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Slave Management

Version: Release 11a

Version: Release 11

Version: Release 10 hotfix

Version: Release 10

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a slave management game.

This is the Eleventh release of Whoremaker. After a long absence, I've returned! This version has a lot of back-end updates, I lost a lot of work due to hardware failure and had to redo it. There's also a huge and sprawling scene between the PC and Carl, as many people have requested.


Release 11a - Fucking Hotfix

  • Fixed a bug that broke slaves learning how to have sex after the new event was triggered. Accidentally overwrote a variable, whoops!

Download the HTML only file (on the left) to patch from Release 11, or download the full .zip to install from scratch.

Release 11 - Carl: Rent and Blowjobs

  • This update has various minor undocumented changes. I lost my exact documentation and had to re-write the changelog from memory.
  • Added a huge scene between the PC and Carl, with major variations depending on how the game has been played up until the point where the scene triggers. It has dominant and submissive M/M, as well as M/F content. This is the majority of the update. The scene was written by Koda.
  • Added an option to invert the colours, giving you a dark background. However, the game will continue to be designed for play with the light background.
  • You can now see how much money you've earned/lost at the end of each week.


  • Fixed a bug that broke some things (images being displayed for example) after a certain random event was played.
  • Updated to the latest version of SugarCube (2.7.2) and fixed all the things (hopefully!) that broke.
  • Moved Slave Blowjobs over to the new system. No change for players.


  • The Inspect Slave page does not display properly on very small resolutions. Play the game in a larger window to fix.


See changelogs for previous releases at the forums.

This game is intended for adults only, it currently contains the following:

  • Sexual content (text and pictures)
  • Sexual slavery and forced prostitution
  • Mind control, hypnosis, and brainwashing
  • BDSM and cruelty
  • Rape and violence
  • Body modification, plastic surgery, and asset expansion
  • Straight (male on female) content
  • Gay (male on male) content
  • Lesbian (female on female) content
  • Forced feminization

This game is still far from finished and should be considered an early prototype.
It is also quite unbalanced - but it is fully possible to 'finish' a playthrough.

There is no ending: once you've unlocked all the tasks for your slaves and seen all the random events there is nothing else left to do.
NB: All content is currently tailored to the first slave, Rebecca. The other slaves work, but will mostly repeat the same content.

Whoremaker is designed to be part rapid-fire delivery system for porn gifs and images, part management game. As such, do not expect an open-ended novel-length Choose Your Own Adventure experience.
It does have a story, but the focus of the game is on the management of slaves.
Many scenes vary depending on the stats of your slaves and yourself, with different variants playing once certain parameters are met.
Whoremaker currently contains the themes seen above, but they do not reflect the final plans in terms of what kind of content will be in the game. I have a very long and broad list of fetishes and I plan to include quite a few things: Rape, violence, incest, pregnancy, gender bending, transformation, amputation, drugs, mind control, bimbofication, and many more are going to be added eventually.

Whoremaker is a management game, inspired by games such as No Haven, Free Cities, Escort Dreams, and the criminally underrated The Lilith Device (all of which I highly recommend!).

This game is not real. This game is a fantasy.
If you cannot separate the two, do not play this game. If this game offends you, turn it off.

Whoremaker is being developed by Dopefish, hello!

A huge thanks to Marianne (mlreta) and VonKayas, who've helped me write scenes for the game. Thanks also go out to Koda and who's contributed a lot to the development of the game.

I welcome any one who wants to contribute to this game. It is very easy to write a scene, and the more content this game gets, the better. If you feel like helping out, drop me a line!

I'll also be very grateful to anyone who points out mistakes in grammar, spelling and formatting so that I can correct them.

You can reach me through email at 'dopelives at gmail dot com' or drop a post on the TFGamesSite.com forums.
I love to hear your feedback and suggestions!

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by bearclaw01234

Version reviewed: Release 11a on 04/26/2017

Dopefish, i have played a previous version of your game & loved it.  I would very much like to play the current version 11a, but both the mega links for v11 & v11a are broken..  would ye please fix them?  Thank Ye.  (Also i stay far away from 4shared, since it is loaded with: virus, spyware, & malware)

Review by atyourfeet

Version reviewed: Release 11a on 03/25/2017

This is a very enjoyable game.  I also appreciate how well written the mm corruption content is so far, as it's hard to find in TF games.  Looking forward to more updates and thanks for the work you've done.

Review by RM750

Version reviewed: Release 11a on 02/11/2017

God-tier game. That is all.


Release 11a: Damn I totally forgot about this game, glad to see it's still being updated. My only concern is that in 11a, there are what seem like debug options available, eg things like changing stats and test passages and stuff.

Review by brvtality

Version reviewed: Release 11a on 02/11/2017

Played a bit last update and as of the 11a update a few things seem to be broken. Started with a fresh save just in case, but for

some reason slaves using vaginal sex with customers creates a bug that leaves your finances empty. Only seems to be with vaginal

sex, all the rest works fine. Also any slave past Rebecca doesn't seem to work either, they never regains energy to do anything with.

Minus the few small bugs here and there its otherwise a great game, the use of gifs really completes the immersion. Really looking

forward to the protagonist storyline being completed. Keep up the great work! 

Review by fixsxd

Version reviewed: Release 11a on 02/10/2017

the pay back and the ecconomy sytem is unbalanced, the only PC tf is broken, debt system do not have botom,

A goodadvice : finish what you start even if you have to rewrite it later or you will forgot to do it even with todo list.

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