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Version: 0.22

Version: 0.21

Version: 0.2

Lewd Warfare


Lewd Warfare is a Match 3 RPG fought by units with abilities & spells, over a Nation conquest/risk style map against multiple factions. Set in a fantasy world it includes Factions based on hybrid humanoids, Elves, Amazons and Mages with more to come. Each Faction has 4 unique units(Characters) all are artistically represented with full body art on screen. You'l be able to pick from one of two character personalities/alignments at the begining of the game but will still have dialogue control beyond that.

This is an Original English Project. Designed in Unity we are a team of collaborators.


The current version 0.2 is a demonstration of the core combat mechanics of the game and the map system.

We've internally implemented the dialogue system and we'l be adding dialogue to the game this month along with various improvements to help explain game mechanics.

More info available on the main thread.

I also keep tumblr frequently updated.



In Regular Match 3 games you can normally only match in Lines however you can corner Match in this one. It takes some thinking to get used to it but we've noticed people quickly adapt.

Review Responses


Hover over tooltip and other way to see skill information will come in a later update. & We will look at click on ability sooner.



Tutorial is going to take us a bit more time but we (might) be able to achieve it this month or next. Or do a Video Demo.

We've already shown a screen shot of 0.21 where there is an option to get back to the menu & thus exiting the game or reseting the game/picking other faction. Whilst running it in the editor we just need to press a stop program button so sorry for missing it !/Windows mode.


I've already told people we don't have time to add a tutorial yet. There is a video however showing how to play. You can never run out of matches you just dind't know how to match. As you can match from 9 rows away or do corner matches. Just because an alpha does not come with a tutorial doesn't make it a bad game design it just means we dind't have time to add it. Normally a game like this takes 2-3 years to make compairably but we got it up and running much sooner then that with part time developers. We took the dive and built the gameplay first which many developers do 2nd.





Thanks for the First impressions/comments.

I imagine all the themes were removed by a mod because we've build the gameplay systems rather then adding the textual content of the game until just now.

Arcanist Faction

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Review by gueteva

Version reviewed: 0.2 on 10/26/2015

This game has decent art.

However... it really lacks on game design, there's no feedback for the player, no way to know what you're doing. The learnign curve is way off, the difficulty is really hard, you should have at least one or two easy fights to engage players.

The match 3 algorithm seems to be way off. after 4 or 5 matchs you have no further options and get your butt kicked since the attack timers are super fast for the enemies.

Add some sound and an exit game function

I'd strongly suggest working on your game design or discarding this prototype altogether.


Review by rickro

Version reviewed: 0.2 on 10/07/2015

This game seems promising, but please make it so that you can click on the abilities, and it would be nice if there was some kind of mouseover tootlip for them that would explain what they do.

Review by amythist

Version reviewed: 0.2 on 10/06/2015

so decided to give it a try since I'm a fan of match 3 style games

first thing I'm going to say is the game desperately needs a tutorial to explain the combat system, played my first match and didn't realize that matching tiles doens't seem to do anything offensive, and the 3 "attacks" at the bottom not having any sort of tooltip or explination doens't help

2nd thing is that there didn't seem to be any way to exit the game barring alt tabbing out and closing it via system tray

I'm curious to see where the game goes, but right now it's too much stumbling around blindly until you manage to figure out a way to make something happen

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