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Version: 2.3.3

Nightgames Mod

This is a mod on the excellent Nightgames by TheSilverBard (http://www.silverbardgames.com/)

Current changelogs are at 


Nightgames is a Java game where you sexfight other coeds in a college campus.

The idea is you and the NPCs wander around on campus, and when you get into an encounter, you try to make each other orgasm until they give up.

It starts off vanilla but then opens up as you progress, unlocking this like succubus, magic, and other content.

The mod adds additional content on top of the original, with most of them dealing with transformation.

You can grow cocks/pussies/tentacles/etc to help you in your fight. It also enables you to play as different genders to start, but it's not as well supported because the original game assumes you are a guy in a lot of places.

The portraits are drawn by me (I'm an amateur, go easy on me :( ), but the sex stance pictures are stolen from image boards.

The current version is starting to support custom characters itself, so other people can add content.

Give it a try and see if you like it.


Just download, unzip and run the jar. You only need java 8 (no need for base game)

If you try to run it but nothing happens, most likely you do not have Java 8 installed.
Get it here:

Edit to address a few reviews:

You get 2 points per level until level 10, then you get 3. This has always been the case (even in the vanilla game)

You: A coed in an unnamed college.

Jewel: An energetic redhead history major. Enjoys knocking guys down.

Mara: A smart black computer engineering major. Enjoys developing gadgets to use on you.

Cassie: A nice girl that you know from class. She has auburn hair and has some interest in the occult.

Angel: A statuesque blonde. She's in journalism, and easily puts guys under her thumb.

Reyka: A raven haired succubus. She got summoned in one of the earlier night games, but decided to stay around campus because she likes it

Kat: A shy strawberry blonde graduate. She's a petite girl and tends to lose all her matches until she received a animal totem that turned her into a cat girl

Some tips:

- At level 10, visit the information broker to get more NPC competitors

- Develop affection with other NPCs by visiting them in the day time. At higher affections, the NPCs will allow you to gift them clothing and change their outfit. Also, some of the NPCs unlocks body transformations at higher affections.

- Fights end when either of your willpowers is reduced to 0 AND you orgasm (fill the arousal bar).

- Lower your opponent's willpower by making them cum (fill the arousal bar)

- Only doing dealing pleasure damage will make them orgasm, but tempting them or arousing them will make their arousal meter overflow, increasing the amount of willpower loss for that orgasm.

- Certain skills can seal the opponent's ability to cum, which allows you to force a higher willpower loss via arousal meter overflow.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Argenom

Version reviewed: on 03/29/2017

Absolutely love the game so far, though my biggest complaint is that the ability UI gets super cluttered the further you get into the game.  Dunno if that's just how it is supposed to be or not but it can get a little confusing.

Review by brigma

Version reviewed: on 02/11/2017

For some reason now in version I only get 2 skill points when I level up, I got 3 per level in This change wasn't mentioned in the changelog so I wonder if it was intentional.


For now I'll stick with until this issue is adressed. Shame really because seemed like it would have been fun to play

Review by bfhman1

Version reviewed: on 02/07/2017

Its a very good game, but there are lots of things missing. Detailed sex scenes between female PC and male NPCs, male NPC's have female descriptions, losing scenes for female PCs and male NPC's are the same as for male PCs and female NPCs. The scenes are even the same when you dont have a cock, you still have one in the scene.

Review by awaitingu2001

Version reviewed: on 02/05/2017

Love the game, I follow it religiously, lol

Can you add some girls of color or other races, I.E. blacks, asian, maybe start there some?


Review by LufiaLunar

Version reviewed: 2.5.0 on 01/27/2017

Very Nice , adds some interesting things in here. Also just by playing it explains some of the things not mentioned in the Original game.


I found a Bug when fighting Angel, She used tempt/taunt, or what ever to raise my arousal by 100, i was like woah some serious things going on here, i was near level 10 when this happened. The thing is when she used it again i went over my arousal limit, at this point any damage or use of abilities did 1 point of damage/arousal. she used it again and i had over 300 points over my arousal limit lol. of course when she finally did anything to affect the meter normally, I lost 3 times my total will power. no way surviving that, especially when i do one damage... btw i spent all points into power, makes no sense when doing 5-10 damage even with Kick or Knee. LOL


Also need an explaination on using items, in my game they didnt do anything just opened a new window to show what my items were. in combat or certain areas they would show up saying i can use it but, it doesnt tell you what stat score you need to be able to use them at all. only i tems i know that i ever buy are zip ties, and aphrodisiac potions.


all in all a good start, after your 4th or 5th match the girls just get OP in doing so much damage to you. Ill be lucky with a single win at this point, even if you go all power or seduction.


I only played with some of the transformations and they seem really weak, tried the tentacle one, and doing maybe 5 damage around, while they are doing 30-70 points back.


Magic needs a buff. the scene when you get it was funny, but the combat aspect not so much.


Thanks hopefully you can expand on this.

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