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Version: 0.0.5d

Fallen Champion

Update 21 Dec 2016:

Holy Shit, my last update is almost 8 months ago???? time just flies... 

This is a rather small update. Day 5 finished. If you wish to see more content, you might want to wait for next update, though. 

after playing through i found it... short. darn. i need to put in more content to make it consistent... did some bug fixes though. to make the money and the day time more consistent. please let me know if the bugs come out. thanks folks



You are Ficaus Goldhammer, a highborn. You arrived at Greenlake Town to attend contest to determine who is the best Champion. What happened next made you lost your masculinity. You have to find enought money to get your manhood back in 30 days. If not, you are trapped in your current body forever.

However, in order to get more money, you found yourself getting more and more feminine...



After lurking on this site for years, I finally decided to make a game last year! It took me about A YEAR to reach this far... oh god... i dread to think how long more i need to finish this project... Did I put the scope too big???

I am not a native English speaker. There will be A LOT of grammar mistake. Please forgive me if I have made any mistake. Please give me feedback. Don't hesitate. 

Enjoy the game!!! (which is a short one. for now)


Update 9th June 2015: small bug fixes

Update 7th March 2015: Oh God, I haven't even proof read the game. There must be a lot of bugs. Still need a lot of refinement... Officially, This is just a very little update of the game. I haven't manage to finish day 3...

Update 7th March 2015: Minor bug fixes, How do I update the newest version into the "Play in browser"? I deleted all other older versions...

Update 8th June:

Small update: Linear story line now get to Day 4.2 ish

Deleted developer mode, just play~ Spoilers alert, though, let me know in the comment if you want to separate developer mode (come with spoilers) or normal mode (no spoilers of unfinished part).

By the way, I am looking for artist to draw some sketches, Please let me know how much does it cost if you are interested~


Update 4th July 2015: Not a major update, just put in some thoughts in notes. 

Starts to put in some story editing by FBJ

update on notes (Spoilers!)

Kinda (just put in notes, not real story and dialogues) complete the day after the transformation.


Update 6 August 2015:

Oh god, it took me so much time to do the coding!

No detail story writting in this update, but written some more notes around.

Updated the neccessary semen intake and psycology impact to the game.

Haven't go through the goldcoin system and allocation, yet. 

All stats only updated until day 15. i will update to day 30 in next week or two.

Need help!!! need help on the rounding up number issue, see game for detail.


Update 16 August 2015:

  • Finally finish up writting the notes for the first story line!
  • Just notes, minimum coding and stuff. Haven't even test play yet.
  • Some previous game looping bug should be fixed. I haven't got the time to fix the time error bugs, though.
  • I will fix the problem for the loooooong numbers in next update. got a simple solution from a genious player! Thanks laevus!
  • Enjoy the main story line!
  • Hmmm... Anybody know how to put a text box in twine game, when player type something (suggestion to story line/ actual story writting), they can sent to us?

Update 26th Apr 2016,

Sorry Folks, for such long inactivity. This is a small update on story, Day 4 is complete.

Please use firefox to play, if not you will need to restart the whole game in one wrong move. (I haven't manage to port to to the newer version of twine yet.)

Please note:

  • Currently trying to fix the day cycle, i have noticed the day started again after day 1 ended. should be a small bug
  • i will ignore the path that the player not being friendly with Zenphir for now. will try to update that in the future.


Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by JoeW

Version reviewed: 0.0.5d on 05/29/2017

I hope 2 or more days are soon forth coming.   The MC's slow mental transformation is even hotter than his/her physical ones.

 I would be very likely to support this game on patreon by release until releases were consistent then on a monthly basis.


Review by ghurdhyll

Version reviewed: 0.0.5d on 03/09/2017

Best, game, ever.

Review by salat333

Version reviewed: 0.0.5d on 12/27/2016

One of my fave among a number of stories and games. Main root five days scenes are great and hot. But it's a pity so many stay tezislike. Hope for more in future. Thanks a lot.

Review by TheeSpongeman

Version reviewed: 0.0.5d on 12/21/2016

We need a decryption key to download.....?

Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: 0.0.4c on 08/18/2015

Interesting game with a story well written. While I am not in the mood of reading much, at least I enjoy a nice and clean user interface. Will come back to this game for a higher version.

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