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Fall / Winter 2015
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Horror, Crime, Pregnancy, Prostitution, Book Learning Sim

Version: 13

Version: 12


You are on the road to a new job and a new life when you find something that WILL change your life. 

Version 13: The completed game: "http://www.mediafire.com/download/dugl34rd4lmw5vu/Thanksgiving_13.html"

AND, thanks to angelecdominion, on Megalink:  




Game is complete: mansion, redlight and apprentice pathes are all finished. Game may very well be added to later: but this is the contest version.


Choose your poison. 

There will be seven endings: 

End 1: Giftbringer 

End 2: Fishy 

End 3: Filled Fish 

End 4: Call of the Deep 

End 5: Filled Filet 

End 6: Master and Comander 

End 7: Paid in Full. 


You, the elder, the mother, the two pregnant cousins, the heir, the three thieves, others. 

Miss Fifi, Betsy and Jaqueline; the head librarian, the desk sergeant, the honourable judge the public defenders and some district attorneys, also pimps, hookers and pawn shop owners. 

The horrible old man, a redhead, some pawnshop owners. 

Granny, Uncle Ruppert and lots of cousins. 

Start a new life in a nice little town. 

Make a nice find on the way. 

Decide how you want to play it and become involved in your true love. 

Three pathes are ready for you to walk down: the mansion at the sea, the redlight district, and the apprenticeship. 

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Review by Althalus

Version reviewed: 10 on 12/10/2015

Nice game, wish there was a way to save your progress..

Review by Uie

Version reviewed: 5 on 11/08/2015

Nearly unplayable since every time you find one of the multitude of brokend links and dead end pages you are forced to restart. Adding a back button on any such pages would definetly fix the problem. Other than that a good start but aside from the content jumping around quite a bit.

Review by Turbofun69

Version reviewed: 5 on 11/07/2015

The only problem i have with this game is that i have to restart after every dead end . OTherwise its looking like a great game


Review by GlazingBuns

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 11/04/2015

No erotic content apart from one image as of writing this review, but the writing seems decent enough to warrant checking back later once this game has been updated further

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