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English: More or less. You know, I tried.
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XII and Open Version
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Boardgame, Prostitution, Bimbofication, Pregnancy, Magic Change, Mental Changes Not Chess

Version: XII and Open Version

Version: 8 and Open Version

Trivial Strip

Trivial Strip is a strip variant of a well known tabletop game (chess) that allows a player to match his knowledge against the random successes and losses of three generated co-players. 
Play with Manuela, Luke and Steve for some cash and lot's of clothes. 

New content added and some new features: you can save now, see where you and Manuela are on the broad and easy road, refuse at a later point to play, have more fun with the guy's pins beyond the first six.

The game is for adults only, contains pictures, typos, mistakes of any known and three heretofore unknown sources and was written by me. It is available via mediafire until some one else posts it elsewhere (feel fre!). 
Please do not play if any of these items make you angry.

Update: I sorted out the endings. There are no new questions, though. I kicked out all gifs and did some serious housecleaning with the game; there may still be some bugs but basically the game is up and running again. 

I am still open to new questions. 

Current version:http://www.mediafire.com/download/6o3cnlf9x2kdkbv/Trivial_Strip_XI.html

2nd download thanks to Gatekeeper: http://dfiles.eu/files/xlnenr9nd?redirect

Discussion thread: http://www.tfgamessite.com/phpbb3/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=6585

Open Version (for those who want to change difficulty or add/remove questions): http://www.mediafire.com/download/h3sei92g2949kb2/Trivial_Strip_Open_Edition.tws

Please open this version in Twine/sugarcube (and build the game once you have customized your variant). 

Won't play in chrome!

Answer correctly. Win the game. 






Sorry, the game is random. 

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Review by lurkingbutpleasant

Version reviewed: XII and Open Version on 01/29/2017

I enjoy all the effort that went into the erotic-themed trivia questions and the picture selection, it gives this game a lot of replayability for me.

Review by spaceranger123

Version reviewed: XII and Open Version on 11/07/2016

Good writing and image choice. Nice trivia questions too, very tough!

Review by KandiKain

Version reviewed: 9 and Open Version on 03/28/2016

The game is basically strip trivial pursuit with odd random porn images. It starts out with a fast TF and mental changing which leaves all characters completely unaware of the change to the PC. The effect is that it ends up feeling like a straight m/f h-game. The pictures are unsettling at times, especially due to the use of odd MS-paint esque black bars over the eyes. I also find myself haunted by pictures of bananas wearing condoms and constant threats of being morally punished with having to perform blow jobs, sexual favors, pregnancy or worse. The writing seems very stilted. I'm guessing English is not the first language of the author. However, if that is the case, they actually did a pretty decent job with their grasp of the language.

If you want to click through some weirdly censored porn very quickly I think this game delivers on that. Also, the basic mechanics of playing a trivia game seemed fairly well executed. I did run into a bug on my first playthrough which prevented me from advancing any farther after clicking a question choice link, but I did not have that issue the second time.

Review by vonkayas

Version reviewed: 9 and Open Version on 03/28/2016

played version 8 and had a lot of fun a while back, but in version 9 there is a game brakeing bug when you lose your last piece of clothing, there are no link buttont to continue the game on the page where where it dicribed yot stripping and loseing the last of your clothes

Review by Trollsmyth

Version reviewed: 8 and Open Version on 10/10/2015

This odd little gem is built around horror-movie morality.  Your character is a sleeze, his girlfriend is a sleeze, an so they suffer for their sleeziness.  No, they don't get axe-murdered, but the chances of getting knocked up are pretty high.  

There are things that would, normally, put me off this game.  The transformation comes out-of-the-blue with little set-up or explanation, and is so thorough your character doesn't remember they were ever a guy.  (Fans of OMG-I'm-a-girl?!? shenanigans may be dissappointed.)  Your character continues to do sleezy things even as a girl.  Some of the pages load slowly.  The art chosen is decent, and gives nice hints, but I can't help wanting more.  And the English is strained.  (The repeated references to "tights" sometimes imply the author really means hose, and there are a few puns that don't quite make the leap across the language barrier.)

And yet, I found myself replaying this one multiple times.  The trivia questions are fun and fit the situation.  The slut-shaming sleeziness of the characters creates a nice escalation of depravity.  And, of course, you get the usual exploration of the story by choosing the (very few) optional paths and trying for the different end-game conditions.  The pics chosen range from decent to fun (though oddly censored; why block out everyone's eyes?  Is that a European thing?), and the whole thing is leavened with a playful sense of fun, from the casual racism of the main character to the nerd-bro characterizations of the guys.

Speaking of the guys, I wouldn't mind some deeper character there, though I understand that's not exactly necessary; they're more instruments of divine retribution than whole characters.  I'd really love to see a paperdoll system for the characters, however, to better see what each is wearing when.  A pass through by a native English speaker for editing wouldn't hurt either.  

All-in-all, a surprisingly intriguing game, quick to play but with lots of replay value.  If you enjoy strip-poker fantasies, this is definitely worth checking out.

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