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Version: 1.77

Version: 1.7b

Parasite Infection

This is the story of Chet, a normal guy who is abducted by aliens and infested with parasites.


Initial intro sequence now has the option for choosing starting gender.  Different initial infestations occur based on gender.  I'll remove the gender option from chapter 3 later, once I've made sure the new setup works.

Replaced all the art for the initial infestation, as well as created art for an initial female infestation.

Updated map art to have transparency

Updated Rene art - chapter 1
Updated Joan art - chapter 1
Updated parasite 12 "alien vegetable" art - chapter 1, in preparation for adding vaginal parasite based off of cymothoa exigua
Updated art for the sleeping alien whose jumpsuit you steal

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ParasiteInfection?ty=h

If you don't want to send money, send your likes!  I can see this becoming something really amazing and your support will help create it.

Music: Nikeils


New Art: GomiCake


An alien ship has abducted you.  Sexy, slutty horrors await onboard.

Chapter 1: Get the notebook (one of the upper rooms) to obtain the door code.  Get the taser (one of the lower rooms) before encountering Joan in order to pacify/infest her.

Chapter 2: Generally straightforward, run around and infest everything.

Chapter 3: You will fail if you infest yourself with all the parasites.  One way that works is to infest your sister with the first neck parasite, then keep fertilizing her neck.  Infesting the other sister with the werm parasite or yourself will allow you to incubate eggs and create enough neck parasites to infest the teacher before you are caught.

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Review by IonaItova

Version reviewed: 1.76b on 02/27/2017

During the Mall segment, I could not Infest the Home and Kitchen Store no matter what I did. Also I do not care for all the Chapter 6 pop up bullshit, The games are fun, and it's nice to be able to change people and how they act pretty easily, but having to click on continue for pop ups is... not something I am interested in at all. Overall, I enjoyed it up to Chapter 6.

Review by Rydan

Version reviewed: 1.75 on 02/07/2017

Version 1.75

A nice game, but it does have a few problems.

Like the last chapter being very irritating in playing thanks to a completely different setup, thats quite annoying.

The problems lays in the drawing of that level and that your playing character is constantly moved to that hallway, from where ever it was, moments before.

Making it cost more time to do certain tasks and thus eating up your good playing mood.


The other main point is the overal story plot.

It jumps all over the place.

Unless there are ment to be two or more main player characters from the start, it needs work.

Suggest a late evening happening to the player, that ends up with him or her, on that alien ship, clothing gone and it clrealy is somekinda lab

Escape and raid the attached storage bay for some stuff to take with you, finding some clothing in the crew quarters.

Like say that dress Stancy wears.being somekinda dress uniform or so.

Then getting a spacesuit and taking the escape pod back to Earth.

This would let you turn the finding canisters in your room into studying your loot.


Also, while I get why noticable breast on a guy are weird and cause for alarm, if you play as a girl, then going from baggy clothing to form fitting and form supporting clothing should be able to counter this, right?

I mean, as a girl you should be able to avoid the nurse, if wanted so.

Some clothing shoppingvshould be possible, as a possible counter.


You might also want to think on what for items would be findable and what you will be able to keep, what with chapter seven.

On that, use chapter seven as the start of taking that space station from the starting chapters.

It is fun and all, but it plays as if it are three game, thanks to the overlaying story plot.

So try to better fit it all together, if you could and are willing.


I hope this helps you

Review by Shoggoth on the Roof

Version reviewed: 1.73b on 01/20/2017

This isn't a game.  This is at this point a series of games set in chronological order.  It's unfortunately become an example of what happens when an author tries to incorporate too many ideas together.  At several points, things get railroaded into specific stats- you might have wanted to play a dominant character but suddenly zap, now you're automatically submissive.  Or you lose some mutations you might have liked, or a few other annoying things like that.


Also, the author likes sharing their thoughts on things like parasitism in the real world, homosexuality, and the nature of dominant vs submisive personalities.  All I can says that as someone who majored in biology and took gender studies in college, they made me cringe with how far off base most of said thoughts tended to be.


Overall, the author needs to get a better handle on what features they want to include in the game.

Review by revv

Version reviewed: 1.73b on 12/18/2016

Great progression, love the new pictures of female chloe in chap 3

Review by samtfg

Version reviewed: 1.73b on 12/18/2016

Thanks a lot for making this game !

The graphics are simple but evocative, the writing is very good, the story is solid and the fetishes covered truly fit with me. Plus it's updated regularly with no drop in quality.

Definitely top notch.

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