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Version: 0.2.0

Version: 0.1.9

Version: 0.1.8

Version: 0.1.7

Version: 0.1.6a

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Version: 0.1.3a

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Version: 0.1.0a

Friend Trainer
by LFox

One day you're looking to get a submissive slave, your childhood friend has had a crush on you for a long time and rejects the idea.  With you not being interested in a proper relationship with her and her fear of losing you to another woman she reluctantly agrees to become your slave.  Your job is to train her and modify her body to become your ideal slave. 

Gameplay consists of 3 actions a day.  Your slave will start as defiant and over time become reluctant and eventually submissive.  Each level has some variation in dialog and some scenes.  This alpha is light on content but more is being added.  Future gameplay will have more sex scenes, random events, locations, clothing and possibly more.

Saves should be compatible between versions except maybe if there's a major change in game mechanics.  Skip to the next day on new versions so the game can check that variables are properly set.

If you try the game please leave some feedback in the discussion thread

Polls will be run from time to time as needed in the discussion thread

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Review by madmel

Version reviewed: 0.2.0 on 12/15/2016

very enjoyable game


Cuckold is what a woman does to a man, cuckquean is what a man does to a woman

Review by bearclaw01234

Version reviewed: 0.2.0 on 08/03/2016

So far i'm only at Day 18, Night. As i have seen up to this point: Good Storyline (could be a bit more deeply descriptive, because as it stands now.. it feels more like ye are reading a book rather than playing a game), Plotline (good for the basic style of the game but could benefit from more twists & such),  Spelling is good (i haven't noticed any problems here as of yet, Grammar, sub-par at best (example: "As you walk forwards a large white painted metal blast door slides to the side allowing you entry."  It should be: As you walk forward, a large white-painted metal blast door slide to the side allowing you entry.  The word forward doesn't need an "s" at the end of it & ye should use a "-" in between the word white & the word painted, as they are both describing the metal blast door).  There are many grammatical errors like this that i have witnessed so far.  They don't distract from the story, i point them out only because i pay attention to the small details as well as the whole picture (& yes i know i don't use great grammar when i write comments & such, but i'm not writing a story..  if i was then that would be a different matter entirely).  The Obedience factor is problematic:  ye punish or reward & half the time the Obedeince goes down (if ye punish then shouldn't it go up?!).  It gets to be an irritating struggle just to keep it from constantly going down whatever ye do.  Personally i'd say ye should make it so that the Obedience level doesn't go down unless ye do an action or event that reasonably makes it decrease (it's irritating & pointless that ye are training a slave & ye get obedience points during the day just to see them decreased after ye sleep.  They SHOULDN'T decrease automatically.  Think about it- if ye are a teacher to a student, does your authority automatically decrease overnight or is it the same as it was the day before?! 

I do very much like this game so far (even with the grammar & problems with Obedience points) & i am enjoying myself within it.  Once i finish with the current version then i'll finish this review.

Also, ye might want to use correct words to describe actions-  one such word is Cuckold (ye are using the word Cuckqueening, which isn't even a real word.  Whereas Cuckold IS a real word & describes the exact same action that ye meant for the inccorect word Cuckqueening).

Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: 0.1.8 on 06/04/2016


Last review still accurate, with some of the new random encounters and secondary slave interaction options being interesting. Noticed that the height stat on the information card section no longer displays anything if your slave starts as "Very Tall."



Limited in its current release right now, but the potential is there.

Story is limited to a few weekly interactions and limited number of rotating random event possibilities, but it is nothing that isn't interesting to read off the current writing. I haven't seen any glaring spelling mistakes or grammar errors, but if anyone spots them feel free to comment in your own review. The game in its current state is limited to standard TF & TG changes without anything additional being possible (i.e. significant body manipulation "off the norm"), but shows what it could be capable of with some future work.

Difficult to really pin this one down as this time as after you've gone through the first 60 days of game time everything ends up on a loop cycle. It's made worse if your starting body state is already at the current maximum levels, as there is no incentive for any TF/TG changes because there is nothing greater than that withheld from you.

Worth a go. Just be aware of it being very early development.

Review by Claosne

Version reviewed: 0.1.3a on 04/21/2016


Friend Trainer is a basic slave trainer game. Each day you are given a choice of actions to train your new friend to become your slave - occassionally with support from other trainers. It was pretty fun in the beginning however, but quickly grew monotonous and I stopped playing shortly after reaching the third obedience level. This is a game permeated with potential but it has yet to awaken.

Gameplay: 2/5 - The actions available are enough to keep you entertainined for about half of the first level, but quicky grows old. Further, it took me a while before figuring out what exactly I had to do. For example, Obedience was Defiant ##, and each time I did an action the number went up. This lead me to believe her defiance is getting her, when in actuality it was her obedience. The levels are also lacking any real challenge and little effort is needed to move up them.

Writing Quality: 3/5 - The author is a fair writer, however, the conversation in the prologue was a bit tedious to read with the "you say" / "says Ashley" following every sentence. However, after the prologue is over this tediousness ends.

Story: 2/5 - The lead up feels a bit rushed, but on the otherhand, it prevents you from having to read a stream of text before you get to make any decisions. I feel this could be resolved if we learn more about your friend as the game processes. 

Arousal: 1/5 - Slave training and submission is my most significant fetish, yet I did not find this game particulary arousing. I just couldn't delve into the role of the protagonist.

Fapped: No.

Overall: 2/5 - Full of potential, but currently falling short.

Review by Merc.Wolf

Version reviewed: 0.1.0a on 04/08/2016

Is good, and definitely worth a look, even in these early coneption phases.

Right now, it just needs time and love put into it to develop it further.


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