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Version: 1.0.0

Transformania Time (MMO)

Team up with or compete against other young mages trying to claim a mysterious power in the small and strange town of Sunnyglade!  This is a massively multiplayer game so most of your interactions will be with other human players.

-You, as yourself!

-Judoobots, computer-controlled players that aren't all that smart, but can really pack a punch!

-Hundreds of other players, who can be transformed to look just like you!

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Review by Lilith69

Version reviewed: Alpha Round 30 on 06/07/2017

Out right love it~ 

Anyone looking for random transformations should play this game

Review by Prince of Elsewhere

Version reviewed: Alpha Round 30 on 12/31/2016

I've played this game for a bit of time now and I find it very enjoyable. One of the biggest pluses is the sheer amount of transformation options (there are over 600 tranformation spells in the game). The story is fairly simple-a tranformation mage war-with hidden complexities. It is true that this is not a quick game, and that it is best played when one has a sufficent amount of time on hand. The waiting can be a bit tiresome at first but ends up being a good time to chat and make friends (it is a MMO after all), or if your not feeling particularly social I found it easy enough to have another game open that I switch to when I am waiting for the clock to run down. Being an alpha it does have a certain unpolished quality to it but that does not hurt the playability. In fact it has one of the best things a game could ever have: the optioin contributing some of your own content to possibly be put in the game.

Review by ares76

Version reviewed: Alpha Round 30 on 09/20/2016

Well, this could be one of the best games around here!...but...and a BIG, HUGE but: I never see another game letting you linger and wait like this one!!...it just find another level for what you can call "the brink of bordoom and despair"!!

I get it: to make a game bigger than its actual content, bring some in-turns, real time style to it.

I won't mind, actually i'll love it...but, it's an edge and a balance to all that.

This game, let alone the 4 or 5 min turns, once you're defeated and become inamate object...well, then, my friends, take a nap, even the weekend free from it!!!

As an object - nothing to do.

The wait to come back in former self just don't worth the fucking unbelieveble boredom of it!!

no wonder from 1000 or so players, usually, daily are online around 100...people come, see, lost their patience and go away.

Maybe I'm wrong, I'm playing it only 4 a couple of days...maybe there are hidden ways in the game that kill the wait( damn, if they are, put'em up in big letters!!).

Shame!!...that could be a awesome game, but it just kill itself somehow...

Review by Alex-

Version reviewed: Alpha Round 30 on 04/19/2016

You should play TT if you:

- Want to read relatively good TF texts (it's a rather text heavy game despite everything having a picture, and there's a good few spells with extremely good text)

- Want to find people into TF to role play with (other role play mediums such as f-list and the like don't have a focus on TF -- in TT you can already assume that everyone in-game likes TF to some extent)

- Have ample time to spend online (it's not the fastest game, and the turns last 5 minutes each. Rounds can last over a month, and transforming someone forcefully might take you an hour to several hours.)


I'd recommend against playing it if you:

- Don't like spending much time at all on a game (it's very not centered around instant rewards. Theoretically you could read the texts solo, but it'll take you half an hour or so per spell.)

- Don't like role playing or interacting with others at all (you can still play the game of course, but part of the depth is that it is an online game where you directly interact with others.)

Review by Preggy Sue

Version reviewed: Alpha Round 30 on 02/14/2016

This is a pretty cool little game.I tried it out and ended up getting hooked on it for several days. Thoroughly enjoyable and everyone I interacted with was very friendly (even if they were trying to turn you into their maid). There is somethng there for everyone transformation wise. I recommend giving it a try.


For the record, I stopped playing this game and then dewcided to screw around with it for a bit. I lost a full day of my life that I can never get back. Horribly addictive

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