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Endless 1.03
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Version: Endless 1.03

Version: Endless 1.02

Version: Endless 1.01



There is no transformation of the main character in this game. It is a game where the idea is to change the female character’s mindset. To let her get more sexually open. (mental changes, corruption)

 Feedbacks are very much appreciated! :)

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This is the first Public Release of the new Endless version.

Copy contents of update over current files: next release two to three weeks

You are a female Therapist

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Review by jcj

Version reviewed: Endless 1.03 on 08/07/2017

Nice game, specially for those who like slow but steady mental transformations. So far so good. Thanks!

Review by Moleister

Version reviewed: Endless 1.03 on 08/02/2017

Good game. But still need some work. Like more options to spend money, and more clients.

Review by Nemo

Version reviewed: Endless 1.02 on 06/20/2017

The new version is, with all due respect to the programmer,, a buggy mess.  It's much less fun to play than 0.15b because time and again you run into bugs, poorly thought out sequencing of events and odd formatting errors.  I like the idea of being able to play all content instead of having a time limit, but not at the cost of not knowing what's happening in the game.  Events trigger too soon or don't develop in a logical manner.

some examples:  a present arrived before she was willing to use it, and it showed up in her toy box afterwards with no way to employ it.  Same thing happened with the webcam- could not run all the way through because it's apparently now a one time event and she was not willing to finish the chain.  The webcam is in my toy box but I can't use it.  You can schedule a client for more than one day a week, which means you are stuck looking at the same content twice instead of fresh.  Clothing choices are not consistent in the way they affect events- they don't track consistently.  You see a picture of an outfit with no panties, and you get an event modification that indicates you are wearing them.  Stuff like this happens again and again and it ruins the fun.


Hopefully this will be set right soon, because this is too good a game to degenerate this badly.

Review by caramoore

Version reviewed: Endless 1.02 on 06/20/2017

Trying hard to enjoy this version, there's lots of good content. However I'm having a massive issue with the John storyline.  When I take him as a client he appears in the client info list on every day of the week as the client.  After that he resets seemingly at random after either the first or second therapy session.  Other than that the only glitch I've found is at the beach gloryhole after the first anal use every use of the glory hole after that throws up errors.  I've had the problem with John on both Firefox and Chrome. 

Review by Ramses

Version reviewed: Endless 1.01 on 06/18/2017

Loving endless, there are a few minor bugs example playing pool at end of game some times dos not show up but if you click on stats then back its shows up with win or loss and you can progress. worse bug i found is money it jumps all over the place from 0 to 400 and you never have any to pay the landlord. of corse there is a great deal more to  that story line so i enjoyed the bug. the other major one I did not like was it only let me go to bondage club once after 6pm on friday witch happened on a thursady  and then never happened again. ;o/

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