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Choker Change

Your boring job and your boring life are only interrupted by the occasional weekends with a prostitute that has become your friend beyond her profession. You use her services regularly, when she decides to change things up. And things certainly start changing.

There is now a Google Forms survey that I plan to keep running for a long time, probably. If you don't like dealing with Google, I understand, but if you feel like voicing your opinion on my stories hosted on TFGS or elsewhere, I'd appreciate hearing it. Simply click on this link and fill out the questions, only if you're interested and have the time: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1NcluzvD4bXF5yzc9CAK3RwW1Q-DPNZg0tmEYo_HuQ2A/viewform Please be honest and only take the survey once!

Update 1.08: Yet another bugfix. Sorry. Here's to a bug-free 2017.

Update 1.07: Another left over debug line caused problem and was promptly removed.

Update 1.06: Bugfix related to the "good" endings. Fixed an old problem with getting a vagina that resurfaced.

Update 1.05: Something went wrong and an old bug snuck itself back in... Fixed now.

Update 1.04: Some really huge errors fixed. Definitely get this update.

Update 1.03: Another critical bugfix. Fuck me.

Update 1.02: Another critical bugfix. Sorry for the mess.

Update 1.01: Bugfixes galore.

Update 1.00: Here we are. Main story finished. Some colour changes, some bugfixes. Merry Fapmas.

Update 0.61: Fixed bug in the Lucas Neutral encounter. Fixed bug when using handcuffs on Day 4.

Update 0.60: The story now runs until Week 4, Day 4. Sorry about the small update, I don't know when the next one will be. Some rebalancing and some bugfixing of old content. See thread OP for details.

Somebody seemed confused so I'm putting some info about it here: I have also written two linear, traditional short stories. You can find links to them in my forum signature, as well as my forum profile!

You - The Protagonist (of course!)

Bonnie/Bridget/Bunny - The Prostitute

Robert - The Boss

...and some others that might give away too much at the start.

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Review by TamedWolf

Version reviewed: 1.08 on 02/01/2017

Choker Change is one of my all-time favorite TF games, one that I've been with ever since it was half done. It's complete now, and it's so good. Writing is great, pacing is great - it does everything right, though I wish there were a few more pictures. It's also quite punishing and spirals out of control fast so employ liberate use of the back button. Multiple playthroughs are definitely a thing with this game. My final verdict is 9/10

Review by Arael

Version reviewed: 1.08 on 01/14/2017

Choker Change is huge, well written, complete, and very, VERY hot. If you're into being transformed, slowly, irreversibly, sometimes controllably, often uncontrollably, play this game.

Just a warning though, I had a hard time getting into Choker Change at first. The game is punishing. The results of choices are often not obvious and the costs of failure are high. One wrong move and you may be turned suddenly into a nymphomaniac who is no longer under your control and chooses, for you, to have more and more sex. Don't be afraid to use the back button in the side menu if the consequences of a choice isn't floating your boat. After all, this is about what turns you on. Don't like it an outcome? Undo. (On the other hand, if you're enjoying the terrible sexy things that are happening to your character, do continue.)

But that brings me to one of the game's strengths: It's not a gauntlet where one wrong move takes you to a one page bad end. You make mistakes, sure, but the game continues. It's not over until the four weeks are up, and well, what happens to you after those four weeks depends on the choices you made along the way.

Another warning: For those of you uncomfortable with racism and sexism (which is hopefully all of you!), this game engages with two fetishes that you may find discomfiting:

The "Bimbo" fetish for dim-witted, beautiful, nymphomaniac women

and the fetishization of Asian women, stereotyped as submissive both in bed and out of it.

Choker Change does not endorse these stereotypes (e.g., the Thai character Bridget is neither dim-witted nor submissive), but it does not do much to condemn these stereotypes either because the narrative wants to appeal to those fetishes. That said, using science-magic chokers to make people into dim-witted or submissive women is the work of the villain that you're trying to stop, so the narrative is not unsympathetic to those opposed to these stereotypes.

Review by morningstar

Version reviewed: 1.08 on 01/12/2017

Wow, got to say I was impressed with this game. It is very lengthy, it has great pacing, sex and sexy material is frequently encounterd preventing your dick from going soft. However, occasionally story scenes either drag on too long or are repeated from a previous week, leading to me skipping reading them in the interests of get to the sexy parts. Highlighting any important info might be good in such circumstances so I get the gist of what is happening without getting slowed down by the detail. 

At the end of the day it's easily one of my favourite games on this site, a truly excellent source of fap material and one I recommend anyone play. Congrats to the author. I'm in bed at 2am, having just finished the game, writing my first review on this site because I think you deserve it.


  • Lots of endings. 
  • Excellent imagery used to accentuate the depravity and corruption you experience.
  • Real choices that affect your outcome.
  • Sexy, sexy, sexy corruption. 
  • A wide variety of different fetishes are used.
  • Good spread of sex scenes and story scenes.
  • Choices that will corrupt you are obvious, allowing for a fun first play through.

Cons (don't let the number of them fool you, this game is a 9.5/10 for me)

  • Not enought pics, but the imagery easily makes up for this.
  • It has to end somewhere
  • My personal turn on is hypno, and there's only a little of that, but that's just me.
  • Difficult to know if you got all the endings
  • Difficult to know exactly where the paths you can take split so you can get all the content.

Review by dobsontwin

Version reviewed: 1.07 on 12/30/2016

This is one of the best games on this site, if not the best. It's rare to find a completed HTML game around, much less one that goes on for this long. The decisions you make actually do make a difference to the story, and there are so many possible endings. I have played through this game about 10 times, and am still finding new endings.


Keep up the good work, I hope to find more games from you in the future.

Review by soldatoflife

Version reviewed: 1.00 on 12/23/2016

I started playing this game back when you could barely finish either the cum fetish or the bimbo fetish collar. I had no idea where this game was going and ultimately didn't know until the game brought us at the end just very very recently. I like how the choices you make reaaaaaally affect the end game and how much you can affect it. I couldn't get one ending because I didn't have enough money left. I ended the game with 200$....I heard you need about 1000$ to get it, as well as do lots of other stuff. I played the game through and litterally gave into everything. I had 2 choices at the end that were fairly evident. I then played the game and tried to stay as human as possible. That gave me ultimately LOTS of endings I could explore.

Each week brings a different fetish and within those fetishes you have lots of options to try to evade most of the harm done from wearing a collar or to let go more than any Frozen movie could ever dare.

Many characters can either help or halt your progress towards a good ending. 

If you are afraid of fetishes, this game may be a tad hardcore for you. If you can resist through it long enough and make some good decisions, the story can certainly make up for most of what you will encounter. All in all, this first dabble in an ending for this game is definitely good. I'm excited to see a version 2.0 come out in the future where most of the other fun stuff gets out :P

Nuff fapped for now. Till next fap!

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