

And plenty of others, with a still-growing list.

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Review by swickdick

Version reviewed: Alpha 16 on 06/17/2017

This isn't a review but there's been two released since this was last updated. You can get them on his patreon.

Review by mishield

Version reviewed: Alpha 16 on 06/08/2017

This game is great! Although, it isn't really a game right now.  If you are just interested in pure smut of every imaginable type, this is the place for you.  The writting is excellent, and the paths that do exist, of which there are an insane number of, are very engaging.  Just don't expect to win, or actually find an ending to almost any route, besides some bad ends.  In total, though, it's pretty great and I can't wait for new content!

Review by bitterheart1242

Version reviewed: Alpha 16 on 05/29/2017

Great writing! There are a LOT of paths in the game, some far more fleshed out than others. A lot have TBC dead ends (some more temporary than others) but the stuff that's there is amazing! You may need to be a little patient with finding out which branches are fleshed out and which ones don't have much content, but the writing is superb and the scope of kinks and storylines is incredibly large. There is a BUNCH of writing that is fleshed out in this game, you just need to find it. Also Devious Skooma updates this fairly regularly (once a month for non-patreons, more than that for patreons). Get more frequent updates from their patreon page. I heartily recommend it. 

Review by Tomha

Version reviewed: Alpha 16 on 05/27/2017

Okay, bout the game: It's good, BUT it's alittle too ambitious. Typically a creator will focus on 1 thing at a time before creating more and more paths. The game has been made and worked on for about 2 years now and we still haven't completed 1 persons collection of 24 people! Several of them can't even be picked.


And hilariously the 17 update mentions how "Buddy" one of the male characters can stay home for halloween instead of going to a party. You pick it, and we already hit a TBC wall. Meaning that no, no he can't, not really.


It's abit tacky to call out someone getting payed for something like this and their progress, especially since they're not forcing the people to pay, but the last reviewer has a point. With how you're divided into so many characters and paths it's never going to get finished, nothing will.


But enough with the bustin your balls. What we do have is good writing, creativity, and variaty. If you read these reviews creator, I do have an idea that can help. Obviously you don't wanna displease the customers (That's a given) So I think this is what you should do. Each update should focus on 1 or at most, 2 people at a time, set up a voting poll for your fans to help decide who should get the most attention atm, and then dedicate each upcoming update to those character, like if Eric was #1 and someone else #2, Eric gets the first update, and whoever was second gets theirs afterwards and so on.. Maybe remove some of the unplayable characters to ease the to do list. You do this, you're fanbase will be happy to get a even better dosage of their boy/girl, patreons might increase, and you'll just be doing that much better in general.

Review by dt56

Version reviewed: Alpha 16 on 04/03/2017

This game has been going on since 2015.

From the $400/month this author is making (and complaining) off of it, you would think there were at least a couple finished strings. However you'd be VERY hard-pressed to find anything that doesn't end with (TBC) or a placeholder.

I just have no idea how this is even worth any money let alone $400/month through Patreon.

Every update is maybe 10 pages of content randomly placed all that end with placeholder. AFTER 2 YEARS.

I would not recommend downloading this for up to 3 months at a time so that you'd actually be able to see progress. By that time, the artist will have made $1,200. Hopefully that amount of money will be enought to finish a game eventually.


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