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Version: 1.0.B

Cherry Dreams

A short, completely playable game in Twine. You are a NEET, bored with your life when an opportunity knocks at your door... This game has themes in bimbofication and phasing reality with altered conciousness. Several different endings based on your choices in the game. The endings are based on the extreme end result of the choices. If you spent 80% of your choices in one direction, you will get a different ending. 


Send your comments. I'll be sure to take advice and such to heart.



Ever wanted to know how chapstick companies test their product during human trials? Well... you'll find out.

ITs pretty linear, but if you're stuck, just click the buttons. Trust me, you wont get to an ending spending hours trying to decide which of 2 buttons to click.

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Review by Pied1977

Version reviewed: 1.0.B on 01/27/2016

Thought this game was awesome, pretty short and linear with three different endings as of version 1.0.b. Still decent writing and good style.

Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: 1.0.B on 01/26/2016

1.0B review:

Three multiple endings to the game, but with all of them ending pretty much in the same way your choices don't matter that much. This was very disappointing when the writing for the game was alright for a beta version submission.

I hope there's further development on this. Otherwise it's just another generic entry in the TFGS for bimbo mind control.

Review by sathirran

Version reviewed: 1.0.B on 01/25/2016

Very disappointing. Your choices don't matter at all, and it's just another bland bimbo tf

Review by WolveNZ

Version reviewed: 1.0.B on 01/24/2016

Great little game, really good use of fonts and colors makes it really easy to read and follow.


Review by Sapphic

Version reviewed: 1.0.B on 01/23/2016

Well, for what is there it's okay. Wish there was some more variety in the outcome of your choices though. Like how the elevated code 2 just returns you to the screen on whether or not to pick to resist and nothing more - not even changes to the player. Also with choosing to give in or resist you get the same body type either way. 


Similar problem to just about every game on this sight,


Needs more.

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