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Version: 1.01

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Pax Demonica

You play as Stephanie Halloway, gym trainer in an odd though peaceful little town. What few know is that your mother is an exorcist, and hunts the supernatural on a daily basis. She has raised you to be versed in those matters, enough to know the creepy crawlies aren't out to get you and transform you.

Until now...

Explore and investigate the town of St. Thomas to uncover the supernatural entities crawling out of sight. If they catch you, you can kiss your humanity goodbye.

Version 1.01 - Minor update, features further clues for the alternate solution to the endless labyrinth which unlocks the secret ending. There are also pieces of chapter two but it's pretty bare.

For those who might have trouble with the password riddle, here are three hints.

1 - The answer lies in the library, after having read the password's clues.

2 - The numbers are coordinates.

3 - The password has three words in it. The clue clarifies which syntax.

To access the secret ending, you need to double down on a riddle. I've made it repeatable so you can't be locked out of it.

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Review by zarock

Version reviewed: 1.01 on 06/01/2017

A pretty good game overall, good writing and characters. Not too fond of puzzles, but luckily people were nice enough to post the answers on the discussion thread.

Review by Fae

Version reviewed: 1.01 on 05/29/2016

I love this. The story is deeply fascinating and the seamless blend of all manner of myths and stuff really glues it all together. Also, for such a fantastical theme, it somehow doesn't seem all that absurd that this takes place in the real world. You're really good at bringing different ideas together in a tidy, believable way.

The various little alternate "bad" endings are also really fun, especially since they're all unique, although it would be nice to see some of them expanded a little to offer a little input-driven flavor before it all ends.

That isn't really a criticism, though, just a request. I would say that despite the engaging story and neat little alternate endings here and there, the town is pretty empty at first and you eventually just learn to avoid certain places knowing not much is going on there. Even when you can follow a path down to an event that makes use of one of these otherwise empty buildings, it seems the option could just be made visible at that time like the Halloway house is. So yeah, the town could liven up a little, even for St. Thomas.

Lastly, the puzzles I see others aren't too taken to. Well, I guess here we differ, because I loved them. The password was very simple and offered some interesting journal reads at the same time as finding the solution. The endless hallway was a little more confusing, but only took three tries when I tried the simplest answers first. I can't say the same for the "secret" answer, though. The tarot cards were mostly fair, but the most troublesome of the three as you couldn't tell at what point you made a mistake. To this, I have a suggestion: Point at at which card the slab stopped reactiong; for example, if your first card was correct and second was not, instead of "after placing the sixth card" you could say "after placing the second card" to help ease players in the right direction.

All in all, one of the most interesting stories I've read on here, and it's mostly because of the engaging plot. I'd definitely recommend a read if you're looking for a good plot-driven story.

Review by Denkkar

Version reviewed: 1.01 on 05/09/2016

Well written and lots of hot scenes, what's not to like? The puzzles. They're not easy.

For the password, I ended up copying the texts you find in the library room to a tabbed text editor (Notepad++), then carefully applying the password hint to decode them.

For the N, S, W, E room I went with exhaustive search using the "N" from the hint image as my starting point (I assumed no repeating directions and lucked out).

For the Tarot cards... I just couldn't care less about Tarot cards. Worse, there's 6! = 720 possible combinations. No brute forcing this one. So I simply read the raw HTML code for the riddle room to get the answer (Bonus: there's a wrong answer that will get you a lovely bad ending). Thank you for not encrypting it!

Review by KittyPurry

Version reviewed: 1.01 on 02/13/2016

My goodness, this is maybe the best game I've ever played from this site!  The quirky writing started really hooking me, and then the bee TF was unparalleled! Maybe someday I'll play the main game... But this game is going to stick with me. The author's got chops. Definitely some chops indeed.

I also happen to like that it has a cool female protagonist that doesn't start out objectified or one-dimensional.


I think I'm in love with what thus game did to me.

Review by TheeSpongeman

Version reviewed: 1.01 on 02/04/2016

The hell, I must be stupid or something, but I have no clue what you're trying to get accross with the password. Listing random words with dates doesn't offer any hints what so ever. I can't press further because well... like you said in game, it's a dead end otherwise.


Edit: Ok nevermind, found the library. Clever.


Edit: Edit: The tarot cards don't coincide with what they're supposed to represent at all. Putting the most similar to each one, nothing happens time and time again. Also, if two are demons, why is there only one card that represents misfortune?  Plus the hermit doesn't symbolize loneliness. It represents enlightment, one who has learned about themselves to the greatest extent. The other terms do fit. But if the cards are correctly identified, then the question remains how they possibly relate to the markings.


Fyi I did Ch ST

             HI  H

             T   M

Then HI  Ch

        ST  H

        T    M

 Most logical of all choices but that doesn't seem to work.  So I'll have to stop here since I can't figure it out after countless tries re-arranging the cards accordingly. *shrug*

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