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Version: 1.5

Version: 1.35

Darkness Falls: Qolarra

Frank works in the office of a prestigious financial company.  After his job performance fails to impress, he enlists the help of his strange roommate and her powerful mind altering drugs to corrupt his coworkers.  What starts as an honest attempt to stay employed turns depraved as Frank lusts for more and more control over the office workers.

v. 0.0.1

Just a demo of the game's layout, with character/story introductions and a framework for mechanics


v. 0.1

Added some content for every character, a few random events, and a couple new areas.  Hypnotic liquid now actually has a function.


v. 0.1.5

Bug fixes


v. 0.5.0

A bunch more content added (see game thread for specifics)

Failure now possible

Bug fixes


v. 1.0

Game has been updated (see game thread for specifics)

Game can now be completed, with final score screen

Bug fixes


v. 1.1

Bug fixes



New character added to the game: Erika.  Enjoy corrupting her!



Final character added to the game: Helena

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Review by khushana

Version reviewed: 1.5 on 08/03/2017

Does anybody know how to enslave thane/

Review by micre23

Version reviewed: 1.5 on 10/27/2016

I really enjoyed this game, especially the corruption elements, Jordan being my favourite!


I did however have a few issues with how this game is structured. The first being the random factor, it forces you to play the game in a very specific linear fashion (due to the 40 day Time limit). 

Secondly I wish there were more male co-workers and lastly it would've been interesting if there were more endings or perhaps alternate corruption routes.



All in all I'd rate the game 7/10


Thanks for making this you are awesome! 

Review by butcer

Version reviewed: 1.5 on 09/14/2016

A great game that is ruined by aarbitrary time limit that destroy gameplay and forces you to play it in a very linear way 

Review by cadester

Version reviewed: 1.5 on 06/23/2016

Any chance of a walkthrough?

Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: 1.1 on 12/26/2015

Not bad. Definately a puzzle element to it like Stranded that can be tricky to figure out, but once you've got it you'll be able to really start unlocking the secrets of the game.

Characters are written well enough with good images to go with them to set the scene. The scene set is a little sparse for your own role, but the introduction does a good job so the rest it just icing given how the individual NPCs and their locations get more attention; it all works into the hidden secrets of the game in the end. Plenty of interactive options to do in the game that progressively increases for each of the NPCs to a cheeky level (spoilers!) and you'll enjoy finding them as you go.

Well worth a look. If you're a fan of Mind Control, then it demands your time.

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