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Version: 0.22.1

Version: 0.22


Player starts as male, clerk working in Medical Science Center. Due to one of incidents he got TFed to woman.

How to play QSP game :

Here you can download player for almost any platform (use translation to english if its hard to find right one) :


Run QSP player and press Alt + O to open a game file.


Beside archive with pictures download also latest qsp file that includes bugfixes (0.xx.x version) and put it with/instead original one before playing.


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Review by bearclaw01234

Version reviewed: 0.22.1 on 08/24/2016

Story is decent, but no matter what choices ye make- it ALWAYS dies before ye even make it out of the taxi (or after ye get the note & then still die)!  So ye can't even play the damn game since right after the intro it always leads to death & a restart!  Ye seriously need to fix this because this is nothing but a dang tease & is just plain irritating..  decent buildup & it leads to- NOTHING.

Review by crazyPieGuy

Version reviewed: 0.22.1 on 07/24/2016

A very solid beta, but it could still use some more content. Right now there is maybe 2 hours of explore everything content, but it is a good 2 hours.

Review by TiguanAcceleration

Version reviewed: 0.22.1 on 05/25/2016

Okay, this is my first review and I'm doing it because this game has lots of potential and I loved it. English isn't my native language but I'm going to try and be descriptive as much as possible.



- You are free! Just go around do whatever you want, pick some guys at the bar and fuck their brains out. Beware tho, some guys just won't like you.

- Have a boyfriend if you want. Feel free to cheat on him(You can add a chance to be caught, there is none atm?). Each of your boyfriends has different stats and each likes different things. Let's say your first boyfriend liked subtle make up but the second one prefers normal amount of make up. This also applies to sex positions like fellatio, anal etc. There is kind of a stamina system. While some guys cum so early, the others can last longer as if they are trying to beat guinness records.

- You can have a quickie with your boyfriend or some random guy at bar's toilet. Though, either they have to be horny or you should be nympho enough to trigger the scene.

- Control the sex action if you want or just wait there and touch yourself till your partner does the thing for you.

- You have different job options. You don't have to stick to only one job. Each job has different events. (I think there will be more.)

- So many clothes to buy. Lingeries, socks, shoes, dresses, t-shirts, skirts etc. (I haven't seen any BDSM clothes. Even though I don't like BDSM stuff, they might be added in the future for those who like it?)

- Other than clothes, you can buy sun-tan lotion, erotic magazines, sleeping pills, dildo, menstrual pads etc.

- There is a beauty salon. There you can choose the color and length of your nails and get a facial care.

- Images and gifs are well chosen.

- The interface is just awesome. Pretty clear and really easy to navigate.

- There are lots of stuffs I liked that I can't think of right now. You ''must'' give it a shot if you like free roaming/open world style games.

- The owner is active as of now.




- Some buildings are so little of use right now. Even some buildings are not fully implemented yet.

- Descriptions are kind of short.

- Game can get repetitive after a while since there isn't enough content yet.



Not much but yeah;

- I love the thought of prostitute. We should be able to do it.

- Even though I don't like rape stuff, we can be raped at forest at night if we take a walk?

- Wearing no panties should have an effect on some scenes. Like going into bar without panties should make people get horny easier etc.

- Haven't seen any threesome or gangbang scenes. It might just be me but if there isn't any right now, you should add it. Maybe together with your boyfriend and some other random guy(s)? You can add that to boyfriend as a trait like ''He likes sharing his girlfriend'' or the other way around. (I'm not familiar with programming so yeah it's easy to say than done. These are just some suggestions.


So.. I think that's it. The game has great potential. I really enjoyed playing it. Looking forward to see some more content and hopefully the complete version. I rate 9.5/10 even in it's early stage. Enjoy!

Review by kzdah

Version reviewed: 0.20.1 on 01/26/2016

lol the game is  not bad but you die   and do notting really bad for this  you cant  donotting to heal the disase


Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: 0.20 on 02/23/2015

The download is over 700MB, not including the qsp engine.

The game itself looks like another "Cursed", except that there was a lack of focus on what you were going to do at this stage of the game... I read all the books, did all the chores, found out the way to keep myself healthy, washed the dishes in the cafe, activated the beauty treatment, jogged twice every day, swam once a day, tanned some, opened up some shoes and clothes... that was the third week in the game and 2 hours total in real life. The bank, post office and police station were of little use. There was a lack of direction, how to go from one place to another without heading home first. Club and gym were placeholder. Some items told you that you did not have money to buy them and some items simply disappeared from the list. That was confusing. I called my new friend at 9pm at night and she wanted to meet me at 10am "today". There wasn't even an option to say no.

Lets look at the bright side of the picture. There were a few other games that look like Cursed and this one is by far the closest. The GUI was not hard to use once you take some time to get yourselves comfortable. The playable part of the game, once you know a bit more of it, was actually quite reasonable and make sense.

I think this game is good enough, and fun enough, for the more hardcore players to play test. However please expect bumps and bugs.

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