Helpless Heroine

Author: KavenBach
Version: 2.0.3
Last Updated: 2017-11-02 16:10:24

Review by Brigantrino
Version reviewed: on 2017-10-21 03:22:39

An amazing game with a challenging battle system focused on instant KO, an intriguing story fueled by lust, comedy, romance, unpredictable protagonists and kinks ,so many kinks.

The graphics and animations are quite retro , but they grow on you after a few hours, like old school Mario, except with less clothing and a few bits hanguing around.

A perfect example that you can't judge a book by it's cover.


Review by avsa18
Version reviewed: on 2017-08-25 11:53:37

The game is interesting, but the art is very bad, the girls look like Rambo with chest

Review by Gromelon
Version reviewed: on 2017-08-23 10:27:21

A great game catering to various extreme fetishes. It's a shame that many players prefer to see standart RPG Maker art for the 100th time, and can't appreciate even moderate battle difficulty.

Review by terrone
Version reviewed: on 2017-08-05 20:08:12

I have some question, why you use rpgmakander vx and not rpgmaker vx ace?, why you use te custom ugly grafic and not the defoult rpg maker grafic?, why te fat rat [first mob] kill me in the first dungeon?

im not interessed to follow this game.... :c .

if this game have a big rework i think to retourn and try again to play, but for now this game have a seriusly problem

- very ugly grafic [exsclusion for the map]

- unbalance mob

- old rpgmaker [ for playing you need to specific dll file and if you play some mani time, you need to quit the game because is becoming problematic, pot simply you need to reconvert the game to rpgmaker vx ace]


sorry for my bad english because is not my language

Review by Geebus
Version reviewed: on 2017-06-01 01:27:51

The Game Was Great, The art though..... WHATEVS, BY the way you need to install the RPG MAKER VX or something in order to fix the DLL PROBLEM.

Review by SissyEmy
Version reviewed: on 2017-05-30 21:34:22

I also get RGSS202E.dll error, how do I fix it?

Review by ChibaMitsurugi69
Version reviewed: on 2017-05-14 10:06:26

I couldn't get this game to work. Each time I try bringing it up, I keep getting a message saying "RGSS202E.dll could not be found." What am I missing?

Review by Quixe
Version reviewed: on 2017-04-08 13:03:04

I decided to  give this game a try because I really adored, and still do,  the old Tower of change games. It's a decently built RPG but it has several problems. The game is obviously made top make you know how worthless your chaacters are in the grand scheme of things which  makes sense  but it means that the only time you really ever  get  a sense of progression is when you get  new equipment which  the game loves to  take away from you at random intervals in the story even going so  far as giving you a shop where you  can  upgrade to knew equipment only to lose any of the gear you just bought and you companions all  at one. It also   falls  prey to Legendary Exterminator syndrome. Just horde after horde of  rats sometimes ten or more  where  you just hold shift  for about  15 seconds or more, waiting for everything to get their  turn off  before usually before your characters do. It slows the game to an absolute crawl and there's  only so far the "Well it's supposed to be difficult and tedious"  reasoning can last before it just gets dull especially whenyou realise everything is divded into  subtypes that all  use the same exact strategy save for an element change here or  there and that leads to  a lack of creative game overs too when everything either just eats you or turns you  into a statue you  stop wanting to  see what the next thing does. I mean like what happened to  the creative tfs from Tower of Change, the trap,s the various types of vore including CV, expansion traps being posessed or even being  corrupted and used as nothing but a broodslave for the rest of your days?  Stuff like that was awesome especially because it had animations to  back it up. In this game it's a portrait and text and considering just how bland the gameplay gets  it makes it feel  not worth it at all. I imagine combat can be easily fixed by mixing up enemy varities  a bit, maybe making the art style more appealin. After all I've seen  games  that can do AMAZING things  with relatively still  images. If you're a vore fan I reccomend checking out BluemoontheLucario's,  sadly unfinished, Vore moon games  to  see just what can be done in this engine.

Review by MadBirdCZ
Version reviewed: on 2017-04-03 11:51:41

First things first, so right away I have to say (and anyone who knows me can agree) that I'm not a big fan of themes such as statue TF, vore and TG. I'm more a mannequin and doll TF oriented plus I like plots with nasty twists and darker endings.

That being said, I did (and still do) like 2 of KavenBach's older TF themed platformer arcade games (the Tower of Change) even though the 2nd part has been abandoned and is playable, but unfinished. Those platformers, although heavily oriented on TF themes I do not like were (and still are) fun to play, not easy to play and are filled with lots and lots of dark humor and many interesting bad ends (which, let's face it, is something many of us are looking for in TF oriented games more than for the actual path towards the happy ending).

I also never liked the RPG Maker games much, so when I found the Helpless Heroine here in the DB based on TF topic I used as a filter I was very skeptical. But as the author name was known to me because of the old two platformer titles he released I gave it a try and boy, I'm glad I did!

If you are looking for a game you run and finish in couple of minutes or hours then the Helpless Heroine is not a title for you. With my latst playthrough it took me over 40 hours of real time to get to the end of the recent content and the game is (hopefully) still being worked on. I can't even imagine how much time must have been spent creating it. The world is big, the plot is solid, the conversations are great and funny and one other thing - the game is hard! So save a lot! And a word of advice - keep more than just one save as, especially in the later stages, you can get into a situation that will get your entire party wiped out regardless of which way you move from your last saved position.

There are some glitches in the game here and there, but as a whole the game is solid, stable and very enjoyable. Now if only there was more content that hits my main TF themes (umm... wink wink) and it would be nice if there was epilogue text for some of the bad ends (most of the bad ends do come with epilogue).

So right now, I started another playthrough from the begining as I lost my archive with saves from the interesting parts of the game (boss fights and such) and I'm rebuilding that while waiting for a new update.

Review by Zaknod
Version reviewed: on 2017-03-30 01:50:00

For everyone COMPLAINING about the game: it is called HELPLESS HEROINE so of course everything is going to be very hard and tedious. The whole concept of the game is excellent, taking an underequipped character/group and send them on a quest to save the country with NO ARMOR or PROPER WEAPONS was in all honestly, unheard of until now. The general idea of this game was something along the lines of 'hmm, how would a slave girl save the country from a powerful source that negates free will in women and turns them into obedient living onaholes whose sole purpose is for our pleasure and existence?' 

My ratings:

Story- 8/10 could use a bit more back story and less throw into the fray, but otherwise good.

Difficulty- 9/10 I found some battles to be way too easy when you had access to certain....items that deal 10x your attacks.

XXX content- 4/10 honestly, people play xxx games for the actual acts, either visually or descriptively, sprites didn't cut it.

Bugs- 6/10 I did notice that there are several bugs, slow loading for one. I was frustrated when I saved my game in the jungle, and when I reloaded it, the tree demon what one square behind me when I saved it with him at the entrance. Some glitchy movement here and there, and skipped half of one of the dungeons by walking through a barrier that I didn't have anything to open it with.

Character Design- 7/10 Im being generous with that one, I mean yeah, RPG Maker DOES have its limitations with sprites, and so do the expansions that allow adult entertainment games, but the poorly drawn character portraits lookes like they were done in Paint using your foot. They could use a bit of touch-up when you get better at art(personally I couldn't do anything better cus I suck at drawing).

Replayability- 5/10 Id say its good enough to replay for the dificulty, but the jungle needs toned down a bit, took an hour to get past the second Lamia/Tree Demon/ Snake/ Plant/ Mud area, just because NONE of the monsters actuallyfell for the "trap" trick described in the beginning.

There are SOME (lots) of spelling and grammar mistakes, but they don't take away from the authenticity of everyone in the country it takes place in being rather.....under-educated in  terms of common sense and actual knowledge, and instead have various knowledges when it comes to sex and rape and torture and....well, everything the 'imperative' allows.

Review by AlexandraBun
Version reviewed: on 2017-02-16 17:51:40

It's a game that forces lots of grind. This is because of its unnecessarily high difficulty. Interesting concept just poorly implemented.

Review by Shorty93
Version reviewed: on 2017-02-16 17:45:03

Well the author has created the game much harder than normal. Cant even complete it as for this have to defeat 25 units. I have killed 20 but cant beat other 5 as Im low on troops and not going to start all over again.

Review by kyuven
Version reviewed: on 2017-01-30 14:33:20

This game seems well constructed enough, but it violates a cardinal rule so many games made in RPGmaker seem to:

It's tedious.

In your first battle, if you're faced with one enemy and you're meant to win, it should take no more than two hits to defeat. If you have more than one enemy, each should only take 1 hit to defeat.

Why? Because when you start out, you have no or limited resources.

In this game, in the first area you fight enemies, you face pairs of enemies that each require 2 hits to dispatch. That's 4 hits. You begin with 30 HP. Each enemy deals about 4 damage.

This means you take about 8 damage the first turn, 4-8 damage the second turn, 4 damage the 3rd turn, and either 4 or 0 damage the 4th turn. Assuming you don't miss, this means you take a MINIMUM of half your health in every single fight, meaning you need to consume resources via either healing items or using the "inn" feature, which requires backtracking.

This is not good game design. It's not fun. Random battles should be about testing your efficiency and letting you try out different strategies while building your character's strength, not a tedious slog where you're constantly hoping an enemy doesn't crit you, then hoping you don't get another random encounter while hoofing it back to the inn.

This is what is called "fake difficulty," where things like forced grinding and RNG are used to compensate for a lack of difficulty.


Lemme give a better way to do it: Instead of 2 rats, it's one rat. And each one should have about a 30% chance of dropping a restorative item that heals 15 HP. Moreover, they shouldn't deal 4 damage per hit if you HP is 30. A CRIT should do that much, but per-turn each rat should only deal 2 damage.

Conversely, give the player an MP-using ability that one-shots the rats. Let it be a crutch for them for the first floor or so, so they feel like they're progressing at a decent pace.

Review by Derilk
Version reviewed: on 2016-11-08 19:59:00

tried it...disapointing the game itsefl is rather good but the  story and the style.... just not my thing really 

Review by DaydraStardust
Version reviewed: on 2016-11-07 23:38:31

New review for the new version! 
I am greatly enjoying the story so far, it left off at a devastating part and I badly want to see what happens next.

The game does not hold your hand, the difficulty level has been consistent throughout. I've spent roughly 30 hours on this game so far, it takes a little while to grow on you but well worth it if you can get past the initial awkwardness.

Eagerly awaiting the next update.

For everyone complaining about not being able to run the game, you need the RPG Maker VX RTP which you can find and download here:

Review by AquilusMentis
Version reviewed: on 2016-11-07 09:07:45

I have tried this with numerous different versions.  All I ever get is "RGSS202E.Dll cannot be found."  Dude.  Seriously.  Your game is broke.

Review by sadarsa
Version reviewed: on 2016-11-06 19:12:04

Hordes of monsters... no healing items... and only 27 max hp.  Yay!

Review by clrpurp
Version reviewed: 1.0.8 on 2016-11-03 00:51:13

Once you get past the super squicky themes and crapsack world, the game is kind of alright and the story is competent and can be fairly entertaining.

Unfortunately, it really feels like the game hates its players as much as other women; combat is at best tedious, and at worst becomes and awful soul-crushing slog. It takes SO LONG to kill things, and there are SO MANY combats. I have finally made it to the volcano after about 7 hours, and I want to just chuck my controller at the wall and be done with it. Huge, spiral dungeon full of enemies that you MUST fight to advance. I am running from every last one that I can and I have still spent an hour or more fighting.

I can see combat needing to be drawn out to make use of the author's curse/hatefuck/instakill mechanics but the solution to most fights is stun->hit->stun->hit until they die. Repeat a metric shitload of times to gain a level.

Oh, skills. SKILLS. There are a LOT of skills, 90% of which are useless in any given fight but that is hard to deal with so fair enough. If we could get them sorted into magic/physical/healing/escape menus that would help us avoid clutter, at least.

The story is competent. It's VERY hatefull though. Not really in the pain/torture/mysogyny way, which is handled well in the lore and such I feel. No, it's that there's like this sea of dick and all of it wants to end you. There's almost no sex sex in the game. In combat you get fucked to death, usually horribly, but often instantly. During the story there's not much better; a couple scenes and one GOOD one so far but no indication that we should expect any.

Basically: Too many and too long combat, story can be neat but please give us some non fatal dick or something.

Review by XanderRus
Version reviewed: on 2016-09-16 16:19:13

I can't run this game... It needs a "RGSS202E.dll" library :(

Review by larrybush76
Version reviewed: on 2016-05-31 14:22:50

I also got a virus warning.


Windows Defender caught and quarantined it

Review by TinaB
Version reviewed: on 2016-05-31 07:46:30

My system is detecting a virus when I download the game.  It's a trojan Spursint.A!cl

anyone else getting that?  Can you re-upload a version again?  Maybe it has to do with 4shared...

I tested the link as well.  I'm getting the same trojan... :(


-Tina B

Review by yearhyearh
Version reviewed: on 2016-05-30 10:27:19

Excellent game with extremely off-putting artwork.

Review by JuankiMan
Version reviewed: on 2016-03-31 17:13:48

My feelings for this game are quite mixed. First let's get the good out of the way. Despite the "alpha" tag the game is nothing of he sort. There's way too much content so it should be considered more of a beta. The story is interesting and well written with barely any errata at all, and the cast is both well rounded and surprisingly large, each with their own well stablished personalities and quirks. Really the plot is pretty much the game's main drive and what keeps you playing, despite the fact that it's very tonally inconsistent with the mechanics. The horrific scenario presented by the story is played completely straight, and the game goes to great lengths to hammer home how horrible the situation is, but then during battle your characters start flinging flames and lasers from their genitals and boobs like Robo-Geisha. Regardless, the writing is the game's strongest point, which is good because it's pretty much all the game has going for it.

The first glaring issue smacking you in the face the second you hit "New Game" is the artwork: pixelated characters worthy of "Custer's Revenge" and portraits crudely drawn with MS Paint. It 's horrible, and no doubt that will turn many people off right then and there. It get's a little better when you reach the later content, but it's too little and too late. Another problem jumps out early and it's the poor level design. Maps are full of long, tortuous and winding passages, often riddled with dead ends, that serve no other purpose than to increase the number of random encounters you'll have to deal with, which are frequent to the point of infuriating annoyance. Other people have complimented the game's length (mine clocked at 20h when I reached the current end of content) but that's because this game wastes your time with reckless abandon, and 70% of that time is nothing more than tedious, repetitive and pointless combat. Again, the last two dungeons actually do away with most random encounters and instead allow you to engage or avoid monsters at your leisure, but bosses are so punishingly difficult that you actually need the XP to survive. My recomendation would be to shave encounters at the bare minimum to a third and adjust XP rewards accordingly to compensate.

The combat is another glaring issue, since it is extremely RNG happy. Monsters have their own regular attacks, but virtually 90% of them have a rape, vore or petrification move they use at random, the petrification move usually a part of the rape. The first two will render any physical character nearly useless until you can break free using skills that work only 30% of the time, and the last will outright put the affected character out of commission if you cannot counter them in time, and there's not really any reliable way to do so. What this all means is that if the RNG decides to hate you, you'll quickly find your entire group wiped out with very little you can do about it, which is specially true later in the game when you find monsters that can OHKO a character instantly.

Finally, despite the quality of the writing the descriptions of the sex acts are usually brief and tend to focus more on making them horrible, since 90% of sex scenes are brutal rapes. The main fetishes are hard rape, vore and petrification, with a slight sprinkle of TG here and there so if, like me, you find those kind of things horrifying rather than arousing the game will be pretty much unfappable, which makes it pretty much worthless as a smut game but, then again, seeing how it's written I suspect that's precisely the point. Still this is a smutty website, so I suspect some will see that as a negative.

TL:DR, the game has very big flaws, but if the excellent writing manages to grip you it will probably allow you to plough through them even though you won't be quite able to ignore them.


Review by altom
Version reviewed: 1.0.4 on 2016-01-10 12:56:44

This game is awesome,  it's as simple as that. If you find at least one element there you like- go for it, download the game and it won't disappoint.

The story is well written, the characters are well developed and relatable, and the gameplay is  fun. It's not perfect, but it's good, very good. The only catch I can think of is that this game is very long. I am writing this rewiev after having beaten the current version and it took me about 30 hours to do it, so be ready to commit. It is  well worth said commitment .

Review by Horagen
Version reviewed: 1.0.3 on 2015-08-18 16:33:44

Hmm so far I fairly enjoy the game :) And I too tend to play most RPGmaker game as I do on the my SNES the person before me have made excelet points which unfortunally I do not feel I can say anything help to but can support the views in that post..

The story is quite good and the heroine and her teammates are interesting to follow their stuggle and I hope that this will continue to be just as good  :)

As for the Art I personlly like it. It is refreshing to see that someone have tried something new then only using the normal art and faceset from RPGMAKER and the art is self is enjoyable to look at :)

Review by amythist
Version reviewed: 1.0.3 on 2015-08-16 23:31:02

to start I have to say that I really enjoyed the game, and was actually a bit disappointed when I reached the end of finished content, and am eagerly awaiting more, but then again I played it more as an old SNES era RPG rather than any sort of smut game, but the game does have some faults, as others have said the art is kind of cringe worthy, espically some of the character portraits looking quite derpy but my main issue is the combat

The combat in the game relies way too much on what basically ammount to 1 shot kill moves, or curses, such as turning your charcter to stone or what have you, which you don't get the means to heal in combat until a good ways into the game, and even out of conbat it takes awhile to be able to, which makes the combat very RNG focused, even more so in the frequent sections where you only have 1 or 2 people in your group, so having more chance to react to those abilities or an easier means to in combat heal them would take a lot of the frusteration out of combat

a few minor issues here and there as well, the "Strike" moves tend to be really strong for having 0 cost, basically completely replacing your basic attack on every character that has them, and some abilities could get trimmed here and there, like when you get an improved version of the "Kick" spells it should just replace the old one, when you get the level 2 version of the Strikes they should just replace the level 1 versions as there is no reason to use them anymore, and things like that just to streamline the interface a bit

but once again I liked the game, barring the RNG nature of combat it's a solid old school RPG with a good story, if the combat were a bit less RNG based it would easily be amazing, but it's one of my favorite games on the site

Review by Sapphic
Version reviewed: 1.0.3 on 2015-08-09 18:46:48

Well this game was certainly...intresting to say the least. The art work was my main issue, mainly because of how pixely and odd it looked (Especially on character portraits). Other than that, the writting wasn't half bad and neither was the story and idea of the game.

Review by TheHighborne
Version reviewed: 1.0.3 on 2015-08-09 17:01:05

The art is simply atrocious and ruins the whole game. I can't comment on other aspects, because I immediately stopped playing. Sorry, but even simple white dots on a black background would be more appealing.

Review by dragon8writer
Version reviewed: on 2015-03-23 07:20:16

I started playing this on a whim. The basis is... disturbing, to say the least. It doesn't match any of my kinks....



Yet i just reached the end of the content, and all I want is more. DX So many saves, so many restarts - it's very well written! My only complaint is the number of random encounters. >,> To be honest, I spent most of my time running *away* from them, because they were so time consuming. I leveled up almost purely from boss fights, and occasionally actually fighting it out with an enemy when I was really close to a level up. But the requirements for leveling grows so high, you'd really have to grind - near a healing spring.


...Also the curse warding doesn't seem to work, but I still made it through!!!! Eagerly awaiting more, but I understand life is a thing.

Review by Laristopa
Version reviewed: on 2015-03-12 21:53:51

Fun game, way too hard though. 

Review by somehopper
Version reviewed: 1.0.2 on 2015-03-10 01:21:40

i am 5 hours of gameplay into this game and have not reached the end of content yet, but i have to leave a review.  as a whole i hate rpg maker games.  the gameplay ballence is always off, they are often buggy.  the transformation / erotic elements often are poor or non existant.  this game is the exception.  

the writing is not as vivid or floral as you would find in other types of erotic games, but it fits with the style of the game well, its often funny, and does not make you do a lot of uneccessary clicking.  the world is well thought out, the combat is ballenced.  it strikes a really good ballence between being an erotic game and being a game.  

my one critique is with a feature i really enjoy.  early on in the game the surender and fumble skills reveal little variants of special text that is worth dying just to see, but later in the game those options seem to more often than not turn up with the normal blank game over end.  writing a game is a tremendous amount of work, so i understand why he might have skipped it later in the game.  

anyway, i would love to see the creator pick this up again, he has really done a fantastic job so far!

Review by pingguo
Version reviewed: 1.0.2 on 2015-03-08 11:12:38

I, urg, really like to play this game, but the look of the main character is... well... unique. I feel like playing a game packed with 5 years old drawings. If the author has such unique taste, I am not sure about the story nor the game.

Review by Arachne
Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 2014-12-29 12:33:17

Absolutely loved this game, from the charmingly endearing Atari-esque walksprites to the world, a uniquely dystopic (relatively speaking, I would assume, for some!) setting established so skillfully that one can't help but feel curious and involved in perfect tandem.  I want to learn more about its lore, yet, I'm so invested in the current state of the game's affairs that regarding its world as an observer doesn't happen for long.  Active participation is demanded, and one of the best things about Helpless Heroine is that its backdrop is standing upon a foundation just as sweet.  An eye for writing gives the game more than its fair share of sympathetic - and outright malicious - characters, as well as excellent gameplay that was more than likely a labor of love.  I still can't get over just how perfectly the battles were designed, encouraging growth and strategy in a genre that so often resorts to stagnation.  All in all, this is one of my favorite games on the site - and my favorite RPG Maker game in general - so... I guess you could say that I would like to help myself to more Helpless Heroine, ahah.  :P

I would like to report two small glitches that do break the game, though.  Spoiers, maybe.

- In the Arena city, speaking to the four training Masters from the wrong angle can often lead them to remain stationary in front of their training pens, thus making progress impossible.  This was most visible with the first Master, who will still not let you pass through to his plants if you approach him from the right.  Talking to a Master, then leaving the city without collecting the Cursebreaker fragment, will also result in a game-breaking glitch where the Master has moved once and will respawn back in front of his gate, never moving for you again.

- In the Arena itself, after you have freed your comrades, yet directly before being betrayed and led to an assassination plot, if you return to the sewers and come back up to continue in the arena, the spy does not spawn and the gate remains forever shut because she isn't there to push you through it, thus breaking the game.


Review by HypnoKitten
Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 2014-12-20 23:36:38

I am not entirely sure what I think of this game to be honest.  I'm not big on this engine in general but thought I'd try it.. I can't say I don't like it because I found myself playing it for hours (until I ran into a situation where for some reason my move-right got stuck down and restarting the game didn't fix it - somewhere at the first bridge city after you talk to the dissapearing girly, when I moved into her spot).  The skill progression is also very smooth and well thought out, it always felt like I was improving while being slightly challenged (just how I like it) though it was a tad impossible to figure out if fire-ice-lightning were having any significant difference on anything.  So all this is great but.. the sexiness, even given the premise, wasn't quite coming through.  It mostly occurred during combat and there it was just a sentence or two saying it was happening, it wasn't quite being felt like in Corruption of Champions or something.  That was the biggest thing for me, it just feels like it needs more adult content and writing given the theme.  But other than that, from a strictly game-development perspective, well done.

Review by mmoo30
Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 2014-12-16 17:22:03

Usually I avoid RPG maker games, but this one only had good reviews so I decided to give it a try and I have to say that it was totally worth the time spent. You did a great job in this game, the story was great and the characters too. The only problem in the game is the battle, because of the instant kill skills that almost every boss of the game have sometimes it seems like its just a battle about luck.


ps: eng is not my native language.


Review by sayendye
Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 2014-12-15 20:02:08

Really love this game, I got drawed in the story telling, gameplay is enjoyable and the game can be hard and frustrating at time. Would love to see some alternate ending if you make face move. juste feel that the concept of control over girl by the male is kinda wasted on the main charactere, she just not affect by it enought( or I should say, she get to strong too quick in that domain). Feel like the interaction with the game or item should affect how you get influenced while getting stronger.


All in all, really great game, can't wait to see more of it and other game you will make

Review by raigntk
Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 2014-12-15 01:28:03

Just finished getting through all of it up to the current stopping point. Have to say I'm enjoying it a lot. Do have to say that the early parts where you can instantly lose because onyx gets petrified in one hit is very frustrating because it becomes a luck based battle at that point. Well done so far and can't wait for updates.

Review by Anonynn
Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 2014-12-13 23:40:55

Hey! I just wanted to say.....this is definitely a diamond in the rough! I think the writing, the storyline...even the combat is all very unique! I'm digging it! Currently, I'm at the part where you get separated from the rest of the party, and the horse throws you into the pit. The one thing I wish was different was that there were more transformations like you transforming if you lost battles and whatnot. But other than that, A+!! Keep up the great work!!

Review by ZofaSoldier
Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 2014-12-13 16:48:28

You need to fix the combat:


If your main character gets petrified randombly during bossfights you must reload - only skill that unpetrifies is on the main character

Fights get annoying fast. If the boss on a level is defeated escaping should be 100% successfull (or there should be less mobs attacking you)

The boss fight at the altar in the temple basement is terrifble - if you get randobly petrified you must reload and repeat all fights!

Review by madwoman37
Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 2014-12-13 15:13:47

i liked this game. it had some uncommon themes. my only real issue was the art, which coud use some work.