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Version: 0.31

The Ooze Wizard Apprentice

You are a young man looking to apply for the Svernhoff Magical Academy in your attempt to become a Wizard. Things, however, do not always turn out as planned, and you find yourself apprenticed to an Ooze Wizard, and begin to learn the ways of her magic. If you're lucky, you might even be able to do some good...

Original Concept by Lily.

Update: 0.311 - Bug Fixes Made

Update: 0.31 - Chapter 1 Complete

- Slay: Hydra Quest completed, bringing the total number of quests up to 4.
- Silica Route of the Prologue is finished, clocking in at more than 40 passages.
- Succubutts has been given more material. You can now perform a Private Dance for people.
- Bugs Reported have been addressed for the most part.
- Two new jobs added, both findable in the Central District.
- New Theater Plays added for perusal.
- New Item in the Rising Dawn.
- New Body Modification (may alter in the future).

You are Raphael, a young hopeful applying to Svernhoff Academy, one of the most prestigious Magical Institutions on the continent. You hope to begin training as a Wizard's Apprentice, but there are other forces at work, and while fate has given you the chance to become an Apprentice, it's not exactly the position you were hoping for.

Raphael - The sturdy young man with aspirations to become a Wizard. His reasons are his own.

Temperance - An Ooze Wizard looking to apprentice Raphael to her craft. A very disciplined (and sexy) mage.

Odette - A Merchant who supplies Temperance with merchandise so that she can continue her work.

Cassan - A shy Scholar in the employ of the local University. Very introverted and more concerned about his studies than people... or at least he thinks so.

Nebiros/Catha - A strange being who helps Temperance/Silica with some of the tests she will put Raphael through.

Amira - A barmaid with a love of life and trouble. Has a large number of stories about Attis memorized.

Silica - An "Orthydox" Ooze Wizard who has a penchant for sexiness. She offers Raphael another path to take for Ooze Wizardry.

Elizabeth - Who is she? Spoiler: Your Arch Enemy. :-P





Relationship Paths


Garrick - Complete "Wanted: Thief" Quest (Capture the Thief)

Malik - Complete "Wanted: Thief" Quest (Let the Thief Go)

Amira - None

Odette - Have a Mind Stat of 30, and keep playing Chess with her in the Evening. May require asking about employment beforehand.

Cassan - Have a Charm Stat of 30 and NOT be in Primordial Form.

Nebiros/Catha - Have a Body Stat of 30.

Silica - Not Available

Temperance - Not Available


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Review by ReysonTheNoble

Version reviewed: 0.311 on 03/10/2017

This is a very good game so far. It has good progression, deep lore, and lots of interesting characters. Currently there don't seem to be that many quests, but what is there is quality. My only real complaint is that the menus seem cluttered, making getting around town rather tedious. There is also a place where you can get stuck while trying to go out with Amira the barmaid, where there is a sentence of text but no link to progress.

Review by mixedveggies

Version reviewed: 0.311 on 02/27/2017

This game is fun as is! I can only hope content continues to come out. Clothing options as well as hair and make up would really be great! Was confused how to use red stones but I'd love to see more developed in that area. Additionally, a way to easily contact people you've spent time with before would be good. Just suggestions but this game was so good I felt like taking the time to leave a comment. Keep it up!

Review by the_blacksmith

Version reviewed: 0.311 on 12/17/2016

0.311 - One of the very few games here that I recommend everyone here play at least once. The writing and worldbuilding is excellent, there's a good amount of content, the setting feels like more than just a static backdrop, and the characters aren't the generic cardboard cutouts you'd expect in a pr0n game.

I really like the emphasis on duality (hedonism vs. restraint, normal vs. Primordial forms, Temperance vs. Silica), but I think it needs more balance. At the moment, the two paths seem to differ only in how they totally screw you over. Hedonistic choices actively raise lust generation to cripplingly high levels (80+ in one time block), while exercising restraint is a constant chore that doesn't seem to have any payoffs. The lust stone is a neat idea, but its limited capacity, high cooldown time, and failure to consistently produce red shards (which you need to level up your abilities) make it practically useless to both paths- it can't contain the high lust of hedonistic players (who can also generate shards from sex acts, which raise lust generation), and it's far too inefficient at producing shards to be useful to disciplined players.

Navigation is also a pain in the ass. First you choose to go outside, then leave your district, then choose your destination district, then choose your destination, then find out whether anything happened en route, then you arrive. And since individual locations in a district aren't listed on the district menu, you'll often find yourself switching districts two or three times to get where you're going. But wait, there's more! If you have a random encounter, there's a good chance it'll use up the time block you're in, which seal off time-sensitive areas. The graveyard, the only place you can increase your abilities, is only open in the mornings and afternoons. So if it's afternoon and you get an encounter on your way there, now it's nighttime, the graveyard is closed, and you have to slog through the menus again to go somewhere else. Same thing for working at Succubutts, the only job that pays more than a pittance- if it's nighttime and you get an encounter, you get sent straight home without a chance to make any money. If you're following the hedonist path, it was probably a sexual encounter that you had no choice to refuse, so you wasted your time, your lust generation got increased, and you didn't make any money.


I like the different skills the game present you with, such as turning into a pile of ooze or summoning ooze minions, and I like how Silica and Temperance have wildly different teaching methods, but I don't like how little use you get out of them. You really only get the option to use each one once or twice after learning it, and on top of that, the Silica and Temperance versions are functionally identical. I understand how it might work for ooze form, but some of the others, like summoning a large ooze minon or creating royal jelly, about as different as it gets. I'd like an option to use the spells in everyday life- maybe you can walk around leaking royal jelly or incubating a slime minion, maybe you can sell the jelly for cash and have your minion run errands for you (such as picking up your drained lust stone).


For all my gripes, OWA really is good and you should play it. I hope we won't have to wait another year for an update, though.

Review by Abridged

Version reviewed: 0.311 on 11/21/2016

One thing I noticed, during the fight with the Hungry Undead during your training, I managed to actually beat the thing but there was no way for me to continue. Is that a bug, or has that particular section not been finished yet?


As a whole, this game is really fantastic though. Writing is well above average and with the recent update, plenty of content to sort through as well. Can't wait for even more.

Review by Forejarwr

Version reviewed: 0.311 on 11/18/2016

Clicking away repetitive dialogs is annoying. So when you explore and nothing happens, it would be nice to skip the screens which say, "While traversing the city...nothing happens which is worth reading etc etc". They're just click-through screens that appear every time you travel around.
Also, the limited time restriction is kind of annoying. With the grinding of stats, it's especially painful to have your exploration cut short permanently.

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