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Version: 0.2

The Cloister of Abundant Communion

This is a saucy text-based video game where you enter the aforementioned Cloister, a legendary spiritual retreat full of strange customs, games, and transformations… most of which have to do with sex, the more elaborate and improbable, the better.

Your goal is to penetrate the Cloister's innermost recesses.  To get there, you must meet, carouse, and sate a menagerie of colorful characters, all with their own peculiar desires and idiosyncrasies. Every encounter you have changes you: sometimes in ways you want, sometimes in ways you don't.  But if you come to the center of the Cloister, a revelatory epiphany awaits you.

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Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: 0.2 on 12/25/2016


A very long and drawn out game with a lot of challenge gates before you can get anywhere that make this a grinding run more than anything. The randomization of your character at the start is overflowing with potential combinations, but after you start playing the game you start to realise that what you like for a avatar at the start may not benefit you at all in the game itself.

Transformations are linked to encounters and they affect your body in multiple ways. Some of the transformations take from one part to add to another and while that isn't unheard of in other games, with the challenge gates and their requirements if you aren't careful you'll find yourself in an endless loop hoping for that one transformation to get you through that doesn't steal from another previous transformation that you already worked so hard to get.

I have to honestly admit that I didn't enjoy myself while playing this game. The writing isn't bad and the scene set is descriptive enough, but the challenge gates and their requirements really made it difficult for me to stick it out with this game and fight through to the current end point.

If you like a grind challenge with a lot of transformations, this game is for you. Otherwise think twice.

Review by Nova25

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 10/05/2015

Kinda of a tedious game, for small results, sadly.


The idea for a randomized character is interesting, but there IS such a thing as 'too much randomization'.

Review by Ramses

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 06/30/2015

I like it . cant wait to see more .


Review by Sapphic

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 03/17/2015



I agree with GateKeeper for the most part, but I'll pitch my two cents a bit later on too, but what also caught my eye was the character creation system. If anything, it's the definition of random creation (I got a 6 foot 3 female with a beard and mustache, a flat chest, who was 25 years old and weighed 69 pounds once, then got a 5 foot 1 girl with a EE bust who weighed 244 pounds.) I would really like to see the code you used for it aswell.


It was pretty hard to get a 'female' appearance thanks to the whole beard thing, but other than that charachter creation looks okay, albeit a tad boring after the 50th click trying to get a modest appearance. My opionion would to be create two different options: one for males, and one for females; and let the player pick which one they would like to use to atleast make sure they get their preffered gender right. (I really don't want to play as a girl with mutton chops) *Also make it so I can't get a dick that is a "Half inch microdick that is 0 inches wide with a 0 inch shaft and grapefruit sized balls) ._.


The sex system clearly had a lot of thought put into it, even just looking at the "Sweetums Blow Job" Scene one could see that plan as day. It takes into account both your lust and the others lust.


I gave up on my first character after I saw that people wanted specific parts to be up to a certain standard (Also very cool!) and eventually ended up using a disgusting behemoth of a man that was 5 foot 7 with a 5 inch dick, DD boobs, and curvy hips to get past the stairway chick, and that's where I stopped.


Anyways, I hope to see some additions and some fixing up of what's here already, and this game could turn into quite the little gem.


Anyway, I'm subscribed and waiting for updates, good job and good luck!

Review by GateKeeper

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 03/17/2015

To be honest, I wasnt planning to write a review for this because I didnt really feel like I had anything to contribute, but given the negativity of a few of the reviews, I felt the need to say something.

I want to start by saying that I'd love to see the code the author uses for their randomizer.  Having coded some moderately complicated things myself, I can really appreciate all of the time and hard work that must have done into what they have graciously shared with us.

I find the random character generator to be fascenating. I'm really excited to see the character generator once  the author has a chance to work out enough details that the generator starts bumping out characters with more proportionate bodies.  The implications of such a system are exciting to say the least.

The combad system is something else that caught my attention right away.  Its obvious that there is a lot of time and love that went into these mechanics and I found the naga fight to be enjoyable.

Right now, the game doesn't have a lot of visible content, but what is there is well written, and with a little time and effort, this could become something really special.  Like many of the first time authors I've seen on this site (Myself included) this author released a game that has a lot of potential, but they still have a few details to work out before everything runs smoothly.  But then, thats the reason we release alpha releases, so we can get a little feedback and refine what we have to offer while the game is still small, and the oversights and bugs are still easy to address.

You've got the start of something interesting, I'll be keeping half an eye on this project to see how it grows and what other creative innovations you code into the game.  Take the criticism with a grain of salt and do your best to learn from it, after all, the fans' intent is good, even if their patience is sometimes lacking.

Keep up the good work, I'll be back to check things out again when you have a new release.


PS:  Start yourself a game thread in the forums and link it to the database entry.  It would give people a place to talk about the game and give feedback.


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