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Cum Anal va Oral Vaginal Succubus

Version: 0.5.0

Darkness and Lust
by MajorTF

Hi all new update with v.0.5.0



-finishes the content of the Day 3 in the storyline, finishing with a dream sequence like the previous days

-two new characters Seldani (briefly introduced in v.0.4) and Aldus learn more about them as they just may give your playstyle a 180 turn! Each of these characters is path specific, you'll only get to meet one of them depending on your choices.

-more smut! this update I think has some spicy scenes and my favorites so far, especially for those trying to resist, wanting to be good doesn't mean you have to be boring ;)

-some corruption/feminity sensitive lines look for them in BOLD colored letters, if you don't find them you havent been bad enough ;)

-a major plot choice

-minor grammar corrections, mostly in the early game, expect the new content to have plenty of grammatical mistakes while the game gets revised to fix them.


I would like to give special thanks to Cimex23 for assisting me with grammatical corrections and his game feedback! As I've mentioned before English is not my first language and he has done a fantastic job at assisting me with some corrections recently. We still have a long way to go and as I mentioned before so far only some of the earlier passages have been revised, but we are still going through the game to get rid of as many mistakes as possible! 

Remember to report any bugs or mistakes that you find in the game forum thread or PM me! Above all happy gaming and enjoy the journey whether you are naughty or nice! ;)


 A young demon hunter finds himself in an uncofortable symbiotic relationship with his would be prey.  As everyday your body changes into what you have sworn to destory, you must struggle to preserve who you are or succumb to the voice in your head.  


All feedback is welcome, this is my first twine game, and mostly a learning experience for me, hope you enjoy what there is so far and expect more soon!

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Review by Kitsuu

Version reviewed: 0.5.0 on 09/19/2016

Not actually a review per se, But I'd love to say that your game is simply fantastic. I find miself giggling and really expectant of what is going to happoen every time i make a choice or do something, the situations are truly well worked. I'd like to say you should keep it up but that is a given.

Now for somewhat of a review:

The story is good, I find it both funny, intriguing and well worked, with situations that don't look forced, instead, they feel more like of a natural course, at least to me.
 The echanges between the character don't feel forced either, the feel like they would actually do what they do. The only thing I'd actually say I find a need for, is (By what I played, which is not the entire game) some more choices that make you create your own char in the sense of personality.

Review by mbc.786

Version reviewed: 0.5.0 on 08/16/2016

HUGE fan of this game. I just love the style and story. Hopfeully the author will continue to update. 

Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: 0.5.0 on 06/04/2016


Some of the conversation in the new material seems a very rushed in the speed of the conversation. Difficult to tell if it's intentional... might be lost in translation for me by not understanding the subtle tone perhaps?

Other than that, last review still accurate.



A few minor code errors creeping in along with continued spelling and grammar mistakes, but they are getting fixed as discovered from what was changed before this update to the new content. Still finding dead-end choices too that require using the back button.

The mental battle is still as interesting as ever. Again, well worth a look.



I enjoyed the funny writing of this story so far, but the spelling and grammar mistakes kept being noticeable enough to be annoying. While your avatar character is a bit of an idiot regardless of how you play, it's more naive than anything else and they have good emotional depth with the dialogue of their internal struggle to draw you in. The scenes are mostly set well, but there are some throwaway locations that (as said by word of author) are still being developed.

Annoyingly there are some dead-end choices that require using the back button instead of there being a BACK script link coded in. You'll hit this problem the most on the Appearance screen but also when looking at potential items you might want to get.

One positive point that I kept enjoying is that the villain is quite interesting after you get past the introduction (ham and cheese, Shatner-style there) that has good writing. It leaves me curious to see how the character develops on each of the branching choice pathways.

Overall this is worth spending the time to check out. While there are transformations in the game to date, the real gem is the mental battle; mind control fans should get a kick out of it.

Review by Croc

Version reviewed: 0.5.0 on 06/04/2016

Easily becoming one of my favorite games on this site. The content is enjoyable and entertaining, no matter which path is chosen and the story manages to strike a balance that can easily get people invested but not detract from the more explicit content. I can't wait to see more from this game

Review by TheeSpongeman

Version reviewed: 0.5.0 on 06/02/2016

Uptade 0.5.0

I'm loving this. It was confusing at first, but it became evident that the MC is now struggling with a self identity disorder, appropriate for the traumitizing turn of events that continue to haunt him/her. I enjoy how this continues to be the main focul point of the story. How far is letting go of who he really is? Is recovery even possible now that he's gone this far? Will willpower overcome trauma, or will he eventually just snap and become somebody entirely different? Keep it up.



I'll admit it, I was skeptical. But I love the writing. Especially the relationship between the MC and Succubus. I think the highlight was after the third night waking up in the morning. I laughed out loud. As a tf game, there isn't too much choice here, but it's makes up for that in vast amounts of good writing and character. I'd love to see this get completed. As for the swearing everybody is mentioning? Um... yeah it's natural to react like WTF if something like that happens. And lets face it, if you are on this website, 'fuck' should be a word you are very familiar with.

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