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Version: 2017-04-03

Version: 2016-10-20

Girl Life - English Community Version

Based upon ETO (This IS), made by DeGross, EfimovRA, etogame

If you have any questions or issues, please post them here: Girl Life - Community Version - TFGS Forum


Image pack Instructions

If you do not have a program to unpack zipped files you can use the free progam : 7-zip


(0.6.0) Complete image pack (requires the sound pack below) : Mega.nz

Mirror of complete image pack on Yandex (0.6.0) : pt1 pt2 pt3


There is also a Torrent but I don't know how to do a magnet link so just copy/paste this to your torrrent download manger:



Sound pack (updated for 0.6.0): Mega.nz


Wiki: Home, Faq and bug report


-- Change log -- 

2016-04-03 (0.6.0): here

  • Rework much of the code, particularly npc data and new systems for attributes/skills, fame, exhibitionism, stamina
  • New starting setup thanks to Vaelon
  • New school events from nutluck and team
  • Image folder restructure (you will need the new image pack)
  • ...


  • ---


Next version: 0.6.1. Few things we are working on:

  • Shoes
  • Stuff to buy
  • Not too much else, should be a quick one

Development version: TFGS GitLab (or builds) (*)

(*) Development versions may be unstable and cause game corruption. You've been warned!



-- Game Description --

Girl Life - English Community Version is a project with the goal of creating an English version of the original game ETO, which was either only available in Russian or in a broken English version. While most of the text is still not properly corrected, progress is made from time to time, along with bugfixes and additions made by TFGS-users.

Girl Life is an open-world game, in our current time, for you to explore, as you are thrown into a new life. You can either start out in the middle of a larger city, where you'll find yourself finding a job to pay your rent and bills. Or you visit high-school again and make new friends there. Go to the nightclub at weekends, train at the gym, go on a shopping tour or whore yourself out, it's up to you.

As it became a larger community effort to modify Girl Life, it went onto Github and now to TFGS Git Lab to be easier accessible to anyone interested in contributing. This repository can be considered as a base, which can be forked, edited and then merged with again, in order to add your own content or fix existing one.

There are barely any decisions in this game that are final and most events tend to be obvious towards their outcomes.

This is a TFGS community version and many people from here have been involved in the development, so credit where credit is due:

mjsmagalhaes | Mortedonna | OvdS | WDog | Ramia73 | Sweet Little Sister | unit501Przemar | Benteparle | centerflag982 | Maruda | moosecall | acien | Drugas | Ekay | Lantera | Veedanya | illume | nutluck | Malen | Vaelon | and a lot more...


How to start this game up:

1. You need the Quest Soft Player, which you can download from QSP devs. It is the first box.

2. For release version: Download the complete image pack from the top of this page and the sound pack if desired.

3. For dev version users:  Download the complete image pack from the top of this page and the sound pack if desired and the update image pack(s).

4. For both players:  update packs will be released for incrimental releases starting with 0.5.3 and will update the complete image pack to the release version.

You will need to download the game itself either from here for release version or gitLab for the dev version.


If you need further instructions take a look at this wiki page.

5. Extract all downloaded RAR-archives (you may need software like winrar or 7zip to do this if you don't already have some such). You may or may not also have to extract the qsp file (depending who did the update).

6. Make a new folder wherever you want the game to be. Move the "images" and "sound" folders and "avatar.jpg" from your extracted directories to that folder as well as the glife.qsp you downloaded from the link on the left side of this page.

7. Inside of the folder you created should contain: A folder called "images" (inside this folder you should see sub-folders with the names "add-on", "BDSM_Club" and so on), a folder called "sound" (inside this folder you should see a bunch of mp3 files), a jpg file called "avatar.jpg" and the latest Girl Life .qsp file (A .qproj file with the same name as the latest Girl Life .qsp is optional to have). Here's a reference picture: http://i.imgur.com/fJ2SpWT.png?1

8. Start the game using Quest Soft Player and you're good to go. (if you don't want to hear the sound in qsp player go Settings -> Sound Volume -> pick anything but No sound then pick No sound (QSP has a bug in it where it thinks the default is "No sound" but it's really Initial volume so to fix it you have to pick something else then you can pick no sound) If your QSP player is in some other language other (most likely Russian) use Alt + L to switch to English. 


--- Chinese Translation 汉化 ---

Translation team / ETO汉化组成员:ranceking、xiaomiza、rebya、icevapour、imvyzui、fin、doubi、5864572、Pygon、Pudding

Chinese forum / 中文论坛: https://sstmlt.moe/thread-184290-1-1.html  (need register)
QQ 汉化群号:589566927 交流群号:603408121 Chinese Translation release 1:  (2017/6/17)
Simplified Chinese:  Yandex
Traditional Chinese: Yandex

Quest Soft Player (QSP) is NOT Quest

QSP and Quest are two different programms. QSP originates from Russia and Quest from the UK.

Transgendered Start

You are Michael, a married and successfull 35-years old man. One day, you are sent out by your boss to investigate tomb beneath a contruction site, only to find out that magic exists.

With option to skip the Intro.

School Girl Start

Live your life, because there's no fancy magic in this small village. Go to school, maybe get a boyfriend, learn about the (dis)adventages of still living with your parents and find out what else is going on in this village. Graduate, move to the city, do whatever you like and see what consequences come around the corner, without fearing to face an angry wizard hell bend on worlds destruction.

Cursed School Girl

Much like the Alternative start, but starting with you receiving a magical influence from the idol as per the original start. This has elements of both of the other storylines with you starting at school and having access to the magical extras.

Far too many to list, see the Wiki link under walkthrough for an incomplete overview.

MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS - Continue at your own risk

** If there are any problem in game, Please check the constantly-updating Faq in our Wiki

How to earn money at the start of a new game:

Residential Area:

  • Sell items on the market -> Go to the marketplace and talk to the owner of the tent with the ad - Daily payout, but earnings depend on how much you sell.
  • Work in a café -> Go to the café and speak to the owner - Monthly payday, payout depends on the amount of days you showed up. You get to keep any tips you make.

You can either work on the market or the café, but not both. If you wish you to change careers between the two, resign your at your current job and apply to the other one.

At either jobs you can miss as many work days as you want, you won't get fired for not showing up.

  • Work as a cleaning lady in an office building nearby. It is not available initially, either simply apply for and get the job on the market or go home with Tamara, who works in the kitchen, at the café. - 100 rubles for 1:00 hour of work, up to twice per day.
  • Distribute flyers -> Go through the park to the Fair - 50 rubles for 1:00 hour, as often as you like
  • Sell your body -> Go through the park to the highway in the afternoon and talk to the prostitutes, they'll tell you what to do. Though you might want to have some spare money, for make-up, certain set of clothes and to pay your way out of bad surprises. You can work as long as you like until midnight.

City Center

  • Work in the Diner Bystroeshka - 100 rubles for 1:00 hour, upto twice a day.
  • Sell your body -> Go into the shop for sex toys and into it's basement. There you can watch porn flick for 50 rubles, but sometimes you get the option to stick your finger into a hole in order to please someone. - Not a reliable source of income, sometimes they tip you, sometimes not. You can do this as long as you can pay to get into the booth.

Later in the game you'll get several of jobs here, including working as a secretary and modelling.

Northern Area

  • Work in a barbecue restaurant -> Go the barbecue and talk to the barmaid (Gene) several times in order to ask her for a job. - 175 rubles for 30 minutes of work, once a day.
  • Gamble at the casino - Does this need an explanation? You payout depends on your luck.

Small Village

  • Ask your mother for money -> Go to your mom, she's either in the kitchen at home or working in the café at the train station -> Payout depends on your relationship to your mother, it can range from nothing and an insult to 300 rubles, you can only ask her once per day.
  • Ask your stepfather for money -> He needs to be in the living room in order for you to ask him, but your relationship needs to be REALLY good with him -> Payout depends, 200-300 rubles, if you are successful

In addition you can ask you mother once a month to buy you new clothes. At the moment any clothes she'll buy you are from the Fashionista store in the City and are being randomly chosen. 

  • Work as a cleaning lady -> Go to the clinic and ask for a job. - 100 rubles for 1:00 hour of work, once a day
  • Work as a cleaning lady -> Go to and into the train station and approach the office bosses - 50 rubles for 2:00 hours of work, once a day.
  • Distribute flyers -> Go to the small park in the village - 10 rubles for 1:00 hour of work, as often as you like


Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by mokeo

Version reviewed: 2017-04-03 on 06/19/2017

Cant you place the image download on mediafire?

Mega is just a money hugger and so i only get like 66% into the image file download before i reach my free "quota" 


And yandex wont let me download the packs in parts saying "i reached my download limit" despite NEVER using the site.


So im just left with playing a game with broken images

Review by MoonSquad.Inc

Version reviewed: 2017-04-03 on 06/17/2017

10/10 Kekshit


I get to be a gopnik. Best game ever


Heals on ground when slavs squat around

Review by u06gji4jo3

Version reviewed: 2017-04-03 on 05/14/2017

Hello Chinese translation beta 3

Chinese Traditional QSP: https: //yadi.sk/d/wi1cTPPe3HuVVd

Start the game error

Chinese Traditional QSP Start game error.

But Simplified Chinese QSP normal.

Review by p1842723

Version reviewed: 2017-04-03 on 04/22/2017

When playing the normal schoolgirl start and visiting grandparents, the parents never pack and go back home after the weekend like in the old version. Also on the first day of school grandma hugs me and gives me another 2000 rubles! Another bug was that I was lost in the woods and tried to call mom and there was no phone credit, then I magically returned to the grandparents house.

Review by LittleJonson

Version reviewed: 2017-04-03 on 04/16/2017

This is the only game of this genre that is actually playable and complex. Not nearly as what i would want it to be but nonetheless the only one i found that actually tries to reach my expectations.

I have played the previous version long enough and the changes in this version are pretty noticeable and deserve credit. But it;s still a buggy game and you still get to dead ends with no more options and no way to get back so only thing remains to reload a previous save and the most annoying and game breaking jump such as getting to unlock new options and characters at random without any sense somewhat like mid branch, only available on certain pages and not available on others. This gives you the feeling of playing on multiple time dimensions.

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