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Version: 0.70

Version: 0.20

Rad Science

Rad Science is continuing!




Update: 0.70
Don't expect too much new stuff from this update, hadn't really the incentive to write much
after the happenings from last time.
It's getting closer to the end. A scene before the last part isn't written (Professor)
and I don't even know if I fixed any bugs from the last update (probably not :P )

Disencouraging Disclaimer:
Honestly, there is no "Invite-Version" of this game.
I'm just not going to open up any thread in the forum for my games.
Any updates will just be here on the game site.
Don't bother with messaging me with questions like "R u gunna update?" "Add me to Invite-List pls"...
I'm not going to answer those.

And NO, I don't upload a mirror to this cesspool of ads and malware which is named 4shared.

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Review by LentFiller

Version reviewed: 0.70 on 12/17/2016

Really nice work. I hope you'll continue it.

Review by IAmAHuman

Version reviewed: 0.70 on 03/30/2016

Good sexy game. I approve. Please finish it.

You could polish up the very occasional grammer miss, but I really don't care in the even slightly bigger picture.

Good sexy game. I approve. Please finish it.

Review by CreepyGhost

Version reviewed: 0.70 on 03/07/2016

If you dare to quit this project, I will murder your face. It's FANTASTIC. Keep up the good work mate! If you need any ideas or any kind of help, I will be glad to do so!

Review by kzdah

Version reviewed: 0.70 on 01/26/2016

i cant play this game no more google  dont leave me play  it 

Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: 0.70 on 09/06/2015

I very much enjoyed the story being told here and how the main character could swiftly find things from going from bad to worse if you didn't show some restraint. While still early in the story path, the humour in the writing comes through clearly and it is a fun ride while it lasted.

v0.70 is where the story stays unfortunately for now at the TFGS due to reasons I can't say because of the rule of cautious editing. Maybe Sorrow will share in the future? I hope so.

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