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Version: 0.9.1

The Haunted House

Original story by Ed Miller here: http://www.fictionmania.tv/stories/readxstory.html?storyID=3219503042277705012


  • Update 0.9
    Finished the normal path (so to say) of the story, so you can play it through. There are two (technical three endings if you count not playing) endings, depending on a single choice you do.
    Now onwards to implement some other stuff
  • Update 0.9.1
    Bugfix, you should now be able to actually end the game.

As always, I'm ignoring and reporting (and probably blocking your account too) demands to upload somewhere else.

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Review by jayv

Version reviewed: 0.9.1 on 02/04/2017

Phew, just wanted to share a few thoughts. Not really my cup of tea, simply because I would literally kill everyone in the house if all this happened to me. I could relate with the initial anger of the main character. Other than that, I really liked the writing and the images. Interesting subject too, definitely worth a try!

Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: 0.9.1 on 12/03/2015

0.9.1 Review:

Waited a while before coming back and I'm pleased with what I've seen. Good work! It'll be interesting to see how you handle the choices for the branching storyline while still staying true to Ed Miller's original work.


0.4.0 Review:

Good start for a concept piece. As always nothing to fault with the graphic work that went with the story as the changes developed over time.

I found the writing to be interesting and the main character to be seemingly swifter to give in to the mental changes than others wrote about, but I don't consider it a bad thing if the core of the story is being true to Ed Miller's original work.

I look forward to the next update.

Review by nicole

Version reviewed: 0.9.1 on 11/06/2015

Working nicely, and great add with endings, just report u that ending 2 pic, has a wrong path so not working, didnt notice anything else cheers and kisses 

Review by curious

Version reviewed: 0.9.0 on 11/02/2015

so far i love this game.

i experienced the same bugs reported by nicole. there is no forum topic. i understand you may not want to make a forum topic, sorrow, so any bug reporting is ok here right?

i just want to say that the protagonist's tf is nearly perfect in terms of my preferences. id love some more descriptive info in regard to these changes too. the text is pretty good, but sometimes a little bland or monotonous. is there any plan to give players more options on what sizes and shapes they transform into? or is this a linear change?

i noticed that jerry and dan's description in the early pages was empty.

the option to change your mind at the beginning and end the game there seems like a gag. im glad its the only one; littering a game with multiple dead end game overs kinda dulls the experience.

there are three characters whose names begin with J: Jim, Jerry, and Jenny. is this on purpose?

28 inches seems a little small for the bust size we see (DDcups) on jim after he is measured. maybe 28 as a band size, but the bust easily looks similar or larger than jenny's bust, at 32 inches. jim's frame didnt become that tiny, right? my guess would be that jim becomes a 34D instead of a 28DD. im not entirely solid on bra measurements.

the pictures of jim after he has turned completely girl have larger breasts than one would think a Bcup would be. its obvious that they are still growing as suggested by the text, but it might not be obvious enough as it is so brief and could be missed; some more descriptive text and explanations to help coincide with the changes in size on the pictures would be great (excellent pictures, btw, so much detail there).

#1 suggestion: it would be cool if jenny would take down more measurements of jim's, seeing as she notices more things changing size on him, and has a more intimate contact with him. stuff like hip size, maybe band size, girth/length of arms, legs (thighs in particular) and maybe shoe size (small feet are the best). maybe also notice the shrinkage in his dong. some comments on more of the finer changes that jim goes through (and others if possible) would be a very welcome edition to the descriptive writing, as would more updates to the character status on the left side (perhaps with pictures, even a portrait of the current transformation) and more characters from the pov of jim. maybe even his thoughts on them?

some immersion could be added by referring to jim as 'you' when appropriate, instead of leaving the reader out of the story. i dont expect that to be the best idea in terms of writing though, but it would be nice to feel like a character inside the story. i guess.

when fucking jenny or licking her pussy, the continuation pages from choosing the current action again are mostly identical. its kinda weird. like theres no progress. it threw me off. id vote that every page be different, and have some indication as to who close either person is. also, whats the point of it? does it alter the gameplay later?


p.s. i cant ever seem to edit my reviews, and must repost them

Review by zeghoste

Version reviewed: 0.4.0 on 10/25/2015

For what we have at a 0.4 release is quite a treat.  It has a lot of content with adult content in the mix as well.  The way this game works the story into itself is phenominal and it has left me excited for what is to come with future updates.  

I am looking forward to future updates with excitement, especially with the author's plan to add an after the story ending to this game.  It will be very interesting to see what that will be like.

The rendered pictures for this game are excellent as well, as is expected out of Sorrow, with beautiful character models which only make this game even more enjoyable and hotter. 

Overall I would say this game is a definite read for anyone who is a fan of this site.

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