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Version: 1.0.0

Zombie-R (English)

Zombie-R is the sequel to Yonyon's Zombie. It features a hefty amount of well-done images adopted from Kimagure After and very challenging and engaging puzzle/strategy-based gameplay.


1.0.0: No changes, just bumping the version number.

0.9.2: Fixed missing translation, changed "white chests" to "beige chests"

0.9.1: Fixed missing translation, included translated equipment data

It's the year 20XX, and zombies have sprung out of nowhere and assaulted humanity. You play the role of Tsukio, a young man who had hoped to escape the horde via a hot-air balloon, but gets caught with his friends in a situation none of them were prepared for.

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Review by JoeW

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 10/18/2016

Very good game.  Once one figures out how the starting over h works thegame becomes easy.


Love the TF and the clothes.  Most outfits are coordinated but the main character outfits arrangements to get the best score doesn't seem to go well together.  But eve if one chooses and outfit they laike for her, the outfit choices wll not change the battle much.


Review by LufiaLunar

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 06/10/2016

Wow, Just WOW!!!


Great game, The visuals are amazing, and it looks like alot of thought went into the game. The TF theme really works for this game. The story is not there, I really think the Final boss has more lines then all the characters combined. the characters lines are mainly saying their well being. It would be nice if they interacted more with each other. Game play is good, with some moderate replayability.

I also think we need more games with this genre, so seeing another impressive work is always a Plus to me.

I would love to see a game like this with a Dungeon builder mechanics. I think with what you did here with your mind set, your future games will be amazing.


Keep up the good work.

Review by Kamikazesemmel

Version reviewed: 0.9.2 on 06/30/2015

A beautiful game that a lot of good mood makes. The images of Protogonisten marked with much love and detail. By the way they are inserted in the game, literally thousands of variations are possible. Through the Endcard of the game and the possibilities there, through the points system and on the quest for a perfect "strategy", the game is a very high replayability. Is one of my top 10 games on the site. Clear a 10/10.

Review by Sapphic

Version reviewed: 0.9.2 on 06/29/2015

This is quite the intresting RPG Ace game, the game mechanic is a lot less combat and map based and more TF and clothing based which honestly saves all of the combat boredom some Ace games bring to the table. Also shows great replay ability thanks to your NG+ system that lets stats or appearances go with you.


Good game, great translation.

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