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stealth concept better than execution whorelords WoW sylvanas

Version: 2.0.3a

Whorelords of Draenor (XXX stealth RPG)
by zuleyka games

Hi there.

I would like to show you the new XXX game im working on..

World of Porncraft: Whorelords of Draenor – is an stealth RPG parody of the world-famous MMORPG World of Warcraft.


The main heroine, The Sylvanas Whorerunner, accidentally finds herself at the site entry of the ancient clans in Azeroth.
Orcish clans invade our world from the remote past in order to conquer the whole Azeroth, to force all the races on their knees and turn their females into sex slaves.




The game is under development, but you can check trailer, game demo, 3D scenes etc on Patreon:

Support Whorelords of Draenor on Patreon!


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Review by WalMartyr

Version reviewed: 2.0.3 on 11/19/2016

Game is good so far and has good scenes in it. Runs really well for how much the RPGM engine has ben modified and I kind of wish some of those changes would have been in RPGM in the first place. Just one complaint and it's not exactly about the game. Why do you keep marking it as updated ever other day? There hasn't been a new release in almost 2 months. Posting in the forum shouldn't be a reason to mark it as updated.

Review by solomon03

Version reviewed: 2.0.3 on 10/23/2016

This is getting some criticism for the combat system, which is fair, but there are a lot of positive things to say about the game too. The H-scenes are well-written and 3-D rendered. There are also a lot of them, considering the age of this game. Though clunky, the combat uses some fresh mechanics not found in many other H-games. I'd say this game is worth a try right now, and definitely should be kept an eye on as the game is fleshed out further.

Review by gamern

Version reviewed: 1.2.2 on 08/05/2016

Hi, guys


Just played the demo ver 1.2.2 is great for an early alphaThis is a very cool game and have good potential, hot 3D hentai invents, nice parallax mapping, sexy hero and porn quests well done.

The animations would be longer and the game H-Scenes. There are hidden porn storiesLol. The game has even alchemy and herbalism. Purity is rarely used, yeah, but just an early alpha... I found some minor bugs.

I like how porn quests is done and sounded (like Chef invent) . Scenes hardcore enough and more. I hope the author will add into the game some monsters-lesbians, futas and beasts.


After reading previous reviews I was afraid of the game balance. The battle system apparently has been seriously improved (since 1.2.1).

We have the skills, you can select talents, monsters dying well. Sometimes you still raped by orcs and it's cool (I'm too lazy to use alchemy).

Stealth is very usable, although you can just hide and pass the game. 


Resume: I would like to support Zuleyka and Whorelords on Patreon. If she doesn't forget to fix small bugs ;)

Good luck to the author in the development. The game have great potential and worth the time and money.

Review by srauls

Version reviewed: 1.2.1b on 07/21/2016

Not sure where to start,

The grammer isn't very good, and the story is very under whelming. Here is an example of the writing, while reading one of the Journal pages, it was always you could have used magic to untie us. You wanted them to them do stuff to me. I was happier holding the space bar so I didn't have to read it all.

The fighting is miserable at best, there is a timer when you are allowed to attack. If you are trying to look through your inventory, magic spells or anything you keep getting hit non stop. The combat isn't turn base, like some of the other rpg maker games. If you kill a enemy in a area be very fast to do what you have to do or they will respawn and start attacking you again. Which is slightly fustrating in some of the areas trying to get out.

If the current combat is scrapped and made a turn base, and a good proof reader that can work on telling a story step in. This game might have potential. As it stands now don't bother with this game.

Review by toofine89

Version reviewed: 1.2.1 on 06/30/2016

Thoroughly one of the least enjoyable games I've played.  The plot is weak.  The game feels clunky and slow.  Fights are boring and time consuming.  The sneaking mechanic, although a good idea, is pulled off pretty badly.  And I'm completely unsure of what the purity statistic is supposed to actually do (bar the one single spell in the game).  The porn isn't really good enough to evoke a response or long enough to... use.  If you're on the borderline of playing this game or not, don't.

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