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Version: v0.21a

Twice Accursed

A novice adventurer departs on a journey, and gets far more than he bargained for. Faced with an unwanted transformation and a spell seeking his life, can Thravian Galegate overcome the challenges of being "Twice Accursed"?

UPDATE v0.21 - Chapter 1 is complete, and Chapter 2: "Retrained" is well under way - experience another transformation, solve a challenge of wits, encounter two delightful monstergirls, become employed - or 'employed' - and meet new enemies and allies in this latest update!

As before, please report all bugs, typos, and errors to the discussion thread!

v0.21a - fixed several minor errors - Exy's job should appear correctly now.

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Review by Elunea

Version reviewed: v0.21a on 02/08/2017

Can happily recommend this game already!

The writing is actually quite good, there's detailed descriptions (scenes, surroundings), good dialogue, interesting characters (Loved the drider!)
and quite a bit of things to explore already.

This game -has- to continue and be finished (don't go disappear as so many else, midgame author!).  Having (as of February '17) recent updates it looks like the game is in full development still, and there's probably a lot more to come.

The text is also easy enough to read, spacing and different colours during dialogue also makes it easier to follow, who says what.
Twice Cursed belong in TFgamessite's Hall of Fame (or will when the game finishes)

Review by Daph

Version reviewed: v0.21a on 11/20/2016

v0.21a : I really liked this start. It's well written and some scenes are really hot. I really like the Frienemmies relationships of your "guradians". Good luck for the rest!

Review by Syd

Version reviewed: v0.21a on 11/09/2016

Excellent start and game.


Looking forward for more :)

Review by Denkkar

Version reviewed: v0.21a on 06/18/2016

Love this game/story. I see three main paths here.  Surprisingly, it is actually possible to avoid transformations (beyond the initial one). Sadly, this is also the least developped at the moment. Hah, who am I kidding, the paths where you ask either Inverica or Extacillia for help twice in a row are wicked hot. That moment when you get to the city on the Inverica path. Wow. Just wow.

Review by hersprjct

Version reviewed: v0.21a on 06/03/2016

This is my new favorite game. Great characters, enjoyable writing and an interesting story!

It does tick all my boxes, thanks for this great game and sorry for my lazy review!

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