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Version: 1.0

Yes, Mr Brown
by tabetts

I HAVE A PATREON NOW! I am creating another story entitled 'Mistress Amelia's Finishing School' and would love your support.

Check it out if you're interested. https://www.patreon.com/TBomb

A young white guy gets a new job as a P.A to a powerful black man. What follows is a slow descent into sissification, feminization and submission to his boss and his massive black dick.

This is an interactive story, with one main path from start to finish.

The player can make choices that will have an impact on future scenes but will not alter the overall trajectory of the story.

Feedback is much appreciated.

Alex, a young white guy gets a new job as a P.A to very powerful and successful black man, Antonne Brown, the new V.P of Johnson and Wells, a major law firm. Mr. Brown has chosen him specifically as he can sense an underlying need in Alex to be dominated by an Alpha male and plans to slowly turn him into his personal sissy fuck-toy.

Will be light on actual transformation but very heavy on the theme of sissification and submission to a stronger man. Expect feminine clothing, butt plugs, humiliation, blowjobs, anal and anything else within that theme.

Alex Jones - 23 yr old effiminate white guy, recent graduate and unknowingly a sissy at heart.

Antonne Brown - 32 yr old black man, alpha male who loves nothing more than humiliating and breaking a new sissy.

Vanessa Cole - 27 yr old woman, stunning and sure of herself, thinks herself far above the attention of men.

Claire Fielding - 41 yr old woman, Mr. Brown's housekeeper.

Patrick & Julie Jones - your parents.

No walkthrough needed, make your choices, deal with the consequences.

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Review by Redangel

Version reviewed: 1.0 on 03/10/2017

The most important thing to remember about this game is it's not a game or even up to a visual novel's level of interaction. You are given two choices every page or three, you pick one, the "Give in" or the "Resist" options. These make only about two paragraphs of difference. The end result and the next set of choices will be the same no matter which you pick, you cannot influence the story in any meaningful way.

However, the story itself is something of a good one, even if the style of writing and characters are something I personally don't enjoy too much, I can still tell that if you're into these kinks and have the time to spare, you'll surely enjoy the story. Just keep in mind it is just that. A story, one which you don't get to influence.


Choices of images tend to be rather good, although the set of gifs at the end of the story, under the banner of being a "Highlights reel" just seems to be a dump of white girl x black guy porn that the authour found hot. It is hot, but you couold just as easily google up the same stuff if you wanted to take it without a story.

Review by Black Death

Version reviewed: 1.0 on 09/11/2016


*two seconds later*

"OOOOOOH its got a fuckton of images, gotcha"

*get to the end*

and apparently every gif on blacked.com is here as well

10/10 sweeden simulator best game 2016

Review by Melony

Version reviewed: 1.0 on 08/08/2016

Wonderful story I really loved it. So much so that......

I'm converting it slowly... ( as of writing this, I'm up to day 5 ) but what am I converting it too?

Actually something rather special, it's a powerpoint presentation (with the same story line and choices and yes you can in powerpoint), the characters parts all have a voice now thanks to 'textaloud' and gigabytes of TTS voices, of course I've got to do this twice as I wanted to switch out 'Alex Jones' for my own name, images updated to higher resolution versions (where I can find them) some updated interactions, like the cellphone conversation is actually on a cellphone now which is semi-interactive, and ways.

When I'm done (which is not now), not sure of the future of this personal project I'd really like to swap out those animated gif images for something equal to it but better quality.

Anyway I should get back to it, Alex is stuck between a bus an a mall.


Review by JNBackup

Version reviewed: 1.0 on 01/29/2016

"Yes, Mr Brown" is a linar game/story with a few minor choices here and there.

so what makes it unique and why should you play it?

Writing: the writing in this is great! from start to finish the text is detailed and exciting.

Story: the story is simple but simple is often a good idea especially in a game like this.

To not spoil anything i'll simply say there's more then one interesting character, and the way the player's freedom over the character is reduced due to drugs over the game is well done.

Pictures: there's a great amount of pictures that describes the characters and there actions even more.

the pictures was well placed in the text, so were the "pictures" good? well i personally think they were great 8/10 of the time.


i recommend playing this, in fact this is definitely on my top 5 list, but if you don't like submissive content i suggest looking elsewere.

Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: 1.0 on 01/28/2016



Held off on reviewing this for a while as I never really got into the whole linear story that was playing out. The images are interesting enough and the path of mind corruption that takes place for your avatar off your choices has a small impact on the ending, but I had a trouble getting hooked in despite the writing being alright for a bimbo project like this.

Still, it's one of the rare completed works here at the TFGS and that deserves praise. May or may not be your thing, but still worth checking out at least once.

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