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Version: 0.0.9

Guild of Adventurers

You grew up on a farm. Rather than become a farmer like your ancestors before you, you decide to set out and join the legendary Guild of Adventurers. From the Guild, you can take part in many different quests and explore various towns, meeting a wide variety of NPCs and perhaps even seducing some of them. In the end, your goal is to take down the Queen of Monsters, who is responsible for the horrible acts that have been going on around the world.


A minor update. The player can now visit Nova's camp. Talking to her and helping her fight bandits will raise her affection. Once affection is raised sufficiently, the player will be able to seduce Nova, though that hasn't been implemented yet. I may release another update later tonight. I just wanted to go ahead and push this one out so that no one would think I had stopped working on this for good.

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Review by idish

Version reviewed: 0.0.9 on 01/26/2016

Version 0.0.9:

I was plesantly suprised to see the progress the game has made. I only now saw that there is a link to a disscussion forum on this game on the game information pannel. (Back to the review) Ok, so the technical aspects. Battling alongside nova: You can't be damaged when fighting bandits with Nova and she heals whenever the bandit attacks her. Leather armor: The snake's attacks will now heal you one health and the bandit still does 2 damage after getting armor. Cotton tunic: Bandit now heals 1 dmg and the snake heals 2 dmg. The button to get back to the forest from Eutherial (the first city) just says "back.". Oh, the hunting knife works as it should all the time good job with that. The game has improved quite a lot and has gotten much bigger.


(Should I delete these? I guess pm me?)

Version 0.0.2

The update made the game much better than it's original version. Name has not been incorporated in any scenes, but at least that path is now working. The combat seems to be random as to who gets to attack, which is fine since the only enemy so far deals 1 dmg and you have 50 health. The shop seems to be incorporated, but you can't buy anything yet (unless I didn't grind enough and the items only appear when you have enough money). I'm not exactly sure what a concept should look like, but this is a promising start. The author gives frequent updates (granted the game has been up less than a week), the system works decently, and things loop back as well as having a back button, so dead ends don't exist here. I hope this keeps being worked on and not dumped like most of the games are.

Original game 0.0.1 (listed as 1.0.0) review:

Well first of all, before I actually review, why is this listed as other and not HTML? The concept is really barebones, I'm not even sure it can be given a T rating yet, let alone an R. Trying to start the game with a gender immediatly ends the path, and going straight to the forest gives you an endless loop of searching the forest and fighting a snake. The snake doesn't die unless you use the constantly present victory button. All of that being said, it is just a concept, so it has plenty of potential. I would just add some working functions to the loops before presenting the concept in a semi decent form.

I want to be supportive, but there is not enough going on to write wholly positive feedback. :'(

Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 01/13/2016

Unfortunately there's not enough here for a full review.

The concept has merit and what's there is an okay test for the engine, but there's little else to see right now.

I'll need to wait for a later update I guess.

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