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Version: v0.08.D10

Adventures of Tara v0.08.D10
by Reepyr

Tara is an elven schoolgirl attending her final year at a university learning different types of magic and interacting with the other students and teachers. She is quite skilled in magic but her personality is, well, a little abrasive...alright, alright, she is a total bitch!

However, I have a very strong feeling that some events will happen in the near future to begin creating an attitude adjustment in the way that Tara treats others and this will in turn have an impact on how everyone acts towards her.

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Review by doomscar

Version reviewed: v0.08.D10 on 01/22/2017

This is a good game with a lot of potential.

My Pros and cons are similar to some of the other reviews


-This game is professionally clean. It doesnt feel thrown together by an amature. No spelling errors or bugs in the releases.

-Its active and updates regularly.

-Great graphics and images. 

-The main charicter really is a bitch to start out with, but you get attatched to her after a few days of abuse.

-It takes a bit into the game to get past the softcore and blowjobs bit(I sposonser and have a later update then this one) but the content gets past it.



-Only a few transformations yet

-It really plays out like a visual novel with few actual choices at this point. The author is doing one pathway at a time. Going through you can see where he intends to branch out into particular transformations. On his patron site the votes have gone twords rape branch. There is another branch on day 3 I think, that goes to the consent branch. Eventrually that looks like it will be added in as well.

-No combat or mini games yet

-low replay value at this point until more branches are put in.

- only a few charicters at this point you can interact with

-There should be someway to get around the homework, it limits your visits with people, but I guess this is where a second play through to get the all the content comes in.


Overall, I give this one big thumbs up. This game is slow in developement but has everything except combat and minigames done right. The patron page says that the author will sub out the combat developement when it is added(although I dont know where is will play in). I hope this game will branch and branch with images and choices for everything.

I'm really going to put a plug in for supporting this game. Its done well, and has a lot of potential. Its worth skipping months to get the newer updates. 



Review by zerocatch22

Version reviewed: v0.08.D10 on 12/04/2016

I have mixed feelings about this game.

On the one hand, it seems very fleshed out, and for a demo version it has alot of gameplay. It also has one of the most polished interfaces of almost any of the RPG Maker games found on this site. The sex scenes are graphic, the story has almost no spelling or grammatical errors, the 3D models look a little stock but effort has been made to match them to many of the RPG maker sprites. You can tell right off that some effort was put into it by someone with some talent and experience.

Now, for the complaints, of which I have a fair few:

  1. The game is mostly centered around rape, or at the very least sex under duress. There are scenes where Tara's curse of sexual desire is the driving force, but these scenes are few compared to the uncomfortable sex scenes you have to endure with her tormenters.
  2. The story is extremely linear, and Tara has practically no choices in the game, other than, "give a blowjob" or "don't give a blowjob." Even when you are seemingly presented with a choice of what to do (for example, "go tell the headmaster you're being blackmailed") the game inexpliciably pushes you towards the rape-ier option. You can avoid some sex scenes, for sure, but there are not alternate sex scenes or paths to take that I have found.
  3. Minor complaint: Almost all of the current sex scenes are male-on-female, even though there are many female students in the game. I'm not saying that bisexual scenes or sex scenes with multiple partners aren't in the game, or that they won't be in the future, but as of right now there just aren't any that I've found.
  4. Most sex scenes involving another person are just blowjobs. Now, I know that many of you out there find blowjobs pleasant and this will be a boon to you. I personally just find them to be an unpleasant waste of time.
  5. This game, like so many other games on the site of late, basically has NO TRANSFORMATIONS. I guess that because this takes place in a wizards' school and there are a few transmogriphication classes with (very brief) sprite swaps that it technically counts, but transformation is not a theme in this game AT ALL, and I'm sorry, "Mental Changes" don't really count when they're not coupled with an actual physical transformation of any kind.

In conclusion, this is a well-crafted game that has some fantastic content to unlock, but it's saddled with a lot of content that doesn't really fit my tastes, and a an overall lack of the TF themes that I come to this site to fnd.

Review by Arael

Version reviewed: v0.07.D9 on 12/01/2016

This is a game about a young woman who is surrounded by creepy assholes who want to her rape her. Indeed, her rape is an unavoidable part of the game's narrative. Worse, the game frames it as if she somehow deserves to be rape because she wasn't nice to the creepy assholes. This isn't so much erotica as it is every woman's nightmare.

Review by Andy_mc

Version reviewed: v0.07.D9 on 11/29/2016

Loved this game, just another to add to my list of "Please keep the updates coming and for the love of god dont abandon!!" which is a few on here lol

just hope we don't wait to long lol

Review by vicky19

Version reviewed: v0.07.D9 on 11/29/2016

I Love this game more than any games in this Site. Keep on doing your work....!!! :)

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