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Version: 0.1.5a

Version: 0.1.5



There is no transformation of the main character in this game. It is a game where the idea is to change the female character’s mindset. To let her get more sexually open. (mental changes, corruption)

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Release requires full download of 0.1.5

Installation Instructions:

First install:

You must download both the picture file and the HTML to get the full game. Please make sure the unzipped picture folder (Images) is in the same folder as the HTML file. Future releases will just be the new images, to reduce file size.

Updating the Install:
To update your Downloaded copy in future releases: Download the new version. Unzip the folder, move any images to the images folder, replace the HTML file.

You are a female Therapist

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Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: 0.1.5a on 03/03/2017

The last time I played it, it was a year ago. It was a background story about a well educated therapist meeting challenges from her clients about sexual issues and as a result, in my own imagination, expose her to corruption deeper and darker.

This time I played it, I am overwhelmed by some 700MB of porn, single liners story porn and daily activities porn. Each porn is a nice encounter, but it feels like they are putting together just for the porn. You have choices, but all the choices are basically "do you want to see more porn? yes or no." Now, who is going to answer no?

To conclude, it is currently a big mess of put together porn, and I have to admit that the pictures with the lines are hot. However if you are looking for a game, this is not a game.

@Ramses Not that I do not like porn. I am just categorizing this game, so that people have an idea what they are going to see. It is expectation management.

To me, story can be rated xxx, which means they are very descriptive in sexual or violent acts, but it must make sense as a story. Game can be rated xxx, which means they are involved with adult presentation, but there got to be some gaming mechanism.

Therapist is a random porn story viewer. You click click click, oh, here is a story with pictures. Click click click, oh, here is another unrelated story with pictures. Oh, a new option for no reason. Nice, another HOT story with pictures.

The choices are sometimes interesting. "You two make out. You are at the blink of orgasm. Do you let him continue?" Is that a choice, seriously?

Escort Dreams has 2.4GB porn comes with it... I grade it a game because it is a game. It just has a lot of porn.

If Therapist wants to become a game, it needs more than a few sexual encounter counters and a loose therapist background story to link up everything.

Review by Ramses

Version reviewed: 0.1.5a on 03/03/2017

pingguo, you do realize it is a xxx porn game. so its always going to lead to porn. as for saying no or yes to the porn will change your corse in the game and lead you to new and diffrent porn. Peronaly i think it is vary well dont andam kinda amazed at how well your choices and can effect the path of your char. i dont mean to be rude. i guess i just dont undrestand the point you are trying to make. its like saying i want to watch a horror movie but going to a comedy and then complaining it was not scary.

Review by darkspider99

Version reviewed: 0.1.5a on 01/17/2017

One of the best on this site. But there is one problem. Too short. Just when good things start, game ends. Keep up the good work.

Review by ADIDAS

Version reviewed: 0.1.5a on 12/21/2016

It's down because a hotfix was released but the author failed to upload it here, the hotfix can be found on hypnopics collective.

Review by hellboundroar

Version reviewed: 0.1.5a on 12/20/2016

Not really a review (i don't need to make one, the game is amazing and speaks for itself) but the MEGA link for the 1.5a version is down :'(

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