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Slow Transformation Schoolgirl Slavery chunck2 Spanking Anal Plugs

Version: 0.3.1a

Version: 0.3.1a (Beast Free)

Version: 0.3

Version: 0.2a

Version: 0.2

Version: 0.1a

Version: 0.1

S.L.U.T. Academy

Hello, and welcome to St Lawrence's  Universal Training Academy!

This is my second game here, so I'd love it if you gave it a go, and I welcome any and all feedback! Please let me know of any bugs (I'm sure there are some...)


This story has you take control of Hayden Palmer, a young adult on his gap year. With some help from your friend Nick, you get into a prestigious academy, which promises to change your life...

0.3.1a - Bugs should (mostly) be fixed. Lunch and rankings mostly, and the No Beast version should be 100% allergy free now.

0.3.1 - What's this? An update?! Well, a small one. BUT it does include the commissioned images that were voted on so long ago! In this are depictions by Sparrow of the first 4 uniform levels, and one extra day, including the mid-week rankings for Week 3!

(Note: For a couple of people that have asked, and for people that are extra squicked out by it, I've also uploaded a version with no animal stuff in it at all. As in, it's not even in the code.)


0.3a - bugs fixed that I could replicate

Current Version: 0.3   -   ENORMOUS update! Check discussion page for more details...

0.2a - most bugs should be gone now, most notably the clothing upgrade issue

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Review by Erik1986

Version reviewed: 0.3.1a on 02/08/2017



It is completly up to the author of the game which assets he accepts or not. There is no need to flame him for it. That being said, i am still eagerly waiting for the next update, cause the content sofar has been fun, but it is still rather low on content compared to similar games.


Keep up the work :D

Review by neostorm360

Version reviewed: 0.3.1a on 12/24/2016

I'm thoroughly enjoying the game and can't wait for the next update.


For those who haven't tried it out yet it's story heavy and involves our protagonist trying to regain her lost manhood after being enrolled in a school determined to make her, well, a total slut.


There's a lot of different choices that create changes in your character, although like most Twine/HTML games the main story is pretty linear, what changes is your character and the way people treat her.


As a fan of forced femme, I really enjoy that there effectively is never any safe option, and it's always about weighing the lesser of different girly, slutty, evils.

Review by Naimank

Version reviewed: 0.3.1a on 12/21/2016

The most great game ever :D

Ohh, this is wormhole theme makes me fap harder and harder. 


P.S. Where is any anal stuff? And when will be punishment for not wearing butt blug? 

Review by wat

Version reviewed: 0.3.1a on 12/19/2016

This is really good. Probably the all time classic on this site (imo). I say that as someone who prefers media heavy games.


It keeps getting better too.


The art added by Sorrow is really excellent too. Some of their best work.

Review by yungtransgirl

Version reviewed: 0.3.1a on 12/19/2016

This game is amazing, great combination of story telling and choices. Can't wait for the next update.

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