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Version: 0.5.3b

The Weekend
by tufty

This game let's you take the role of a young guy going to visit his sister for a short weekend vacation.  Obviously, things don't go exactly how he's expecting.


The theme is a single, instant MtF transformation very early in the game and the repurcussions that follow.  There is very little (if any) fetish content.  Sorry if that's your thing!

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Review by skyline_pj

Version reviewed: 0.5.3b on 03/24/2017

It is a really well written game.
However, any route I went for (End for now!)
Only the Cabana (Sophie) route was slightly long, but I was afraid and could not play anymore.
Is there a single complete route?
Tobias, Elias, and Francis did not all have complete sex scenes.

Review by JenniferM

Version reviewed: 0.5.3b on 03/12/2017

I've lurked on this site for a while now, but this is the first game I've came across where I felt compelled to leave a review. 

"The Weekend" is a truly astonishing little game. Like the author states in the Synopsis there isn't any fetish content and the transformation happens in a single instant, normally that would put me off as the main appeal (for me) is the gradual development and transition. In this case, however, I am truly glad I ignored my preferences and sat down to play it. I cannot congratulate the author enough for what they've achieved here, it is a beautiful and sweet story that I found myself thoroughly engrossed in.


All in all, this is something anyone with a heart will enjoy and I completely recommend to everyone.

Review by Aeelie

Version reviewed: 0.5.3b on 01/12/2017

Really a great game, deep and sweet.

I really like the choices you can make, the psycological aspect, the evolution.

Can't wait a complete version!

Review by Nalassa

Version reviewed: 0.5.3b on 12/18/2016

For me one of the best works on the site - looks at both physical and mental aspects, extremely well written (and very hot in places!), interesting art style rather than the usual porn images, a variety of choices and your decisions can make a lot of a difference - really, try out all options or ask for hints.

The only disappointment is the waiting between updates - one of those games you always get excited for when you see a new version.  This game is so very much my thing I only wish there were more like it.

Review by splendidostrich

Version reviewed: 0.5.3b on 12/18/2016

A fantastic game. Stop reading reviews and play it!

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