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Version: Beta 3

No Money Down Blues

You are Matt Mason: a nearly thirty year old supermarket clerk. You're overweight, directionless, and still a virgin.... and your life seems to be going downhill from there.

But now a strangely fortuitous meeting with an old high-school acquaintance seems to be guiding your life down an entirely different path...

Beta 3 (Final Beta) is live!
*This will be the last beta before finished release*

Play online: https://dashingdon.com/daviezwei/NMDB/

Or download: https://dashingdon.com/daviezwei/NMDB/NMDB.zip


Praise for No Money Down Blues:

"Terribly written." -sathirran

"...i'm starting to think a women might be writing this" -TheeSpongeman
(best fuckin' compliment I've ever received by the way)

"...uncomfortably awkward." -Nova25

"...a true shame." -karactr

"...that-option-no-one-picks-unless-forced..." -HypnoKitten

"I'll say this... you will abandon ship..." -Zer0zero

*disclaimer: reviews may have been taken completely out of context for purposes of humor...
except that first one, that person REALLY hated it.


Inspired by...

The Collar by JoeForest
Booth Babe
by karen
by AnonymousMan
The Masculine Mystique
by barabbas
The Weekend
by tufty

You find yourself changing in all senses of the word. How will you handle it? Will you seek out the truth, revel in your burgeoning new life, or capitalize on the opportunity?

Matt Mason

Toby Backon

Shaw Hershel

Patrick Ritter

Emily Backon

and more...


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Review by hoxi

Version reviewed: Beta 3 on 12/24/2016

Although im not really comfortable with the gender changing i'm still able to enjoy this games.

It is written very well, and makes the different characters interesting.

My current choices put me well on my way to screw over all those that screwed me over in the game.
Very interested where this is heading.


Currently waiting for more...

Review by mothballd

Version reviewed: Beta 3 on 12/16/2016

Love it! Is that a review? Hmm, suppose not. So... it's seriously fun. I wish some paths were a bit longer, I wish the whole game was longer. It's a lot of fun, well written, and very hot.

Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: Beta 3 on 12/12/2016

Beta 3:

Seen enough to make a call on this: it is alright but you're going to be reading some hard dom/sub stuff as you go through the story. Degrading levels at times and it won't be for everyone's liking.

Writing is good but the darkness induced apathy is very strong for the entire story: by the very end with the exception of one character I did not give a damn about the rest of them at all. Seeing some serious payback kick in for the worst offender was a major plus though, but I still had no care for any of the main three supporting characters.

Transformations in the story are mostly time based, but you can speed it up depending on your choices: if you take the resistant choices it is a slow transformation, with a rising scale of speed from there. Writing about the transformations is limited in the main story, but the character information screens make up for it.

Still in the end this will be either a love/hate CYOA game for most players. Cautiously recommended, with a stronger recommendation for people who like mind control, hard dom/sub and torture.


Beta 2.5:

Last review still accurate. Not enough changes in the latest update to invalidate it.


Beta 2.0:

Still improving along nicely, but the story definitely isn't for everyone's tastes as it's very dom/sub.

Depends on how bent your mind is I guess will determine if you like the story, setting and characters so far. Although there is a lot of darkness induced apathy creeping in where you just don't give a damn about any of the main three supporting characters (depending on your choices) very quickly, but the work so far is there for your avatar to get a little payback themselves.

Just need to see how this continues to pan out.


Beta v1.5:

I enjoyed the start, but it ended too soon despite doing multiple runs through what was available. Still it's only early days and I'm happy to wait and see what develops next through the story branches.

A good start.


(And take all of your complaining through reviews to the god damn forum: that's what it's there for.)

Review by amythist

Version reviewed: Beta 3 on 12/11/2016

enjoyable game, though I really was not a fan of like half of the characters, but by hwo they were written I assume that was the point, my only real complaint is that the endings are very brief, maybe a paragraph or two, I would have really liked a bit longer of epiloge just to get more of a feel of your character's fate

Review by alias1

Version reviewed: Beta 2.5 on 09/30/2016

The game is fun and quite long.

I love how the thought process of the Main Character is portrayed in a gradual change and is actually explained quite ok.

Sadly the path i was really interested in taking is not yet written (or bugged ?) but even though the dom/sub aspect is not what i hoped to get out of this game, the path that i think goes right down that alley is very well written and had me enjoying it.

Can only reccomend it! 8/10

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