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monster fantasy

Version: 0.0.39

Version: 0.0.385

by MarsMe

Melkavia is a game in the same vein as Corruption of Champions. That is to say a sandbox type game with player choices and different transformations.

Right now in the Alpha there are 3 transformations elf, half-goblin and tainted soul. with different events and two game overs.


Forum thread with a lot more information:


Current word count is 60 000.

Current plot is very limited, but you meet a new friend right at the start who you might get some hints about.

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Review by Kasaix

Version reviewed: 0.0.39 on 05/08/2017

This game is very interesting. The RNG is a bit annoying, but it can also be fun at times. There's a lot of potential here, and I hope to see an update.

Review by Inconspicuous

Version reviewed: 0.0.385 on 05/02/2016

I'd agree with everyone else that this game has a lot of potential and seems to be quickly getting more content so I hope it keeps that up. It seems to have a lot better focus than CoC.


My only complaint is that I often feel like interacting with the characters and situations in the dreams you get at different levels of your mental stats would be a more interesting game than the one I'm playing. I feel this'll change though since there seems to be plans for content and characters you run into while exploring town.

Review by vonkayas

Version reviewed: 0.0.36 on 04/28/2016

first off, i really enjoyed what the game has so far, good writing that, while can get a bit wordy, still kept me immersed in the situations my character was in.

the interface promises a lot of content in the future, tho right now they are mainly place holders.

the navigation mechanics need a bit more work, i found that if i move from the bed room straight to the bounty bored with out stopping in the guild hall after leveling up, the game would not register my level up, and require me to go back and do it again.

All in all, quiet promising so far, definitely keeping an eye on this game

Review by somehopper

Version reviewed: 0.0.33 on 04/25/2016

this game has serious potential.  there is enough of a game here that it is already worth giving it a try.  

i do have some qualms about the game as it is, mostly with navigating your choices.  it takes 4 clicks to go out and hunt some goblins, these four clicks have to be repeated every time you loose a fight.  the same is true if you win a fight and want to go back to your room for whatever reason.  even little changes in the layout would make a big improvement, like placing the locations you would use most up at the top.  curently the adventurer hall is halfway down the list.  its also a little strange that sleep does not seem to be linked with the actions you do, but rather how high or low your willpower is.  

even with some of the wierdness with layout, its still worth checking out, and i think this could evolve into quite a good game.  

Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: 0.0.33 on 04/25/2016



An interesting, if limited game release at this time. It is configured along the same style of game play and encounters as Corruption of Champions and Nimin, but the layout is entirely different at this early stage of development.

Transformations are limited to a single race change right now and some minor body alteration. The battle mechanics are solid with the game not cheating you too harshly if you've been taking care to keep your equipment up and remembering to level up, but the Random Number God can be a bit of a hassle if you haven't been buying the special support items as those checks seem to be impossible without the special items.

Spelling mistakes aren't common, but they are noticeable as you play through the game. There also needs to be some sort of greater alert for the player so you know when you're okay to Level Up if you've been slogging through battle after battle. An alert to let you know when it's alright to sleep to recover Willpower would also be appreciated.

Worth a look. Future development should prove interesting as while the initial town layout is there for the starting HQ, much of it is yet to be completed.

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