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Version: 1.14

Whorelock's Revenge
by orcm

Whorelock's Revenge (formerly Deeper Dungeons:Enhanced) is a two part RAGS game. The first is a dice roller for a fantasy themed chan style fap roullette, the other is a full blown dice based dungeon crawler inspired by the original images that includes ten playable races (so far), dnd rpg inspired stats and skills, support for playing as male and female, randomly generated encounters and multiple transformations and kinks such as breast expansion, tentacles, mind control, futanari, transgender and bondage.

Please note that this is still in beta and is in ongoing development.

Make sure you use of RAGS as other versions (especially early access versions) probably won't even be able to start the game. 

- Perk List -

[Basic Perks]

  • Sex Addict: You take less Constitution damage than would normally from too hard f***ing, however you now take charisma or intelligence damage if you haven't got fucked hard enough recently and you really don't see why you'd want to escape so often. (Requires a certain level of degradation for you to consider taking this)
  • Iron Fortitude: Thanks to your training you can better resist items designed to break your mind including even the fel-fetters.
  • Party Pleaser: You've grown adept at satisfying groups by way of generous multitasking so that they'll be less rough on you.
  • Stealthy: Allows the option for you to sneak about the dungeon with a greater chance of success.
  • Home Underground: You don't get lost quite as easily.
  • Keen Eyes: You have a chance to notice dark spell traps and so avoid them entirely. You're also better at searching for what you are looking for than others.
  • Quick Rester: It doesn't take you as long to rest to restore your constitution and you always wake up feeling more refreshed.
  • Dancer in Chains: Even when confined in heavy bondage you retain much of your natural grace.
  • Uncanny Evasion: Your experiences have improved your ability to sense and react to danger giving you a bonus to agility based checks, gives you a better chance of dealing with ambush races and a chance to evade some events.
  • Size Queen: You have no problems taking even the largest of girths within you, but anything smaller just doesn't scratch the itch as much as it used to.
  • Fel Embraced: You have begun to willingly accept the dark gifts of the fetters and in the process gained some small protection from other hostile magics along with the potential for truly great future power. (May not be taken with Inner Light or Marked by Nature)
  • Inner Light: There is something pure within you that no matter what trials you suffer will never be extinguished. When you rest now you will also further reduce your current degradation through meditation along with your constitution. (May not be taken with Fel Embraced or Marked by Nature. Requires Good alignment.)
  • Marked by Nature: Your experiences have left you changed and you may take on a new beneficial aspect every level although you may not choose the same one twice. (May not be taken with Inner Light or Fel Embraced. Requires the Shadow Outcast Race or finding the Underground Forest)

[Stat perks]

  • Heavy Lifter: +2 Strength (may be taken multiple times)
  • Fast Reactions: +2 Agility (may be taken multiple times)
  • Hardened Durability: +2 Constitution (may be taken multiple times)
  • Sharp Witted: +2 Intelligence (may be taken multiple times)
  • Effortless Beauty: +2 Charisma (may be taken multiple times)

[Item perks] (to be implemented)

  • Locked in Lace: +1 to all stats for each qualifying item worn such as the Elbow Gloves, along with an increased chance to find them.
  • Full Metal Protection: +1 to all stats for each qualifying item worn such as the Pauldrons of the Jade Rose, along with an increased chance to find them.
  • Hell for Leather: +1 to all stats for each qualifying item worn such as the Black Harness, along with an increased chance to find them.
  • Un-A-Frayed: +1 to all stats for each qualifying item worn such as the Fishnet Top, along with an increased chance to find them.
  • Dolled Up: +1 to all stats for each qualifying item worn such as the Rubber Leotard, along with an increased chance to find them.
  • Clothie: +1 to all stats for each qualifying item worn such as the Skimpy Top, along with an increased chance to find them.
  • All Natural: +1 to all for each qualifying item worn such as the Living Armour, along with an increased chance to find them. You also receive +3 to all stats while entirely naked.

[Advanced perks unlocked by Fel Embraced, Marked by Nature, or Inner Light]

  • Unnatural Assets: Your breasts may expand, but the stat losses are reduced.
  • Juggernaut: You gain additional strength (if you're not already at maximum), a rank of breast expansion without taking any stat reduction, and you may attempt to barge your way out of trouble.
  • Sight beyond Sight: When you see it is now not entirely with your eyes meaning that blindfolds and magic effecting your vision have less effect than they would normally.
  • Protection from Evil: On rare occasions you can pass by those that seek to do you wrong without being noticed.
  • Lay on Hands: You may fully restore your constitution, purge certain debuffs and remove your degradation entirely via an action on your portrait. You may only do this once every four levels of experience.

[Advanced perks unlocked by Fel Embraced only]

  • Bimboborn: You gain experience as if you had high intelligence, immediately take a rank of breast expansion without stat loss, and can find your way around better than your lack-of-smarts might suggest. However you may no longer attempt to flee or fight back.
  • Dark Pact: You give of a part of your very sense of self to the fetters, and through them their creator, in exchange for an unreliable boost in your current physical power (may be taken multiple times)


Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Aubreyc

Version reviewed: 1.14 on 01/04/2017

To all interested the creator has seemed to put a major pause on Whorelock's revenge to focus on their other game No Haven.

[ creator's post on the subject: [url]http://bedlamgames.tumblr.com/Whorelocks%20Revenge[/url] ]

Review by Hallucination

Version reviewed: 1.14 on 12/08/2016

I like the art, but the game is so aggravating I might just take up torturing small animals.

Review by sadarsa

Version reviewed: 1.14 on 07/23/2016

Have to agree with what the others are saying, this is a really good game conceipt, but it needs a lot of tweaking because as it is it's beyond difficult and bordering on impossible to win. This game could be great, but as it is, it's just annoying, especially since you spend far more time just trying to escape from your cell than you do actually playing.

Review by saviorwq

Version reviewed: 1.14 on 06/26/2016

A huge BUG, whenever you attribute less after the event, load, attribute will be same less

 Sorry to my bad english !

Review by JuankiMan

Version reviewed: 1.14 on 02/25/2016

Great idea, impressive amount of work, horrible execution.

As it stands, this game is exclusively for those who enjoy losing. Constantly.

The game works on a simple d20 system in which you make flat rolls against your stats, so to succeed in a check you have to roll less than your stat. However the game assigns utterly ludicrous "difficulty" penalties to every single roll, to the point that a +10 is actually rather common. With stats averaging 11-13 that means that you'll spend most of your playtime flat on your face getting pounded by literally everything. Add to that the so called "ambush races", which always inflict a back-breaking +20 penalty to fight or flight rolls unless you have a specific perk AND succeed on an agility roll; so unless you have a high intelligence to bluff your way out, getting stuck in their territory turns the game into even more of an insufferable chore.

And the worst part? The only thing you can do with enemies is avoid them, either through strength, speed or guile. You cannot in any way turn the tables and do some pounding of your own. Currently the game exists only for players with an extreme submission fetish. Everyone else, abstain.

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