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inanimate animal transformation

Version: 0.1.7


Golemancy is an RPG maker game I've been working on recently.

The idea is a fairly simple RPG adventure, where each and every enemy in the game has some special attacks that eventually lead to a transformation game over.

The normal death sequence is removed, losing all of your main charactors health instead stuns them for a number of turns, but instead each enemy has a special move that will eventually end the game in a strange and kinky transformation. The themes of said transformations are designed to differ greatly, from animals, to objects, to bondage, and all mixed in with other kinks like mind control and unbirthing!

 There are currently 10 different enemies in the game, and 16 total transformations.

 The game currently ends after the mansion, and takes about 2.5 hours to complete, depending on how the player performs.

 The game requires the RPG Maker VX Ace RTP to run. Since it is an in-development version, I have decided not to upload it with the included RTP files, as that would make the file much larger (keep in mind that adds all music and sounds to the file, as well as the graphics)


 Version changes:

-Fixed the rooms resetting.

Version 0.1.7 changes:

-Chapter 3 added!

-Happy Half Acre Farm added!

-Forest enemies now appear on the second world map, in the tree areas.

-Readjusted R2-W4RDs Disable Emotional Overrides. Now increases crit rate greatly.

-V9-5P3LL now has a chance to generate Coalesced Fire/Ice/Lightning when using Channel Power. These do elemental damage and scale off the users level. They also drop from certain enemies.

-Many tweaks, bug fixes, and adjustments to the early game.

 Years ago, a powerful spell was unleashed, transforming the peaceful lands into ones infested with strange creatures.


The one behind this Mana Leak was none other than the Queen herself, Rivik.

Now she seeks to control the world, one city at a time, but a band of underground rebels fights against her.


Enter Eseria. The Sister of one of said rebels, is woken up to discover a large shipment of Golems deliverd to their house! Only moments after, Rivik herself finds the pair, and kidnaps her sister!

Now she must use her new found Golems to rescue her sister before it's too late!

Eseria - Your charactor. She's shy and soft spoken, but determined and strong. Her compurse is only lost when her body is succumbing to the horrors of the land.

Vella - Your sister. She is secretly a rebel, working to overthrow the evil Queen. Will you rescue her before she becomes a permanent pet of the queen?

Rivik - Obsessed with control, the Queen uses her awesome power to dominate the minds of her victims, taking them as pets. She controls the lands with an iron hand, and even seeks to control more wild locations...


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Review by zerocatch22

Version reviewed: on 06/23/2016

So much potential, I'm sad that it isn't finished.

The story is typical RPG fare, but the pacing is actually pretty good for the most part. There are a lot of extremely sexy (and descriptive) non-human transformations in this game, which can be both progressive when fighting some enemies, and the result of bad ends when fighting others. The heroine herself can't seem to find any clothes, and that's not a metaphor: She's literally naked throughout the entire run-through.

This is an extremely XXX game in terms of dialogue, although, as far as I can tell, only one instance of male-female intercourse early on in one of the game's bad ends (most sex in the game is female-female cunnilingus or female masturbation, no gender swapping), and they're some of the most sexily-described body-horror transformations in any game of this type that I've seen. My only real gripe about the script is that the author tends to use a lot of wrong words. It's not badly written or indecipherable, but it is just a little irritating seeing the word "stock" where "stalk" should be, or "pedal" where "petal" is supposed to be used. It's a minor gripe. 

The battle system can be a little tough to figure out at first, and the game is challenging to the (sadly too short) end, but it's nothing overwhelming. It's one of the few RPG Maker games on the site that actually features a "party" from the get-go. Once you figure that out, the game becomes much easier. My only complaint is that the fairy forest early in the game has extremely tough enemies, and they occur randomly and frequently, which can burn through your magic and health fast (health-replenishing fountains do appear here, but only much later in the stage).

I can't really comment on the sound: I turn off RPG Maker games when I'm playing them. This one has a particularly annoying cover of an Evanescence song that I was sick of ten years ago, when it boots up, but that's all I remember about it.

All in all, it's one of my favorite games on the site, and one of the few that I re-visit time and again.

Review by Jack_the_lycan

Version reviewed: on 03/31/2016

The game is brilliant aye though it seems to have been abandoned, the author too seems to have vanished, a damn shame as the game is utterly fantastic and shows a real level of effort.

Review by Jackthelycan

Version reviewed: on 08/30/2015

Without a shadow of a dout one of (if not the) greatest games you will find on this website and you can take that to the bank.

Review by Anonynn

Version reviewed: on 02/20/2015

Hey! Really liked the game so far. It's very difficult though. You're right however, the balance issues are going to be hard to balance simply because the heroine needs to get transformed. Unless you decide to make it that one loss isn't a game over, but slowly, little by little you transform from each loss or something, I dunno. I love the in battle transformations though, they are very sexy! :D

Also, I'm not sure it'll help or not, but that caster bot's spell of removing a curse should probably be a magic based skill...not a skill based spell, simply because it makes some of the longer fights impossible to win. :P I made it to the city...although I needed to cheat and used the "I-win" button on the last boss simply because even at level 10 I could hardly hurt it...I mean, it took me numerous tries to kill the dryad's in the forest even at level 8. 



Also, if you want to see a game similar to yours  where the transformations take place during the battles....checkout "WitchQuest" on the site. I think you'll like it a lot.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

-Update 18JAN15-

I just wanted to say that I'm happy you listened to a few of us. But the game is still extremely difficult. The Naga boss even at level 10 is near impossible and just beats my ass everytime I fight her.  At first I tried fighting her at lv8 but she just rofl-stomped me into the ground. All her moves hit every character and does a massive amount of damage, nobody but the mage can really hit her hard enough to do anything and it still only does 3% damage....4% when it crits...and the main character is practically useless in the fight since she is under the thing's spell the whole time. The new moves to jar her out of hypnosis doesn't work either. I must have used it about 10 times or more before she finally got pulled into the Naga. The problem with the battle is that the characters just can't do enough damage, mostly to bosses, and unless the medic has a "heal-all" move coming up...it just...it's not worth the grind right now. :/  

-Update 18JAN15 (evening)

Alrighty! I like the new system that you have. It makes the boss fight with the Naga challenging but not impossible. I almost lost to her again, but I kept on fighting and managed to beat her before Eseria was fully transformed. I have to say, great job. The transformation scenes are pretty sexy too, my heart was racing to win xD I love the barrier all thing, that was a great help, the slap command actually worked (once but still it helped!) and I like that you added a struggle command for the main character. So I'm at the current end of content. The game is turning out to be interesting and fun, and challenging now, but not overly difficult. It feels just right at this point. If only I could recruit that sexy dryad and be one with her hahaha! Well, keep up the great work! Looking forward to the 'mansion!'

-Update 18FEB15

Hey! Just played through till the bridge. Did the farm and the mansion. Very challenging! But not too difficult. Really excited for where the game is going, and I like how you are revealing the story little by little! Excellent job!! :D :D


Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: 0.1.7 on 02/19/2015

0.1.7 Trojan / Virus warned by firewall while trying to run the extracting exe. Program tried to access network without reason.

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