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Prince of the Realm
by patang

This is a CYOA about a young prince going out and encountering the world. Will he be a noble knight, a wise mage, or go down a darker path. Where will his choices take in the future. 


Currently, there are two completed path, but there is a lot of content throughout, and lots of pictures. 


Hopefully I fixed the download link. 

v2 Fixed some typos and pronoun disagreements. Completed another path and added more steps to several others.

v3 Added more to most of the paths, fixed some of the endings.

v4 Added more endings, fixed some confusing things about the deadends. 

v5 More endings, more work on paths.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by asheevee

Version reviewed: 5 on 02/10/2017

It's already but could really do without the pictures.

Review by harry

Version reviewed: 5 on 09/16/2015

One of the best gmaes on the site. Cool fantasy stylings.I can't wait for more of the stories to come to completion!

Cheers :)

Review by curious

Version reviewed: 3 on 03/02/2015

the first two pathways i tried to go down involved choosing strength over magic, and paying for the apples, which ended up with blank pages after i entered the temple as either a man or a woman.

im trying different ways now, but for the game to just stop suddenly with no indication as to why, im a bit bummed out so far.

there are plenty of dead ends so far, and the writing isnt as descriptive as it could be with the basic pictures it provides. i find myself wanting more than what is available.

Review by Munchman

Version reviewed: 3 on 02/24/2015

I like this game, can't wait to see more updates.

Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: 0.6 on 02/03/2015

This game is an AIF. Every choice you made pretty much branch off to a different endings, so you really cannot call it a game.

The writing is OK.

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