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Kitsune's Curse

Disclaimer:  The Naruto series is not owned by me in the slightest.  This is fan made and not meant to divert any income from the original author to myself.


Disclaimer:  This game is on hiatus.  It will be updated, but possibly not until January.  It may also swap to HTML for better power and easier design.


RAGS 3.1 was used to create this game.


Naruto Uzumaki had a hard life growing up, but when a transformation gone wrong permanently turns him into a girl version of himself just as she becomes a ninja - life's just not fair.  Explore the Naruto timeline from Naruto's perspective as you slowly embrace your new femininity.  Decide whether you want to be a legendary ninja or a legendary slut!  The transformation is instant but how fast you accept it or become corrupted by your deeds is up to you.  Highly customizable combat system and numerous kinks involved.  Relationship system and clothing system that only grows as you progress through each arc.  The only unavoidable kink is rape upon defeat by enemies.


Currently just the introduction leading through the Mizuki incident and to transformation.  No sexual content yet.

This revamps the old demo entirely using the new combat system and no scripted fights, good luck!

Next update should be up in two weeks and will contain team placements, the bell test, some mission stuff, and some stuff to flesh out Konoha.

Naruto Uzumaki had a hard life growing up, but when a transformation gone wrong permanently turns him into a girl version of himself just as she becomes a ninja - life's just not fair.  Explore the Naruto timeline from Naruto's perspective as you slowly embrace your new femininity.  Decide whether you want to be a legendary ninja or a legendary slut!

Naruto Uzumaki - A young ninja who contains the legendary tailed beast Kyuubi.  Naruto combined the Kyuubi's chakra, the substitution's handseals, and the transformation technique's intent to accidentally change his gender.  You can change your name once you become female.  But when I'm talking about the female PC, I'll be using the fanon name, "Naruko", to avoid confusion.

At this point it's pretty much just follow the instructions.  Your Bingo Book (in game) has got a ton of information on whatever you need and individual attacks and itmes will have full descriptions when you examine them.  I might put up a wiki at some point if that is desired, but not for now.

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Review by PtiteBitEnormBoule

Version reviewed: on 08/15/2017

Looking forward to more of this game, looks super interesting

Review by synestheoretical

Version reviewed: on 08/05/2017

An excellent concept so far, I'm incredibly excited about the possibilities of this game! 

So much potential for pervy goodness too!

Imagine scenarios with Naruko using femenine wiles to get training in various techniques from her various perverted mentors? But the further she pushes the more they ask from her in exchange? Starting out simple like, wearing sexier outfits gets her better results or more attention during training? Flashing her panties or cleavage at Kakashi to get more training, or at the Hokage to get out of punishments? But as she falls further and further down that path they might start demanding more from her, or Expecting a certain baseline sluttiness before they'll train her or let her take missions at all? 

Once she hits a certain tipping point she could start getting assigned missions 'appropriate' for her behavior, like seduction missions or training, or be assigned to "Shinobi Relief Duty" for a period (Cum-dump for on-duty ninjas)


My favorite way to pace games or scenarios like this is if there's multiple ways to progress, a vanilla way that takes a lot of effort, and a 'slippery slope' way that provides a shortcut or has easier recquirements but represents the MC deciding to be just a bit more slutty for their goal. Like having a mission that recquires you to buy certain items or equipment, and you Could grind low level chores and D ranks until you have enough money to buy it normally, or you could 'flirt' with the shopkeeper to get a discount. The best way to handle the 'slippery slope' is that you have to push yourself further and further as time goes on to get the same results, or the rewards increase proportional to how willing you are to indulge in sluttiness. Like, after flirting with the shopkeep for a few events, you could hold your body close to his, then after doing that for a while you can press your ass or hand to his crotch. And each time you progress your discount gets bigger, until eventually you're on your knees blowing him behind his counter. But it's nice if there's also cliff drops on the slope, where once you've gone so far you can no longer do it the vanilla way, or you get pushed into doing something else sexual because you chose to do This thing sexually. Like after you've chosen to blow the shopkeeper for a discount, you get discovered by one of your perverted sensei, who decide to 'punish' you by recquiring you to do something sexual for their training too? Like Ebisu makes you wear rope bondage and a vibrator while training Water Walking to 'train your concentration'.

If you can't tell I've absolutely fallen in love with this entire concept and idea, if you ever want to bounce ideas off of someone please absolutely message me.

Review by Kitski

Version reviewed: on 06/14/2017

Not bad, I do hope this one continues to get updates...especially with the stuff that the creator has planned on the discussion page.

Review by Rydan

Version reviewed: on 06/11/2017

I know your still working on the second part of the intro, but here are a few things to think about.

1: a bed, so you can sleep.

2: even during the night, there should be people going about, ninja village, you know, where are the patrols.

And some places are only open during the night times.

3: naruto is a prankster, any options to lay a few pranks diwn for the next day?

4: shopping, so your actually wearing something comfortable., either during the day or in the night as a ninja.

5: the Uchiha district is quite empty, could it be explored for gear?

I can get that it has to happen during the night, but...

6: your a unknown face, if you can find some different clothing, they should not realise that you are Naruto, meaning, better prices.

Now, where can you borrow or steal some clothing?

No red light destrict or a couple of bars/ins/hotels?

7: a shoe shop might be handy, for the civillians.

8: a sex shop is almost required.

9: Jewelry shop.


Probably a lot more, but it gives you some idea, about what is currently missing.

And figure out if you want to do something with the Senju complex or not, it has Uzimaki added to it, thanks to Tsunada her (grand)mother being a Uzimaki, by bird.

So theoretically, Naruto should have a good change to get in.

Meaning aditional clothing, to select from, among other things.

Review by hughwa89

Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 01/16/2017

when is the next update coming out or is the game dead for good

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