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Pleasure Planet

Pleasure Planet (RAGS places you in the role of Cadet Hart, a young cadet in the Stellar Fleet, on your way back to your final year at the Academy before graduation, on board a passenger vessel.  En route to Jovian Station, the passenger vessel is attacked by pirates and driven into the orbit of a long-vanished civilization, which left an usual trap for visiting ships.  One by one the passengers and crew are beamed off the vessel and onto the planet's surface.  In the process of transport, everyone's gender is reversed — and not only that, some of the crew have been changed into different alien races!

When Pleasure Planet is completed, your task will be to escape the planet and return to the Academy, where you will find everyone much intrigued about the changes you have undergone.  Your Academy instructors are hopeful that you'll incorporate your adventure into your Senior Year Project, and investigate something associated with the alien gender-reversal technology.  Stellar Fleet brass are interested in the possibilities of race-altering technology in the field of espionage.  And some of your fellow students think you look very good in your new skin . . .

Cadet Hart may begin as a male (and turn female), or begin as a female (and turn male).

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Review by Draquiem

Version reviewed: 0-2-58 on 04/10/2015

Maybe it's a bug, maybe not, but once you disable the pirate after transporting, you can't do anything with the datapad anymore.

Beyond that, the game has potential, so keep up the good work.

Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: 0-2-58 on 04/10/2015

It is G rated at this moment. Some pictures are left off. You are on a ship you are attacked you are beamed to an unfamiliar planet you are reversed end of development. The upside of this game is that things happened according to your clicks. So the same thing is going to happen if you stay inside of your room playing around with your badge or if you wander around the ship shooting things that move.

There are a lot of terms and phases that sound distant and unfamiliar, either the author is a diehard space film fan, or he is a doctor of some sort.

Review by Josey14

Version reviewed: 0-2-5 on 07/08/2014

Not a bad start.  Pretty good actually.  Especially when compared to some of the other "alphas" you see on this site.  I look forward to more.

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