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Version: 0.23.3

Version: 0.23


Player starts as male, clerk working in Medical Science Center. Due to one of incidents he got TFed to woman.

How to play QSP game :

Here you can download player for almost any platform (use translation to english if its hard to find right one) :


Run QSP player and press Alt + O to open a game file.


What to download :

1) Download full archive by direct download or using torrent.

Full archive will contain folders with images and two qsp files - Femsim###.qsp and otg_lib_timer.qsp

2) Download latest qsp file that includes bugfixes (0.xx.x version) and put it with/instead original one before playing


Limitations :

Game cannot be played using MAC OS player. Most often problem is character dying right after transformation.

I cannot fix this issue, because it's players problem and I don't have Mac OS to reproduce and test this problem.


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Review by g0ldsil3nce

Version reviewed: 0.23.3 on 11/22/2017

Game bug:

Some guys that you pick up at bar cant get erected.
If u are on period and get them u are stuck on sex scene with no way to end as they will just keep facefucking with no change.

Review by herzleid

Version reviewed: 0.23.3 on 11/17/2017

Where is the archive?

Review by Fcstone

Version reviewed: 0.23.1 on 10/22/2017

Love it so far, keep it up!

Review by masemasee

Version reviewed: 0.23.1 on 10/18/2017

This game has a lot of potential. The foundation it's laying on in it's current build shows a lot of promise if it's used properly. There's a decent amount of content to play around with and keeping your stats in check keeps you from feeling like you have nothing to do. However, I have a few problems with it. A lot of them are due to the early development but certain things feel lik they definitely need to be tweaked. To begin with, it's extremely hard to find sexual content in this game. To get any content with boyfriends or random men at bars, you have to spend a lot of time getting your body in check and spending a lot of money on facials and manicures. This is hard because the jobs you get are not high paying and food for 10 meals is 60 dollars. So say you work the pot washer job, you get around 40 dollars a day for 4 days of work which is 160. The lowest cost facial is $75 and food is 60$ if you can make it to the marketplace. To get the waitress job that pays more, you have to have facials done to have better skin and have to have a better body and good makeup skills. That means buying $60 worth of clothes to get working out gear and $25 for a makeup kit. This leads to a lot of grinding and trying to find ways to balance out your income and leads to barely any sex scenes in the middle other than masturbation or porn magazines. The maid job has a lot of promise, but there's bugs in it that make it hard to play. Even with all perfect scores in the rooms, I will be told that I'm not doing things right and lose money. Also you have to do your job wrong a lot of the time in order to get "punished" and given a sex scene. I played for maybe 2-3 hours (I do enjoy the simulation playstyle enough to not lose my want to play) and only got a few sex scenes if i worked hard enough at being BAD at my job to get them. It seems counter productive when losing all that money for sex scenes hurts me so much trying to keep my character from being depressed.

Overall, I think that the things I'd personally enjoy seeing tweaked in the game is

  • Less of a grind to get sex scenes. Allow the player to be a slut that seeks it out on her own! There's plenty of scenes already involved about getting wet from certain things but never acting on anything.
  • Either getting paid more, or prices of food lowered. I cannot buy food and get new clothes. It's impossible. Clothes costs up to 100-200 dollars and food costs 60. It takes at least 3-4 weeks to get an entire outfit and not die of starvation without feeding myself too much to not lose weight.
  • The maid job needs a lot of tweaks and more events or quests. I never know if I'm building relationship or not. Maybe allow the player to specifically ask Mr and Mrs. Drable if they want anything or have some ways of sucking up to them in order to boost relationship and open up more scenes! Mr. Drable has a lot of potential and I'd love to see more work done in that area.
  • Finally, more events in the waitress/pot washer/ (never got to cook so idk how that goes). It felt like a big grind the last time I played to get anything I wanted out of that job. I had to consistently screw up in order to have sex scenes with Armando. I talked to Samuel every day and helped him with his cooking and mistakes and it still said he had an embittered relationship with me. I feel like the variables in there might need to be tweaked in order to open up more. Scenes of customers doing perverted things with the waitress or samuel and the player character sneaking off together or doing something in the kitchen are interesting ideas. 

All in all, this game has a lot of potential to be a very good game. I hope to see more work being done on it in the future.


Review by Centrophy

Version reviewed: 0.23.1 on 10/17/2017

Right now, the game is playable but there are a lot of place holder areas that for now serve no purpose like the gym, club, etc.. Similar to Cursed, it involves a man who immediately transforms into a woman and you try to live your new life as a woman in a small town. Do you fight to try to remain a sliver of your masculinity or go full fem (mentally)? As of the current build there is no reason to keep yor masculinity since it locks you out of content without offering an alternative. The upside of Femsim is the inclusion of pictures and less verbose writing (which I personally prefer). The downside is that a lot of stats are hidden from the player (prettiness, etc.). There is also a storyline planned that has something to do with your choice of date on one of the days but that's as far as it goes for now. Most of the game as of this stage is spent going to work doing the various jobs that are available; cleaning dishes, 2 waitress jobs, short order cook, or maid (I found access to the bank teller job but unsure how much content that has or if it is even active in game yet). The maid job which was added last has the most content and is most fleshed out out of the jobs but it requires a lot of clicks compared to the other jobs. For example, in the other jobs you may have an option to focus all your attention on the work at hand or talk to a coworker and that's it, however the maid job requires you to go to different rooms in the mansion and click multiple times to get a room clean and then you move to another room and do it again hoping to unlock a sexy event. The other fleshed out content that this game has are the dates with npcs which is usually just casual sex.

With the limited content that is available now it still a pretty good game and I'm glad to see that work is once again being done on this. I know that coding in quest soft player isn't the easiest thing but it seems like the end result will be worth it.

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