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Version: 1.0 Alpha

Version: 0.1

My Maid Training

My Maid Training is my first attempt at creating a game in Twine. The current release is an alpha, which I'm only sharing in the hope of getting some feedback. Unfortunately, that does mean there is not very much content right now and some of what I've included is incomplete. There are sure to be other problems as well, which I hope will be addressed by my next release.


After a long hiatus, update 1.0 is finally here. I am still calling this an Alpha because the first week is far from finished, but I've managed to pick up some basic programming skills since the last update. That means rather that not knowing how to make the game, it's really just a matter of finding the time to work on it.

Update 1.0 is mostly an update for me, because I've reorganized all the underlying code into something a lot easier to work with. Namely, a lot of things have been reorganized into arrays and I'm making better use of variables. I added some interactions with a chef and a system that keeps track of the day, but that's about it as far as actual content goes. Wednesday is the last day you'll find anything.

As usual, feedback is much appreciated!

Currently on my to-do list:

  • Add more options to the television
  • Finish the first week
  • Eliminate all instances of First-Person POV. (I'm in the process of switching to Second-Person.)

This is where I'm keeping the changelog. No spoilers for you. ;)

----------------------1.0 Alpha:-----------------------

  • Massive overhaul of the underlying code
  • Chef interactions added
  • Day system implemented
  • Other minor changes, including more text switched to second person


----------------------0.1 Alpha:-----------------------

This was my first release and I have to admit, I didn't know how to make the game.


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Review by JoeW

Version reviewed: 1.0 Alpha on 12/15/2016

So far  there isn't a lot of contect and choice to make.  After the talk with the father, I oly found that you can visit the butler once, the chef twice and watch the TV once.  the MC doesn't meet Nicole orthe father again during the day. There is no hour clock in the day for events to be triggred in different rooms.  There are only 4 rooms right now to go to. Even if the Butler and Chef doesn't have anythign for the MC to do. The MC should meet them and be able to say hi or be verbal tormented from them.

Review by LordXorph

Version reviewed: 0.1 Alpha on 07/26/2016

A nice start to an interesting game. I'm looking forward to more updates and bug fixes. Keep up the good work!

Review by TheeSpongeman

Version reviewed: 0.1 Alpha on 07/25/2016

Two major problems. One, the MC is a douchebag. It's hard for readers to relate to a total douchebag. Two, there is not enough context for 'Nicole'. You can't really lable somebody just 'crazy'. Give us some instances, occasional things in the past. I'd suggest the MC once dated her, but realized after time she was overly obsessive and overbearing. Read a couple visual novels by "Key". That might help you with your character development. Also you suddenly switch from 'I, me' to 'you, you're'. Stick with a perspective. Don't switch it. Are we the character, or are we reading somebody elses story? Also no guy would just suddenly submit. I can tell you for sure, some bitch tried this crap on me, I'd probably beat her to get the information on how to turn back. Hell you could even make a joke that she says "guys aren't supposed to hit girls!" "You're right! So if you change me back, I won't be able to hit you anymore right?" Idk, I just always find it lame that the mc suddenly just accepts their fate without struggle. Nobody does that.

Review by Anonymous329

Version reviewed: 0.1 Alpha on 07/24/2016

In the current game (more a proof of concept), there are quite a lot of typos that want to be fixed. However, the overall writing is not bad. It has some good ways to describe the player in a quite interesting way.

The main body transmutation is a bit fast, e.g there is currently no way to NOT surrender to being a girl. Either you do it by free will, or you surrender by having just a little dominance shown. The outrage of betrayal against your betrayers you would have after being rude to the max to your teacher (for example), isn't shown quite properly. It is also quite linear as of now. If you see no difference if you are a dick to your teacher or not. Currently there are only 1 real decision: Follow into the trap or have a fast semi-bad end.

Also a bit tugging you out of the immersion: She asks to fuck you like you did a year ago. The player says, that thats okay since she didn't say she want you to preg her. - Isn't that basically the same? How hard is it to time the encounter with girls dangerous days? And even with protection: How hard is it for a girl to pierce some holes into it?

Currently also missing is the info, that the end of the current content is reached. Also - as of now - there is no sexings involved for an XXX classified game.

This game has still a long way to go, but I see the potential.

Review by ssm0use

Version reviewed: 0.1 Alpha on 07/23/2016

Like what you've written so far.  Would like for you to add multiple tasks per day so you would have more than one option.  I ran out of things to do on day 3.  Wondering what you have planned if you opt to resist.



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