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Version: 0.9

Version: 0.71

Suit of Wands

You're a student at a prestigious arcane crafts college. The teachers take the 1st of April off for pretty obvious reasons, which means the students are left to prank each other. As this is your first year, you're not really accustomed to this style of pranking yet though you've heard the chatter about it from the other 1st years, most of whom will be locking themselves in their dorms. As all 1st years are paired with a 3rd year roommate, this isn't enough to keep you prank free.

Note: this is heavy on the non-human TF's and short of the begining does not currently contain any TF's that keep you fully human.

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Review by LufiaLunar

Version reviewed: 0.9 on 03/11/2017

at time of this review, i just became the 7777 "challenger" to try out your game. I felt lucky so i was like "ok lets get this started". Got an end within the first 3 choices lol.

games neat, very few choices/routes you can take. I made it to your place holder with out a single transformation, Im not including the first one since you have no choice in that regards. I enjoyed the kitsune ending, nice twist. I do think you need to change your "challenges" im refering to grabbing the book you want. one time i made it all the way there with only "some" of the wards to test. Regardless of it you skip a bunch of TF's and it just gives you the end transformations, instead of just a partial. So that one might need work.

games short, you can uncover all of the Tf's in about an hour.

BTW does Lust even do anything? I maxed that out, and I did not notice anything as I was running around. You can make something like 14 soothing drafts/calming potions, and still have max lust with out care for the lust Tf's, then take 2 potions and be flaccid. LOL.

Your eldritch Horror gave me a weird image. My image was a crossbreed between a lizardkin with octopus arms, with talons on the end, with a bone tail. I dont know what you were trying to describe but maybe add some pictures on somethings to give the reader a better idea. Also shadow cat seems cool, but it looks like theirs not really anything down that route.


Thanks and keep it up.

Review by dextersinister

Version reviewed: 0.9 on 01/02/2016

This was a fun puzzle game with a don't-get-too-transformed hit point track.  There's a way through, and you'll unavoidably pick up a smattering of transformations along the way.  As the game says, nothing is permanent, so see how far you can get regardless of what shape you're in by the time you're there.

Review by curious

Version reviewed: 0.71 on 03/02/2015

holy crap does this game go out of control with transformations.

i felt a bit dragged along for the ride as the story morphed ridiculously quickly with every decision i made, not really getting to indulge in what i want to experience and instead becoming something id rather not be.

this is a game for people who like to transform radically into many different things, as the TF themes suggest. alas, it does not really cater to people who want to remain human.

Review by bocaj91

Version reviewed: 0.71 on 08/30/2014

Really like the way this game is heading, there is a good variety of transformations and some really unique ones I havn't really seen in other games. I especially like the various subtle differences that your decisions make, looking forward to more updates!

Review by lentils

Version reviewed: 0.71 on 08/29/2014

A fun little game. I thought you did a pretty damn good job with the transformation imagery and it was nicely varied. Hope you keep up with it!

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