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Version: 1.4

The Hawkman
by IceHot


Ages ago a weird woman that had a strong sexual desire for birds managed to capture a hawk. She abused the poor animal in all ways possible until she got pregnant. 15 months later the gave birth to an egg which she had to incubate for 3 more months until a winged furry baby hatched from it. The woman, frightened
by the "aberration", abandoned it in a nearby forest.

Elves found the baby and raised it...

Long before his adulthood, the first hawkman had already slept with all the female elves in the forest, they gave birth to more hawkmen and the cycle repeated with their offspring... Male elves left the forest because they couldn't handle the competition and not long after the forest was inhabited only by hawkmen and elven ladies.

After several years living in the forest, the hawkmen decided to show themselves to the world, but the humans, feeling threatened, warred on them: the birdmen were exterminated by the humans' superior numbers, almost all elves were killed too.

But one hawkman escaped, and after hiding 10 years in a cave studying dark magic, he is ready to take revenge on the human race and impregnate all women to revive his race.

Your race was exterminated by humans, you lived and will avenge your kin & fuck human women to revive them.


-Sideview battles with ATB (cool animations too)
-Soul stealing monsters to become stronger
-Gain stat points on level up or when eating a soul to increase the character's parameters (atk/def/agi/mag)
-Soulstealing npcs
-Strategic boss battles
-Custom equip system: Find best accessory combination to each boss
-Sleep with almost all female npcs, leading to written sex scene (no images too much work)
-Get raped by boss when you die

-You don't have to solve the lever puzzle yet, explore the forest instead.
-If you get a black screen at the ghost girl encounter, load to an earlier save and enter any house in the village then leave.

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Review by IceHot

Version reviewed: 1.2 on 02/08/2016

There is a spell that can disable the random encounters as long  you have mana to back it up. I will decrease the frequency next update, I know it can be annoying.




You have to find the 3rd sheet at the ice village INN. I forgot to make a thread, will make it now =P.




The cave is an extra boss, to leave the forest go to the tent and pick the rope, then use the rope to climb the hills. After climbing you go left then jump down.



Review by srauls

Version reviewed: 1.2 on 02/07/2016

Like Bee said the encounters are to much and you will get to frustrated from getting from point A to point B. I like the story, but hitting an encounter every couple of steps I'm almost ready to give up on the game. This game needs some polishing before I would say it is complete.

Review by BEE

Version reviewed: 1 on 06/15/2015

Good mechanics and puzzles in this game. Enjoyable, even though the placeholder sexual content desperately begs expansion & visual aid. Though the battles are quite easy, thanks to liberal stat boost, they are encountered too frequently in the wild and can be frustrating when you're trying to get from point A to B.  On the whole, this game has the potential for greatness if developed well...

...since there is no discussion thread opened for this game, I'll just ask here: I'm stuck in the cave with all the levers (1 through 9). Found partially burnt sheet 1 and sheet 2... but then I have nowhere to go.



At the Ice Village INN? I thought I had to get past the levers puzzle to get through the forest to reach the Ice Village. I've explored all paths in the forest (including the elevated level using the rope. I'm stuck and unable to find the way to the other side.

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