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Version: 0.0.0

Venture Seas
by Switch

Venture Seas is an adult adventure game with a player driven story, unique gameplay systems and plenty of erotic visual content.

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More information about the game can be found via the patreon, as well as additional planning documentation:


Game builds are currently public to everyone and can be accessed from here:


Edit: Apologies for listing this game as $5 to play :S The current builds have always been open to everyone to play and will be that way until a refined demo is created and released to the public.

Additionally, the tags I have selected for content within the game, are not yet contained within the game but rather planned as content to be produced. Sorry again if you played the game based on the tags and didn't find what you were expecting at this time :(

Manage your Vessel

Work to keep your trading boat afloat (‘literally’) by generating cash by any means. This includes
hiring adventurers to loot dungeons, performing quests for private clients and even managing a racket of onboard prostitution (of any chosen gender) to improve your ocean shipping enterprise.

Cross the ocean channels between the scattered islands of Miloria to sell your wares across many diverse climates, managing your ship morale and resources on every journey. A great effort will be spent making gameplay systems that are fun and fulfilling regardless of adult content.

For more details about Vessel Management, please refer to the document linked below:
Vessel Management Document Link

Story, NPCs and Relationships

The story will be largely driven by player decisions, with each story and conversation scene presented in the form of a classic Visual Novel.

Relationships between the player and other characters in the game will be affected by the players choices and actions, of which govern a graph ranging from attraction to disgust on one axis, and respect to disrespect on another. This will allow for friendships to be formed as opposed to sexual relationships, as well as dislike and disgust if a character grows to loathe you.

A variety of fetishes will be present, but none of which are mandatory to experience. There will be many NPCs of varying sexualities and genders to meet and romance, from femboy traps to demonic succubi.

For more details about Story and Relationships, please refer to the document linked below:
Story Elements Document Link


Dungeon Exploration

Beyond managing your business, you can send your personal adventurers to fetch treasures from a uniquely presented set of dungeons.

Instead of a dungeon map, the player will passively control an adventurer as they are confronted by a preset number of semi-randomized story scenes while challenge your Adventurer in many aspects. The success of these challenges will depend upon the adventurers equipment and skills, player decisions and riddle-solving capability and adventures combat ability.

Fully equip your adventuring party from head to toe, levelling their statistics through experience to allow for the chance at more valuable rewards from greater conquests.

For more details of the Dungeon Exploration system, please refer to the document linked below:
Dungeon Exploration Document Link

Combat System

Battles will be vaguely reminiscent of the mechanics of ‘card battling’ games (like hearthstone, MtG but simplified). Instead of card, the player utilize ‘Actions’ for their adventurers during combat. The player can build a deck of ‘Actions’ prior to combat, to then randomly draw a hand when a confrontation begins.

Actions can be collected throughout the game by many means, such as purchase, levelling, or simply finding them in loot drops.

For more details of the combat system, please refer to the document linked below:
Combat System Document Link


This Patreon is for funding the prototype of the game, which will contain the mentioned gameplay systems and an introduction to the story.

Once a milestone is reached where the barebones of the core gameplay systems are added, I’ll decide whether the game has been well received enough to continue into a fully developed experience. This will have me working on writing the full storyline, expanding the main systems and adding all secondary systems.

For access to all public documents, please refer to the navigation document linked below:
Documentation Central Hub Link

All Characters and plot are still to be fully determined.

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Review by Switch

Version reviewed: 0.0.0 on 01/12/2016

Switch here (The Developer)

Understanding to renonymous's concerns, I did not mean to give the impression of a pay wall to play the game ($5 was listed here, but I'm not sure why, I must have made a mistake in creating this listing)

game builds have been public since the start until a refined version of the game is released. You can play the builds here for free if you are interested:


I realise Patreon is a risky method of supporting developers, but so is any other form of crowdfunding. This game (and many other indie adult games) would have no chance of succeeding without your help, monetary and otherwise (opinions, ideas, critism etc).

Euphorian Tide was a spontanious, unplanned project that made little money as it was. Venture Seas exists in the same story universe and was intended to 'succeed' EuTi, doing everything better, as opposed to EuTi being a failure. I learned many things developing EuTi that could have only happened through the help of such a kind and supportive community :)



Review by bamboozlr

Version reviewed: 0.0.0 on 02/14/2015

pffffff, laughable.

renonymous already explained the problem well. No need for me to repeat it. 

Review by renonymous

Version reviewed: 0.0.0 on 02/14/2015

Another victim to the Patreonus Curse.

While this author's previous game (Euphorian Tide) showed great promise in its writing and interface, it was abandoned after only an hour and some change in game content. Now the author's taken to Patreon, a site intended to let patrons donate money to artists with some guarantee of content in exchange, before any content is even created. This pay wall means some patrons will inevitably be paying to alpha test a game that (especially based on this author's history) may be scrapped halfway through or may never even come out. It also means that, should a patron follow and pay the author for an entire year but cancel their *donations* out of need to tighten his/her wallet, any amount paid in patronage will have no meaning toward future releases.

Since the author posted this "game" without any content to review, I figured there's no shame in throwing this out as a *buyer beware*. Donate to artists because you wish to support them, but be mindful of how this ever-popularizing system works.

Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: 0.0.0 on 02/13/2015

I did not see a link anywhere. When I moved to the development page, it said that you got the early access of the alpha game only if you contributed. I immediately gave up. There was no point to pay an unfinished game just to play test it, given most "alpha game" unplayable and discontinued after the first few pages.

Then I was curious. The author mentioned his "other game". I checked. It turned out that it was "Euphorian Tide". Wow. Now that was another story.

I remembered that Euphorian Tide released some time ago in its "Early Alpha". It was a full flash game with paperdoll inventory and a world with map. There were a full background story completed with excellent graphical user interface and a few quests, a lot more than some of the so call "completed" games on the site.

Given a background of this, Venture Seas weights a lot more to me. I can't I recommend it since I haven't try it out myself, but it is certainly greater than it seems.

Check out the other "early alpha" game of the author which is now discontinued and packed in offline version for downloading.

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